What I Wore Wednesday - Green Jeans!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I know, green jeans?! That is what I was thinking when I spotted them. But, then I saw the price tag and they hopped in my basket like stink on poo, or white on rice?? Anyways, I knew for that price I could figure something out.

Since fall has kinda-sorta arrived here in the Lone Star State I have been wearing my boots as much as possible. I promise all winter it will not be boots every Wednesday, or at least it won't be these boots every Wednesday :)

Everyday when I get home I let the dogs out in the front yard for some play time. They hardly ever actually play in the back yard, but the second they are let loose in the front yard, they are running around like crazies! Also, when their Daddy gets home they like to show off their playing skills and put on a show. And then Chris gets them all riled up and they have been known to run smack-dab into me without even skipping a step. Thanks in advance, Wrigley and Bailey, for my future blown ACL because of your lack in looking before you run.

Now for the budget break down:

- Steve Madden Boots: $165 - as I said before, totally justified
- Grey Sweater from Nordstrom: $32
- Black Scoop Neck Blouse: Maybe 20 bucks or less from Banana Republic. I just remember it was heavily discounted.
- Necklace: Free, thanks Momma!
- Kelly Green Pants from Target: $11.78 <-- Yes, less than 12 dollars (holla!)

Do you remember these pants? Well these green gems are the same brand and marked down to the same price. I will admit they are a bit big, but based on my lack of working out since I got hitched, I might need that extra room :) Or of course an extra couple rounds in the dryer could always do the trick!

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Happy Hump Day!

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