1st Annual Tucker Halloween Party

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The girls at the party. A tooth fairy, flapper, spring chicken, smartie pants, old woman, cowgirl.
Over in this post I mentioned I was wanting to have a Halloween/Housewarming party at our house even if Chris thought the house wasn't "ready."

Well, ready or not we had a par-tay and it was perfect! The entry way walls were only halfway painted and we have a lot more DIYing to do, but everyone loved getting to see the house, eat great food, dress up, and play games. Oh, did I mention eat great food? I ate my weight in sugar, and loved every second of it.

I was running around like a normal crazy person all day in preparation for the festivities, so I had about three minutes to get ready and put on my costume. Luckily hopping into my "Spring Chicken" costume didn't take much time :) Chris was a (cute) gorilla! I purposefully chose a costume that needed little time to put together because I knew I'd be baking little bacon wrapped smokies (drooling? they were like crack. no one could get enough!) and making punch up until the last second. Luckily my bestie (from before kindergarten), Kirstin, was there to lend an 'old' hand.

Thanks, Jessica, for snapping these pictures!


Kirstin's husband Tyler, on the left, looked just like an old man. He did the make-up perfectly! Someone saw him and Kirstin walking up to our house and thought it was someone's parents!

I made Oreo dirt cake, punch with teeth and eyeballs, and bacon wrapped smokies. The smokies went so fast I never had a a chance to take a picture! Recipes to come!

Thanks to everyone who came! Let's make it a tradition!

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