My New Adventure!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Hi, friends!! I'm coming atcha today with a big leap of faith!

I told you about my newest adventure last week on my Vlog, but it was a million minutes long and I knew not many people could watch the whole thing...which is exactly why I introduced my new little adventure at the end of that video...when I figured no one would be watching :)

After a lot of prayers, and guts, I've decided to make it public that I am now an It Works distributor! I wanted to use the products and love them for myself before I told anyone about them!

Here is my WHY:

A few months ago I went in for my yearly checkup and they drew some blood. Not worrying about a thing, I left the doctor's without a care in the world. I got a call a week later telling me that a few of my numbers were not in the "normal" range and that I'd need to come back in for more testing. I, stupidly, Googled and diagnosed myself with cancer and kidney failure which, in turn, got me staying up all night thinking about how I can't fathom the thought of not watching my kids grow up and growing old with Chris. Let's just say I hate Google. 

Everything turned out fine, but in the week span between getting the new lab results in, I really started thinking about how, ever since Graham was born, my health has been put LAST. I live on caffeine, I eat scraps of G's meals, my dairy intake consists of ice cream, and I was not feeling myself. I never workout more than twice a week, and all the vitamins I should be taking were just sitting on my counter.

A friend who I trust completely started selling It Works a few months back and I saw her posting stuff and thought that it couldn't hurt to try some things out. I needed a probiotic, some sort of supplement to help me get in my fruits and veggies (sadly, G's Goldfish are not in either of those categories...), and was ready to start consistently working out!

So, I met up with her and she didn't push ANYTHING on me. She told me her experience with the products and I decided to give it a whirl. I could support my friend and get healthy!


You walk into Nordstrom and buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothes that support Nordstrom's CEO make millions of dollars each year. And, the clothes do nothing for your health!

You walk into GNC and have a teenager consult you on what is best for you, not knowing fully about any of the products.

You spend hundreds at Starbucks (guilty!) which actually is what got me in this dehydrated predicament in the first place! (The doctor determined I was probably really dehydrated.)

My point is that we all buy stuff from people we DON'T trust all the time!! People who may not believe in their product. Yet, we buy it, they make a commission, and then we HAPPILY go tell all our friends about it.

Here's the fact: If It Works was in a storefront, no one would think TWICE about buying it. 

GUILTY!! I had my doubts just like y'all, but you're all willing to try an expensive eye serum or an overpriced foundation, but you block out the thought of trying something a friend sells??

When I really thought about it, if I could support my friend in her efforts to stay home and provide for her family AND get healthy at the same time, why not? She has used the products and could testify to them! That's more to say for the cashier at Sprouts who helped me pick out my previous probiotic.

It Works is known for their wraps, which actually work (ask my brother and sister in law who I forced to wrap!!)! But, I was way more interested in other products that I now use everyday and love!

So, before you unfollow or discount this whole pyramid scheme (eye-roll, which is not what this is because that's illegal...), I encourage you to think about getting healthier and possibly supporting a friend who may just be trying to send her child to dance, or make a few extra dollars to get out of debt. I've heard testimonies, first-hand, from people who were able to get off diabetes medication because of these products. I've heard testimonies from men who never wanted to admit they took the products, but actually lost 30+ pounds.

I'll stop rambling now, but I wanted to thank you all for being so supportive. Y'all know I'm addicted to ice cream and, although it is my true love, I really have to start getting healthy, and this is how I choose to do so.

Your support means the world to me and I look forward to HONESTLY sharing how I feel about the products with you!

If you follow me on instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) you can witness me trying the products and giving you my honest review....and everything has NOT been positive!! Ha!

If you'd like to see the products It Works offers, click here!

Happy Friday!!

Here are my results after using one wrap for 1.5 hours!!

This picture was taken a week later! My results are lasting and momma isn't mad about it one bit!

AND TODAY AND TOMORROW IS BOGO WRAPS! That's a great deal if you're wanting to try the wraps out!!

Why I Don't Shop The #NSALE + Link Up

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The other day on instagram I was feeling spunky and decided to do a "try on sesh." With the Nordstrom sale going on, that's about all my feed is. MUST HAVE jeans and MUST HAVE shoes and XXXXXXS sizing. I am honestly just sick of it and ready for my instagram to go back to normal :)

During my "try on sesh" I was sporting a maternity tank and some Nike running shorts. I did it as a fun poke at the fact that I'm not presentable 99% of the time. I wanted in on the "try on sesh" action.

Well, little did I know that y'all LOVED it and were cracking up with me! 

As I got to thinking about it, I really felt a pull at my heart to thank God for keeping me focused on the things I NEED in life. I NEED shelter and food and my family. I NEED water and fellowship and a good support system.

What I don't NEED is an 80th pair of jeans or another MUST HAVE blouse. Do I want all those things? YES! 100%! But, I don't NEED any of it.

As a society, we are followers. We follow everything, but the one most important thing we should be following (in my opinion) gets lost within all the #NSALE, #tryonsesh, #bloggingworld.

Jesus had followers without shoes, clothes. He had people follow him when He looked his worst. He saw the best in everyone and gave His life for us to live freely!

When I think about NEEDING things, I can't help but get a pit in my stomach thinking about the people who think they do NEED a new white tee, or a new pair of shoes. If you want it, cool, but I highly doubt anyone NEEDS ripped up jeans or a cardigan with a hood. We all can live without it.

Honestly, it takes a lot of self control to not go crazy and buy things. Of course I want these cute booties that everyone and their mom is buying and the cardigan that is as soft as a baby's bottom! Of course I want those things! But, I truly have plenty. I have enough and I'm living with that because I want to put my money and time into things that are not going to go out of season next year.

On the other hand, it is a bloggers job to promote their "product." Their job is to try on and "buy" (then they usually return 90%) clothes and show them off. You, as the read, buy it, they make a commission, etc. I seriously commend them because being a blogger, much less a fashion blogger, is hard work!! I love that they get to make a living doing what they love!! I truly love that!

What I pray for is that this world we live in stops NEEDING new things just because they're on sale. Or NEEDING something just because someone they idolize has it. I pray that little girls who follow people on instagram have enough self confidence to grow up and know that they can wear Nike shorts and a tee shirt and still have the same worth as someone decked out in designer clothes. 

If you've been a reader here for awhile, you know I did a YEAR OF NO SHOPPING back in 2013 and it was, truly, a life changing experience. I didn't buy a single piece of clothing or shoes for the entire year. Through that challenge I matured into knowing that my worth doesn't come from Earthly objects. What I wear didn't matter and what I had was (more than) enough! 

I am thinking about doing another no shopping challenge! I spoke about it on an instagram story and many of you seemed really interested! If I start up a challenge group, who would be interested?? We would start no shopping for three months, but eventually I'd love to go another year!

So, because I'm a blogger who isn't shopping the sale because all I NEED is my Nike running shorts and a maternity tank, here are my favorite picks if I were shopping the #NSALE!

Happy Wednesday!

Graham || 15 Month Update

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Holy cow! Where has time gone? How do I have a tiny tornado of a toddler?? With all the craziness, I will say that if I could birth (ouch!) a 12+ month old, I would! Babies are cute, but toddlers are FUN!

Here are some of G's stats from his 15 month appointment.

Weight: 27lbs 5.5oz - 95%

Height: 31.5 inches - 58%

He currently has eight teeth and is cutting four more. #fun

Food: Graham is an eater, obviously. He loves most foods and will eat anything we are eating. He prefers water to milk and will eat a billion raisins a day if you let him. He loves fruit and loves throwing all his food to the "PUPPIES!!!!"

Activity: This boy is ALL boy and ALL over the place. One day I looked over and he had climbed up his highchair and was standing in it sooo proud of himself. He loves play falling off the couch and we catch him, but one day I know we will miss.

Sleep: Graham is a rock star sleeper. He LOVES his sleep! When it is nap time, I will ask him if he wants to go night-night and he repeats back, "nih, nihhhh." I walk in the room, give him a kiss, plop him down, and he goes right to sleep! Same goes for bedtime. WE say it is night-night time and we give him a bath, read tons of books, kiss him, and plop him down! Chris is dying to get him to nap with him (he loves cuddling), but G loves his routine and his bed too much!

Sign language: All credit for this goes to G's pre-school! I feel like I can have full conversations with him in sign language. It is amazing! His new favorite thing to sign is "more please" to anything and everything he wants more of! Swinging, swimming, name it, he signs "more please!"

Personality: Graham is a HAM! We do not have a shy boy on our hands. At a minor league baseball game last week, we were sitting in the second row and G kept standing on my legs and YELLING, "HIII!!!" to everyone behind us. When we go to restaurants he waves to anyone looking his way. He is so sweet to others and isn't too clingy to me at all!

He loves to make you laugh! If you laugh at whatever he is doing, he will laugh with you can keep on doing it to make you laugh.

He loves to dance and can really get a good sway going.

Right now Graham is enrolled in ISR swim lessons. He is doing SO good and he has become a little fish! Anytime we go to the pool, G loves to jump in and swim to anyone and everyone.

Words: My family is loud and Graham definitely inherited that. He is a loud talker and gets very demanding, very quickly. Take water for example. When he wants his "WAAAAA-WAAAAA" he wants his water and he wants it now! He will repeat "WAAAAA-WAAAAA" over and over until he gets his water!!

He also says mommy, daddy, nannnn-uhhh (banana), puppy, Mimi, Bailey, thank you, please, fish, ball, WOW, and a slew of other words we can only decode occasionally.

This has been the best age!! Watching G discover new things and communicate is the best thing ever. He is my little bestie and watching him grow is so stinking fun! I love his chubby feet and dimpled hands and pray he always loves giving me a million kisses before bed!

Vlog #1: Life Update

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey y'all! So today I did my first ever vlog! I am not tech savvy at ALL, so it is basically just a video (ha!), but there are some really FUN updates I'm excited to share with y'all!!

I'm excited to hear what y'all think and can't wait to do more vlogs in the future!

Here is my before and after using a wrap! I kept it on for 1.5 hours and was TRULY amazed by the results!

If you're interested in anything mentioned in my video, you can look at all the products here. AND, until July 23rd, they are running an amazing special for two AMAZING products! 

Happy Thursday, friends!!

Something's Coming + Link Up

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I've been busy working on updating Tucker Up and rebranding! In my head this would be a fast process, but, in reality, a 15 month old named Graham rules the roost! So, slow and steady wins the race.

Here is a sneak peek!

Major Mom Mistakes

Monday, July 17, 2017

This post is for the moms out there who think they're alone when it comes to testing the resilience of their children. I now know why first born children are the tough ones! I wanted to share some parenting fails I've had with Graham that have made me learn for when baby number two comes along (not pregnant!).

1. I've never said this before online, but when G was 9 months old he rolled off the bed. He wasn't fully crawling yet, but he managed to scoot to the side of the bed and reach down and, well, flop! I had literally stepped 5 feet away to start his bath. I freaked out because I was home alone, but he was totally fine. I'm pretty sure he only started crying because I was freaking the freak out. I called our precious neighbors and they rushed over to check G out and make sure he was okay because I needed to collect myself. Whew!

2. Caught G with giant scissors I'd left on our window seat. Oops.

3. The other day I unbuckled Graham from his carseat while I was unloading groceries into the house. I didn't fully unbuckle him; the straps were still around his arms. I took a load inside and came out to hear crying. I ran to the car and G had got out of his carseat and was awkwardly stuck (not bad!!) in the seat beside him. Of course terrible thoughts ran through my head about what if he would have chose the other side...he could have fallen out of the car because that door was open! Ugh! #momguilt

4. Chris let G touch a lightbulb and he ended up grabbing it and ripping (literally) it out of the socket. Thank God it broke off right by the metal piece and we were able to get it from G before he hurt himself.

5. Graham was crawling on the couch over to my brother. I though he'd be fine, but before I knew it my cat-like reflexes set in and I was holding him upside-down by the ankle because he had suicide dove off the couch and I had barley caught him!!

Please share some mom mistakes you've made so I can ensure my child isn't the only stunt man!

WIWW: Little Black Dress

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today I want to elaborate a little on Monday's post. I realized I just left you with three measly pictures and didn't really show you how awesome that dress is! Unfortunately the dress is back up to $20, but still...TWENTY bucks for a really versatile dress. You can't beat it! If you have questions about links, refer back to this post!

Now for the link up!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post.

- Write about something fashion related!

- Instagram @SarahTuckerUp for more outfits and randoms!

Thanks for linking up and to see other WIWW posts, click here.

Soak It All In

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Graham is approaching the 1.5 year mark and life is so fun. Chris and I were talking the other day about how fun this age is and how we want all babies to come out 1 year old. Not literally, obviously, because ouch, but because this age is so stinking fun.

Our days are filled with going to the pool, going to the park, going to the grocery store, playing at home, playing with friends, and a whole lot more. At this stage, it is easy to become exhausted and wish you could just lay him in his Rock 'N Play and take a nap, but each day I'm focusing on soaking it all in. Soaking in his smell and his laugh. The way his eight teeth look in his tiny mouth, or the way he dances to just about every sound (even when the printer was printing something! Ha!). I'm so blessed to be able to hang with him everyday and I'm loving soaking it all in.

Speaking of soaking it all in, these flats I'm wearing are made here in the USA! The company, SOAK, says, "SOAK slide sandals are sleek and innovative women's sandals designed to give you a more comfortable shoe option for any occasion." I have to agree with them! The design is so sleek and I feel more put together than throwing on my flip-flops. They are so easy to throw in my bag to change out of heels or when we go from the gym to the pool

But, if I'm being honest, they are a bit hard to keep on my feet. If they had one more strap across my foot, or a wider strap, they'd stay on much better. They're fine just walking to the pool, but the moment Graham turns on his turbo-boost, the shoes have to go. I do love the width, though! Having very skinny feet, I find that many flats are too wide, but these fit perfectly!

If you'd like get your own pair of sleek sandals, you can use the code TUCKER15 to get 15% off your order!

Happy Tuesday!

$15 Dress Three Ways

Monday, July 10, 2017

Man, Monday hit and it hit hard! Chris slept with the monitor on his side last night which meant I didn't wake up to any of Graham's coos during the night. Somehow I subconsciously put a pillow over my head to block out the noise of Chris getting ready for work and when he kissed me goodbye, you'd have thought you were waking me from the deepest slumber ever. #notpretty

Now I'm here watching my 15 month old throw all his breakfast to the dogs while repeatedly saying, "Mommyyyyy, mommy, mommmyyyyyyy, mommy." This is the life!

Moving on to this adorable, yet so simple little black dress that is currently $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! It is PERFECT for basically anything. It is super light and a great length to be appropriate for all occasions.

Take a look at how I styled it three ways!

Look #1: I've styled this for a dressier look. You could always swap the wedges for heels and go even dressier. My kimono is great if you're going to an event inside where it may be chillier. And of course this Kendra Scott necklace is a must because it goes with everything!

- kimono (yes, I got it from Walmart!!)

Look #2: This is probably my favorite look because it is so super casual and comfy. This would be a great fall transition look, or it could be summery depending on where you live and if your state is an oven like Texas.

Look #3: Hello, perfect summer outfit. Now all I need is a patio and some wine! This is my go-to look lately. Nothing beats denim and neutrals!

Happy Monday, friends!!

PS: If you've been following along on my instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) you might notice that I'm sharing more of my outfits (when I do actually get dressed up!). People seem to love things that are affordable and that's my whole wardrobe, so I'll be sharing more outfits in the future!

Friday Favorites

Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy Friday, friends! We've had such a fun week here at the Tucker house. Celebrating the Fourth of July was a blast and it has only gotten better!

Let's get started!

1. I ordered this ($28!!) dress hoping I would love it as much as I did online and....I LOVE it so much more! It is the perfect dress for summer! It is lined, but not heavy at all! (For reference, I am wearing a small. I'm 5'3", athletic build and normally wear a 2-4 jean size.)

2. Graham has been doing great at his swim lessons. We are doing ISR swim lessons and I am loving how he is picking up on the skills necessary to be able to survive if he accidentally falls in the water.

3. I am really trying to be consistent with my working out. I've successfully worked out four of the last five days! We are currently doing Kayla Itsines program. I'll let you know how it goes!! Also, working out with an active toddler is quiet an adventure, if I do say so myself! The routines usually go; a few push-ups, run after toddler, a few crunches, run after toddler, try to do push-ups, but toddler is all up in your grill. It is the cutest thing when he mimics us, though!

4. As I mentioned before, my brother and his wife moved in with us last week. We are LOVING having them here! This week we my SIL's sister and cousin all come visit as well. We ALL grew up together, so it is fun to have everyone together. G loves all the attention. We've been going to the park to play tennis and basketball, so excuse everyone's sweaty faces :)

5. This toddler boy seriously has my heart. He literally screams "hiiiiiiiiiii-eeeeeeee" at everyone he sees, has the best facial expressions, and makes us laugh constantly. This age is my favorite. Babies are cute, but toddlers are fun!! I'll have his 15 months stats next week when we go to the doctor!

Also, my dress is a MUST HAVE if you are looking for a soft, stretchy, and versatile dress. It comes in a variety of colors and is currently on sale for $15!! And, I got my sandals last year, but this year's similar version is under $25 and can be found here!

Have a great weekend!

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DIY Pipe Shelves

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Here is a before shot. I could only find a picture before we moved in!

This is one of those projects that you do, then you wonder why it took you so long to do it!

Our kitchen has this little office nook area that, honestly, just 'catches' all our junk. It is the hurry-clean-the-table-off drop spot, the mail drop spot, my craft area, and it also houses all our stationary, pens, pencils, markers, etc. 

A few weeks ago we emptied all the drawers and cleaned that area out. It wasn't but a day later when all the stuff started to pile back on. There was no place to put everything except for on the actual counter.

The solution? DIY pipe shelves! 

I had seen these everywhere and knew Chris could throw them up in no time. I sent him out to the store and less than a hour later, I had three new shelves that I am completely in love with!

Of course they will eventually be piled high with junk, but I figured I'd show them off before they really got put to use. I can't decide if I like them raw, or if I'm going to stain them. I also am going to paint the drawers white, but that's a project for another weekend :)

Oh, and you might have noticed the HUGE color change! After three years of living with a brown kitchen, I finally bit the bullet and painted the kitchen! The color is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is the same color in Graham's nursery and our guest bathroom. I LOVE it! I still have plans to change many other things, but that is for a different post!!

Happy Thursday!

PS: I didn't include instructions because there are a million other posts out there that are way more explanatory that I could ever be! Just Google DIY Pip Shelves and then fit the measurements to your needs!