A Heartfelt Puppy Post

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The love of an animal is something I never realized. Growing up we always had dogs. I can't remember a time in my life without a dog actually. Having dogs in my adult life is different though.

I grew up on tons of acreage way out in the country. Imagine the country, then multiply that by 100 and you've got a good picture of where I grew up. Our dogs always stayed outside. They roamed around hundreds of acres out in the country, never were walked on a leash, and were never fenced in. And they were definitely never allowed inside. 

When it got cold we would put a heat lamp out in their doghouse for them. My Mom would fill their little house with tons of blankets. They would run around like the cold weather didn't phase them at all.

It wasn't until I had Wrigley and Bailey that I really discovered the meaning of "a man's best friend." 

Chris sent me this picture the other day while I was at work (Chris was on night shift so he was home during the day).

It literally broke my heart. My girl loves me. I know she is only a dog, but her and Wrigley are literally our world. Until human children enter the picture, Chris and I would do anything for those two mutts. 

The way Wrigley follows me around and the way Bailey gives me the stink eye in the morning are things that will never get old. They each have such huge, yet different, personalities and I can't imagine our life without them.

I know this is such a random sappy post, but my lovely husband said last night, "Isn't it going to be sad when they aren't around anymore?" Hello Debbie Downer, welcome to the party! I instantly teared up and got really sad. It didn't take long for Wrigs and Bays to lighten the mood with their random silliness. They are the best of friends.

So, there ya have it. One sappy post from a puppy parent. And yes, I know they aren't puppies, but they will always be puppies to us.

Thanks for playing along with this random little post.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, and Wrigley does, too!



  1. hahaha awwww what a little sweetheart! And yes, they will always be our babies no matter how old they get. My cat is 8 years old and he is still my little baby....even though now we have a 1 1/2 yr old daughter. LOL Now we just have fun with both of our babies. lol

  2. There's just something about dog snuggles. I got to do that the other night with my parents new 7 week old golden retriever. He's just so adorable!

  3. We used to totally feel this way about our girls. I was a volunteer at the Humane Society and a huge advocate for adoption over buying. Now, with two human kids, our dogs are just dogs! Well, at least the old stinky one is. Bailey is still my sweet girl. :)

  4. I love that last picture of Wrigley. They have such crazy personalities. I've always felt that pets are truly part of the family. I especially am grateful for when my dog senses that I'm sad or upset and immediately comes to me with lots of licks and lays right beside me so that I don't feel alone.

  5. Well I just teared up! Ugh. Floyd is our world too and he knows it, hahah. We are so obsessed with him and he makes us SO happy. Quirky sassiness and all.

  6. Ugh...this makes me want to rush home to my puppy right now!! I know exactly how you feel... they are our world and they have the best way of showing us we are their whole world too. Aaron and I exchange many a "look at this puppy" texts haha

  7. I feel the same way about my dog! We had 2 dogs at different points of growing up, but there's something completely different when it's your own dog! You can just tell how much mine adores me and my hubby and we don't have kids either yet, so she is pretty much our child too!

  8. I totally know what you mean! We don't have kids, so our dog is definitely our baby and we love more than we ever thought we could. It's amazing how much we can love an animal and how much joy they bring in to our lives. It makes me wonder how I could ever love something more--like our future children!

  9. Aw so adorable! Having to put one of my dogs to sleep last week, I'm definitely holding the other ones closer and giving them extra lovin' right now.

  10. I totally understand girly. We don't have any kiddos yet, but our 4 fur-babies are everything to us right now. From the little things they do everyday that make us laugh, to the nightly snuggles and extra lovin time on the weekends, we just adore them. You're too cute and your babies are just adorable.

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