A Day in the Life of a 5th Grade Teacher

Thursday, September 25, 2014

4:40am - Alarm goes off and, after multiple elbows to the back, Chris hits snooze.

4:49am - I get up, turn the lights on, and we get out of bed. Bailey gives us a death stare, while Wrigley is as hyper as a toddler on a Saturday morning.

4:57am to 5:05 - Leave the house and drive to the gym.

We workout until 5:45am. That is the absolute latest we can stay.

We get home and Chris showers while I make a protein shake and drink it while I do some blog stuff.

6:04am - Chris gets out of the shower and I get in. Out of the shower at 6:12am.

I have my hair and make-up done by 6:30am. 99% of the time my hair is in a ponytail, so it takes less than a minute for me to do my hair.

I get ready, pack my lunch, let the dogs out, feed the dogs, and Chris leaves around 6:25am.

I finish packing my lunch, let the dogs in, shut all the doors, get my breakfast, and head out the door between 6:35am and 6:45am.

I eat a banana and usually something else for breakfast besides my protein shake.

Get to school between 7:00am and 7:15am.

I set my things down, go put my lunch in the fridge, and go get coffee.

7:30am - The bell rings and in come my cherubs. On this particular day I had actually curled my hair (first time all year) and sooooo manyyyy kids (and teachers) commented on it. One kid said, "Wow, Mrs. T, you have such nice hair!" to which I replied, "Well, what kind of hair do I have all the other days?" "Ponytail hair." Touche.

7:30am to 7:45am - The kiddos do some sort of warm-up, turn in their homework, get out their planners, etc. Lots of questions are asked during this time and they are pretty rowdy.

7:45am - Announcements.

7:55am - I walk the kids down to their specials class; either music, art, PE, or library.

7:55am to 8:45am - Team planning, conference, run to the bathroom, fill water cup, etc.

8:45am to 10:15am - Math. I have three, thirty minute stations where the kids are either working with me, or on a computer.

10:15am to 12:15pm - Reading time. Notice I have no break between math and reading, so normally I throw on a short video and run (literally) to the bathroom.

During reading it is usually pretty chaotic because I have kids coming and going. At this point, the kids are pretty antsy and they struggle with concentration.

12:15pm - Lunch. I have lunch duty so I walk around and eat my lunch while monitoring the kids.

12:40pm - This is technically my lunch and the kid's recess. I always have students stay with me during their recess for missing homework, so this isn't a break for me. I rush from lunch duty down to my classroom to make sure I'm in there when the kids leave the lunch room.

12:40pm to 1:05pm - Tutoring while eating. Most kids are at recess, but there are usually 3-7 kids in my room catching up on some work.

1:05pm to 1:55pm - Science of some sort. On this particular day we were working on a science article on Google Classroom. Also during this time, half my kids are in the science lab.

1:55pm - The kids in my room go to lab and the kids that were in the lab come into my room.

1:55pm to 2:40pm - We do the same science lesson the kids before them did.

At 2:40pm we pack up and clean up my room. By this point the cherubs are hyped up on the sugar they ate from lunch and they are almost too hyper to contain. It is crazy how they transform in the afternoons.

2:45pm - The dismissal bell rings and I take the daycare kids to their bus.

3:00pm - All kids are gone and it is time to plan, go to a meeting, etc. On this day we planned until 4:30pm, then we had a meeting from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Leave school at 6:30pm.

Get home at 7:00pm.

Let the dogs out in the front yard to play, check the mail, talk to Chris on the phone as he is driving home. Chris gets home, feeds the dogs, and sits at the table while I make dinner.

Make dinner: baked frozen chicken and sauteed veggies.

I watch New Girl while eating and then start writing my blog post.

8:44pm - Finish blog post, shower, then get in bed.

9:02pm - We are in bed and I'm usually begging Chris to turn the TV off so I can go to sleep. He has to sleep with it on, and I have to sleep with it off!

And that, my friends, is a glamorous day in the life of a 5th grade teacher.

Even after these days, and being at school for tons of hours, I still love it so much. It is truly the best job in the world!

And, to all those teachers out there who have kids, I commend you. I have no idea how you do it!!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Have you always taught 5th grade? I'm currently a student and am about to start my practicum with 4th graders... I've always had primary so I'm a bit nervous!

  2. Ugh you gotta hate your plan time that early in the day. Luckily mine's in the afternoon combined with recess and rest time.

  3. I always thought about being a teacher! But life took me another direction. You're really encouraging me to start waking up early again! It's amazing how much you can get done so early in the morning.

  4. Ummmmm..... I got exhausted just reading this lol. I commend you for your long days my friend...good thing you have Summer and Winter breaks for when I come visit...cause I kinda will want all of your attention ;)

  5. Wow you are one busy bee. Today's theme of the day...all bloggers are doing a day in the life today...random. You're day makes me feel tired and then realize, yes how do people with kids do the teaching thing AND take care of a house hold...yikes!

  6. Phew! Great job getting up early to get to the gym! I actually did a day in the life post today, too! Funny!


  7. I made a comment, hit publish and it went into la-la land. oh well. I just wanted to say I love reading these posts, because it helps me realize I cam quite normal and having a schedule that seems routine is what has to be done. lol However, you're a very busy lady and I don't know how you do it. My mom is also a teacher and goodness, the noise, the stress, long days, emotions, and all day hyper-ness, wow! You teachers are so brave. And yes, kudos to those who have kids, I honestly don't know how they do it either!

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