Quotes From 5th Graders

Friday, September 19, 2014

While doing an experiment where we made our own lava lamp:

Can I drink it? What would happen if I drank it? Would it taste good? (repeat 21x)

After literally running around the classroom then asking if she can use the restroom, one of my cherubs stops and says:

When a colored woman gots to go to the bathroom, a colored woman gots to go to the bathroom.

A student was reading a passage out loud about an eagle that got hurt:

And then they needed to take the eagle to the vegetarian.

When they don't understand how to say something in English (native Spanish speaker):

How you say that?

As I was talking about my family:

What about your baby Mrs. T? You know, don't you have a baby?

This year is off to a great start. I am growing to know my cherubs more and more each day. Their personalities are quite amusing and they definitely make each day unique!

Happy Friday!



  1. This age is the best! I teach 6th and hear a lot of the same things!

  2. Haha omgsh I LOVE hearing quotes from my teacher friends--kids literally crack me up. My friend was telling me how one kid was arguing with her saying it could not be taco day for lunch. After insisting it was--she finally asked "why do you not think its taco day" and he said "because at my house you can never have tacos without margaritas" haha I died!


  3. LOL- love this! My sister was a teacher and I always loved stuff her 1st and 2nd graders would say!

  4. haha, love it! I think you need to at least do this monthly!

  5. Haha too funny! I actually did a very similar post earlier this week - kids are hilarious sometimes!

  6. Bahahaha! The things kids say!

  7. Haha I love the things kids say! When I was doing my student teaching in the elementary school, I kept a whole list of funny things they would say. I think my favorite to date was when I wore my hair curly to school instead of straightening it and also wore my glasses and one little boy asked me, 'rough night?'

  8. Love this! My 5th graders keep me on my toes at any given point but I love them dearly!