Babe's and Top Golf

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It doesn't get much better than that!

Last night Chris and I went to Babe's and Top Golf for our neighbor/friend's birthday. We had never been to Top Golf before and it was so. much. fun. Here is the birthday boy, Grant, at Babe's. He is a shy one!

Grant and Amber are our next door neighbors. We are both newly married and have a lot in common. The boys will go outside and throw the baseball, while Amber and I will just talk about girl stuff. It is great having them next door!

Babe's, of course, never disappoints. We left there feeling skinny with our belts undone and a smile on our faces. We had to fuel up for golf, right?!

We left Babe's and headed to Top Golf. I knew what Top Golf was, and the concept of it, but it was wayyy better than I expected. I might, or might not, be a little sore today. Okay, I am definitely sore today, but my whopping score of 39 was well worth it. My husband did great, as usual. His photography skills on-the-other-hand...not so good. Could he have got me at a more awkward angle. Thanks honey!

We really enjoyed hanging out with Grant and Amber and all their friends! Happy Birthday, Grant!

Hydrangea Overload

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I might be obsessed with this flower. Who isn't?! They are simply beautiful. So beautiful that I would never let them go to waste. That is why I have this many in my house!

At Jessica's wedding last weekend, as they were cleaning up I asked what they were going to do with all the flowers. They said, "Take them or they are going to be thrown away." So, Chris and I (me willingly, Chris...not so much) walked out of Jessica's wedding with all hands FULL of these beauties. There was NO WAY I was letting them just go to waste.

Now, I get to enjoy a house full of hydrangeas. It is just lovely. Thanks Jess :)

Jessica's Wedding

Aren't weddings the best?! Friends, food, fun, dancing, laughing, getting dressed up...I could go on and on about how much I love weddings. This past weekend my adorable friend Jessica tied the knot and I am SO happy I got to witness her marry the love of her life!

The ceremony and reception were at The Cotton Mill in Mckinney. Amazing venue! It is this old cotton mill that still has sooooo many of the original features. It is gorgeous. She had these beautiful hydrangea centerpieces. Love.

I also got to have this hottie on my arm:

He is such a handsome date.

We grubbed on this:
And this:

And when I say grubbed, I mean I devoured every last bit of it. I sure do love to eat! The cake was so cute! Pinterest, anyone?!

Thank you to the Miller's for allowing Chris and I to be a part of your special day. We love y'all!

Sarah Has a Green Thumb?

Yes, she sorta does. When we moved into our house the builder graciously planted us a ton of flowers in our flower bed. Usually the houses come with shrubbery and weed-like grasses, but for us, they presented a challenge; we had to keep the suckers alive.

I am in no way a gardner, nor did I ever think of myself as having a green-thumb, but I loved the idea of having this beautiful new house along with a beautiful yard. Wife-mode fully engaged. Well, Chris takes care of the yard part, and I, I am in charge of the bloomage going on the the flower bed. Check. It. Out.

When we first moved in there was not a single color in the whole garden. Bam. Four months later and these babies are poppin'. They were looking pretty sad a couple months ago, so I decided to give them a little extra water at night (there is a sprinkler system that waters them as well) and that extra water must have done the trick.

Can I brag for a second on that perfect looking grass? Why, yes I can brag because it is my blog! My husband has been taking some major pride in his yard upkeep. He is dedicated to making the grass look like turf and the edges along the sidewalks and driveway perfectly straight. The boy loves his lawn mower and power tools! Great job, honey!

If you are wondering what the flowers planted in our garden are, I have no idea. They are the cheap ones at the home improvement store. Chris and I potted the other flowers, but I have no idea what those are either! I guess after a good freeze (Ha, who am I kidding. It doesn't freeze in Texas.) we will reevaluate the surviving beauties and be back with a winter version of the flower bed update!

Let There Be Light

Thursday, August 23, 2012 this post I mentioned that I picked up a pair of mystery items and our friend, Tim, was creating a secret something from my finds. Well, let there be light: he made us lamps out of vases we found at HomeGoods. And we are in love!

We have been looking for bedside lamps for a couple months now, but nothing was measuring up to the size and design of what we wanted. That was until a conversation with Tim led me to finding out that he can make lamps...out of anything!

So off to HomeGoods I went and when I laid eyes on these vases I instantly envisioned them flanking our bed. In all their crisp-white-luciousness and topped with a vibrant pop of a lamp shade (that has yet to be found/DIYed) they are soon to be the light of our lives. For now, we played around with the white and yellow lamp shades...neither which we liked very much.

We are super happy with the turn out. Hopefully this weekend I can find a few minutes to find a lampshade! I will update y'all when they are officially complete!

Just Because...

He wanted to make the blog?! Yesterday I mentioned to Chris that I was a little down and missing Meme. That, combined with work, was making for a bummer of a day. I was at work for over 12 hours, tired, and stressed, but when I arrived home this is what was on the counter:

The roses are those multi-colored ones.They are beautiful! The magazine has tons of adorable ideas to host a Halloween party. And, the Burt's Bees Foot Lotion was so Chris could be a doting husband and massage his wife's feet. He also wrote me a sweet note!

As I am admiring my gifts Chris says, "Honey, am I going to make the blog?! I knew that if I did this I'd make the blog!" WHAT?!!? My husband is now doing sweet things in order to make the blog?! What a little turd hunk of a husband.

After he expressed his desires to "make the blog" I told him that he should do things out of the kindness of his heart...not to be mentioned on my blog. Someone is getting a little greedy!

We giggled about it and he said his initial thought was to do something sweet, then he realized he could make the blog so he vamped it up. What a punk :) And since he bought foot lotion, he had to use it. When the time came for my pampering, he tried to bail!

Long-story short: men, don't buy your significant other foot lotion and then try to bail. The woman will get what she wants!

Have you been pampered lately?! Have you bought those cool roses?!

Count your Blessings!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I got this sign while in college and have been trying to find it a place in our new home. I finally found a perfect spot! It is metal so I can put magnets on it, or just leave it be. I love it because it is a daily reminder to count your blessings!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Monday, August 20, 2012

Last weekend a storm came through the Dallas area and this beauty popped up. Can you see the double rainbow in the last picture?? Amazing.

It is veryyy faint, but there are two rainbows.
Everytime I see a rainbow it is just a reminder of how beautiful life is!

I Workout...With a Six Year Old

This past weekend some of my family was up in the Dallas area celebrating the sixth year of life of one special little dude, Jacob. Jacob is the son of my "not-blood-but-closer-than-a-blood-sister" Holly and her husband Trevor.

We went out to eat Saturday night, but while waiting on Chris to get to the hotel, Jacob was dying to go to to "exercise room."

Here is what we did:

I think we have a future body builder on our hands. It is hard for a six year old to grasp the concept of a treadmill, but all the other machines were "easy." Ha, wait until you age a bit, buddy, then ask your body if anything in a gym is "easy."

I demonstrated the treadmill for all of .2 miles until I decided to I didn't want to break my "no-working-out-streak" of well over four months. Jacob was eager to try out all the machines and he even proclaimed that he was sweating. Gotta love a good sweat.

Is he not the most precious thing?! I bet your wrokout partner isn't as cute as mine!