Let There Be Light

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Soooo...in this post I mentioned that I picked up a pair of mystery items and our friend, Tim, was creating a secret something from my finds. Well, let there be light: he made us lamps out of vases we found at HomeGoods. And we are in love!

We have been looking for bedside lamps for a couple months now, but nothing was measuring up to the size and design of what we wanted. That was until a conversation with Tim led me to finding out that he can make lamps...out of anything!

So off to HomeGoods I went and when I laid eyes on these vases I instantly envisioned them flanking our bed. In all their crisp-white-luciousness and topped with a vibrant pop of a lamp shade (that has yet to be found/DIYed) they are soon to be the light of our lives. For now, we played around with the white and yellow lamp shades...neither which we liked very much.

We are super happy with the turn out. Hopefully this weekend I can find a few minutes to find a lampshade! I will update y'all when they are officially complete!

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