Packing for the Beach: A Rose Gold Ring + Bathing Suits

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The weather here in Texas has been hot and cold, literally. Last weekend the temperatures were in the high 70s, and then some days the highs are in the 40s. The warm days have me craving spring and summer! Luckily, we have an upcoming trip to Grand Cayman and I. can't. wait! Bring on the sun, sand, and lots of relaxation.

When thinking about traveling internationally, I am very particular on whether or not I will bring/wear my wedding rings. If you don't already know, 2/3 of the rings I wear were my grandmother's, so I don't mess around with the thought of something happening to them at the beach, and locking them in a hotel safe is just not an option for me!

For years I have been searching for a "replacement" wedding band that I can wear on occasion when I don't want to wear mine. Thankfully, I found the perfect rose gold band to wear to replace my rings while we travel! It is simple, yet has the perfect amount of detail. The band is wide, but very thin, so I hardly notice I am wearing a ring at all. This is my first rose gold ring, and I think I am now obsessed! It goes so well with everything and even leaves room to stack with other rings.

The only other new items I will be getting for the trip are bathing suits. I am normally not a top heavy person, but, thanks to breastfeeding boobs (tmi?), none of my old bathing suits properly fit. In my search I am finding that I am loving so many different styles that it is hard to choose! I am more drawn to one pieces lately due to me not being completely back to my pre-baby body (I am not in a rush), and also because kids in the pool like to grab and pull on your bathing suits, and I need to make sure momma ain't giving the guests at the pool a show.

My favorite maternity bathing suit bottoms also come in non-maternity, so I am tempted to buy some bottoms that pair with the top I already have. I also am loving so many of these that I can't decide! This leopard one is fun, as is this colorful striped one!

What are your favorite bathing suit brands? Have you bought one recently that you love? Tell me!