Showering the Bride

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last weekend was my sister-in-law's wedding shower. We played games, drank champagne, ate cake, munched on food, mingled, and had a great time! The big day is approaching quickly and I can't wait! I picked up my bridesmaid's dress yesterday and, y'all, it is so cute!

"I have found the one whom my soul loves" - Song of Solomon 3:4

Happy Thursday!

WIWW: I Cheated + Link Up

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

dress // ring // cuff // shoes
Confession: I cheated.

With who: Lou & Grey. Yup, two and not just one.

I'll just let it all out. I cheated on Old Navy with the Lou & Grey line at LOFT, and I'm not even sad about it. Why am I not upset about it, you ask? Because, ummm, have you seen what Lou is rockin'?

This dress is all linen/black striped perfection and had me at hello. I like my dresses loose and comfy and this one checks all the right boxes.

This dress was like a stage five clinger and I couldn't swat it off, so I took it home with me as well. Don't you date all your clingers as well? How do you think I got Chris? STAGE FIVE. 

Ever since leaving the corporate world a couple years ago, I haven't set foot in a LOFT in quite sometime, but they've really done something right with this Lou & Grey line. It speaks my love language and I can tell there will be more cheating in my future.

- Cheating on Old Navy with LOFT.
- Cheating on my diet that I never start in the first place.
- Cheating by telling Chris I don't want any, any of his Coke, but sneak sips while I make him go get me something from the kitchen.

If you've never taken my advice before, take it now: cheating is always justified when you walk away with clothes as cute as this.

PS: Don't forget this is the last week of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! My favorite Toms booties are $40 off!

One last can still use my Rocksbox code TUCKERUPXOXO to get one month of Rocksbox FREE! You literally have nothing to lose!

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My Thoughts on Girlfriends

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Girlfriends. Behind Chris, there are no other people in this world that I confide in more than the closest ladies in my life. My parents always told me, "You'll go through life and end up with a handful of truly close, and wonderful friends. You will have lots of friends, but only so many are considered family." They were so right. 

I've cried, laughed, choked on my drink, almost peed my pants, done crazy (crazyyyy!) things, talked all through the night, honestly told my opinion on many outfits and boyfriends, and loved them like my sisters. Some of them I've been friends with since elementary school, while others have come along later in life. 

We can all go days, weeks, months without talking, but always start back up right where we left off. 

I care about the girls in my life so much that I tell them when they have food in their teeth, when they are being a little to over-dramatic, when they smell, look like crap, and are in a bad mood. And they do the same to me. Girlfriend relationships are such a blessing and I am so thankful to have these girls (and others not pictured!) to call mine.

August 1st is National Girlfriends Day which highlights the importance of taking care of your health. We all think we are invincible, immune to sickness, "it will never happen to me", until it does. As a girlfriend to many, it is important that we remind each other to get healthy, stay healthy, and visit the doctor when necessary. 

Below is a road map by Oscar Health Insurance with helpful ages and dates as to when and what checkup is necessary.  They have many services that help women take better control of their health as part of the NY and NJ health insurance plans. I know we all want to be in our 20's forever, but in this case, age ain't nothin' but a number. So find your number and get on it, girl!
Lastly, I wanted to say a prayer for the family of a fellow blogger that I followed for years. I never knew Leslie personally, but her blog was one of my favorites. She went to be with the Lord sometime yesterday. She leaves behind two precious young daughters, a husband, and her adoring family. Please pray for her family during this time.

Life Lately: A Photo Dump

Monday, July 27, 2015

After talking about being bored, I've submersed myself in stuff. Lots of family time, lots of road trips, lots of getting out of the house. Here is what I've been up to!

My Mom and Dad came up to our house for six days. We went to my cousin's wedding shower, shopped, cooked, laughed, and had a good ol' time. My Mom and I are in love with the show Fixer Upper, so when I was taking my Mom back home (my Dad left from Dallas to go work in a different city) on Tuesday we decided to stop in Waco at the Magnolia Market. My review: it is absolutely adorable, but overpriced and I've seen numerous items at Hobby Lobby for much cheaper. I'm sure at one point the items were more unique, but since the show has blown up I'm sure it is impossible to keep inventory of those more unique items. 

This was the first time I've been back to my hometown since the historic floods hit. As I was driving around my jaw was dropped in awe of the damage done. I've seen pictures, but to see the damage in person is heartbreaking. 

My brother and his friends play 'Tennis Tuesdays', so I joined in on the fun. The tennis courts are at my old elementary school. It made me feel old thinking how long ago I was there. 

My little cousin and I enjoyed frozen Gogurts after a swim.

On my way back home I stopped in Austin to have breakfast with my granddad. He will be 90 this year and is still as funny as ever! We always tell him to smile and he says, "I AM smiling!" #noyourenot

While I was in my hometown I got to model for a new wedding venue in town. It was fun putting on my wedding dress for the fifth time!! 

I got back home Thursday afternoon and I think it is safe to say someone missed me...

To get out of the house, I've been visiting Chris at work more. Or at least meeting him for lunch. On this day I picked up lunch for him and all his workers because they had set a record in production. Since I delivered the food I got to enjoy a plate of my own!

Friday evening, Chris, his best friend Jake, and I (and the pups!) set out to Chris's parent's house. Saturday Chris and Jake went to the annual "Guy's Day" where a bunch of dads and sons go ALL day long doing activities: breakfast, golf, bowling, swimming, ping-pong, etc. They were pooped when they got home. The girls celebrated Lauren at her wedding shower!

After the shower Lauren and I swam and tanned/burned. 

As you might have noticed, posts have been a little inconsistent, but that juts means that I'm over here livin' life!

Happy Monday! The days of summer are dwindling and I'm over here just trying to soak it all in!

Tucker Travels || Atlantis Bahamas

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Atlantis, ahhh. This place is a dream for any girl growing up in the 90's who was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley's Holiday in the Sun. Raising my hand right now.

Before booking our cruise we were just going to go to Atlantis for vacation. Then we discovered that we could see three places instead of just one and we decided to go the cruise route instead. Plus, #unlimitedfood.

We were all giddy when pulling up to the dock. You can see Atlantis in the distance and it looks just as grand as you'd imagine. Right as we were docking an announcement came over the intercom saying something along the lines of "due to an influx in crime in the area, please leave all valuables on the ship." So off to Atlantis we went without any valuables, including my camera. Luckily one person in our group brought their point-and-shoot, so we got some pictures.

And here goes the brutally honest review because we all know I'm all about the honesty.


Yup, that's all the island in the sun gets from me. Was it beautiful? YES. Was it fun? YES. Would I ever go back? NO.

Chris and I are active people. We are not your typical lay around and tan couple. Read: we are so pale and we burnnnn. Atlantis has tons of gorgeous pools and the ocean, but only has a six water slides. SIX. We thought we were going to a water park and there were only six slides?! No thanks. 

The slides were fun, and we went on everyone of them, but we honestly did everything there was to do in our one day there. I'm not sure how we would have survived a week there. The grounds are so lush and gorgeous, the casino was nice, you can swim with dolphins, the ocean ripped my bathing suit off, but it just wasn't that great. 

You're definitely paying for the experience to be able to say that you went to Atlantis. 

We are so happy we got to check that stop off our list. It was a fun day, possibly the most fun day of the whole cruise, but it just would not be worth going to more than a couple days, max. After going to Kauai on our honeymoon, I think we set the bar high from the beginning and have yet to find anyplace that compares!

If you have any other questions about Atlantis, feel free to ask! 

WIWW: On Boredom + Link Up

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer, it's a weird thing. Going from a super busy teacher to a bum on the couch can do things to your head. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that physical tears have been shed recently due to sheer boredom. You think it is so nice to have nothing to do, then you have nothing to do for days and days and days and then you start thinking, "Ummmm, I really need to get out!" But, I hate spending money when I don't need to and getting out means spending money. A lunch with a friend here, a dinner with a friend there, and now I've spent seventy dollars eating out this week and whoa. 

I've done house projects and I go to the gym, but day in and day out, I am getting stir crazy. 

But, that's all changing. The concert last week kicked off my "no more lazy days" and now the rest of my summer is booking up fast! My family was in town from Thursday until yesterday and now I am headed down to the Hill Country to stay with them for the week. This weekend is my SIL's wedding shower and form here on out it is wedding mode. I've got some house projects up my sleeve and I'm ready to end this summer with a bang...and no more boredom.

So, to all you who think sitting on the couch and sleeping in for three months is a dream come true, it is, but eventually, if you're like me, you'll be bored out of your mind and text your husband "I'm bored!" numerous times a day. Then he will reply with, "Pound sign: summer job." Touche.

PS: the Nordstrom sale is still going on and these booties and these booties and going to be mine!!

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