Hayes || 3 + 4 Months

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

We've got a FOUR month old. I feel like I remember having yesterday, but I know that each stage gets sweeter and sweeter.

This time around Chris and I feel like we are really soaking in the infant stage. With Graham, we were in survival mode. This time is so sweet!

I missed his three month update, so I will recap months three and four. This little blog space is like my family's scrapbook, so I want to get these thoughts out while they're still fresh!

During months three and four Hayes:

- This was a really sick 'season' for our family. Hayes was born July 11th and was sick with a chest cold by August 11th, and that developed into worse illnesses as time progressed. In the middle of his choking fits, throwing up, wheezing, I kept praying that we get through these sicknesses as quick as possible. Now, looking back, he was sick a really long time, but we are on the other side of it all and just praying he stays healthy.

- He had bronchiolitis from September 19th until it developed into RSV. The week of October 7th we noticed that he was having major rapid breathing, throwing up, and having deep chest retractions. We took him into his pediatrician on a Saturday morning after observing deep retractions and rapid breathing after a 10 minute breathing treatment(so thankful they are open Saturday mornings!) and she sent us straight to Children's Hospital. At the hospital they took an X-Ray and confirmed the RSV diagnosis. Hayes's oxygen levels were stable enough for him to go home.

- Started to grab things on his play mat!

- Hatesssss being in his car seat unless it is moving. I think, maybe, because he struggled to breathe for so long that the angle of the car seat was uncomfortable for him? I really don't know, but just within the last week he has gotten a little better and doesn't scream the whole time.

- Gave us a couple of nights sleeping 12 hours!

Now, for month four stats and fun facts:

Nicknames: Hayzers, Hayyyyyy-zerrrrs (and my phone ALWAYS thinks I'm saying, "Hey, Siri!"), Haze-a-roni, Rhones (derived from HAze-a-roni), Rhoner (??).

Weight and Height: Hayes is still turning out to be the lighter Tucker boy. At this age, Graham was two full pounds heavier than Hayes. Hayes is weighing in at 15 pounds 11.5 ounces and 25 inches long of pure perfection!

Clothes Size: Depends on the brand, but mostly six month clothing and pajamas.

Likes: Hayes loves when his brother acts like a shark is coming towards him and then he tickles his cheeks. He is loving bath time. He loves his play mat and staring at the Christmas tree. He likes to be held and is a talker!

Dislikes: Putting him down when no one is there to entertain him, naps in his crib...did I mention he hates naps in his crib? He is not as content in his swing anymore, but he is starting to love his jumper! He also hates being in the car, until he falls asleep. He is fine in his carseat in the stroller, on the ground, etc., but in the car...it is horrible!

Sleep: Homeboy is a MUCH better sleeper than his big brother. He has given us a few nights of sleeping all the way through the night (12 hours), but I would say he is still waking one a night to eat around 3/4am most days. Once a night is totally doable and we don't have any plans on formally sleep training him at this point! I've read all of Taking Cara Babies and she has some great tips and says that at this age, once a night is right on track, so I'm going with it. I see it as I can feed him, or I have to get up and pump, so I'd rather just feed him if he wakes up! I LOVE holding his hand and getting that extra little snuggle with him in the middle of the night. I seriously just look at him with the biggest heart eyes.

Schedule: It is so weird because both boys seem to wake up at the same time each day, but not the same time...as in some days they'll both be up at 6:30am, but other days both be up at 7:30am. It is like when one wakes up, the other knows! HA!

We have something every morning Monday - Thursday at 9:00am, so Hayes sometimes squeezes in a nap before we leave, but most days he gets a car nap in the morning. Depending on the time he wakes up, he goes back down between 11-12pm, then again around 3-4pm, and cat naps somewhere between 5-6pm. He is definitely not on a strict schedule because we've got places to be and he is just along for the ride. Honestly, I'm not that stressed about it and he's been pretty go with the flow!

He does have a bedtime around 7pm. We don't do a bath every night, but we do change his clothes, diaper, then he gets a 5-7oz bottle, we swaddle him, and he puts himself to sleep.

Milestones: At the doctor's office on November 12th (4 months and 1 day old), he rolled from tummy to back several times. He has done it a few times since, but not consistently! We tried infant oatmeal and he did what every other baby does, spit it out. He can almost sit up, he has great head control in his jumper, he talks a lot, he gives soooo many smiles, and is overall the sweetest little guy!

Looking forward to: Watching Hayes become more interactive with Graham. They're going to be the best of friends, and their relationship is something I can't wait to see blossom.

Hayes Ross,

You've been through the ringer, little one. You've been sick so much, yet, through it all, you're the happiest kid around. You are so smiley, and your smile takes up your whole face! People say you look like your mama, and I couldn't be happier. I need at least one kid to look like me! You've completely stolen your brother's heart. He demands to hold, hug, and kiss you a thousand times a day. 

When we found out you were a boy, I knew I wanted you to be Hayes. Your dad wasn't quite onboard with the name yet, but seeing you now, we can't imagine you as anything other than our Hayzers. I know how fun it is to watch you grow, but I really want to soak in all your snuggles because I know time flies. The way your stretch when we unwrap your swaddle, or how you nuzzle your head in my neck when you're tired. It all melts me. One day you'll be big like your brother and mom will struggle to lift you, so, for right now, I will hold you and pick you up as much as your want. 

You're the perfect addition to our family, little one.

WE love you so you much!