Are you Katy Perry?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yesterday at school we had to dress up as a storybook character. My girls (and all the other girls in elementary school) are in love with Junie B. Jones books. My only requirement for my costume was that I didn't have to spend any money, and I stuck to my rule!

Costume guesses from 5th graders:
- Katy Perry (I got told I look like Katy Perry four different times)
- a nice teacher (I guess...)
- a schoolgirl (technically Junie B. is in school...)
- a little girl (I gave them sympathy points)
- Amelia Bedelia (close, but no cigar)

On a side note: I pinned up the longest layer of my hair because Junie doesn't have long hair. After having short hair for a day I am realllyyyyyyy thinking about choppin' my locks....

Happy Friday! And happy November 1st!

We are headed down south this weekend for opening weekend of hunting season. What are you up to this weekend?

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Style

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Helloooo pumpkin head! Obligatory "Sarah's 1st Pumpkin Patch" photo. 

I was probably learning, "the itsy-bitsy spider..."

Ain't no clownin' around here. For some reason I want to say I probably demanded putting on my own clown make-up. Not that the inaccuracy of the application gives it away or anything. I mean look at those clown lips...

This was probably the year my Mom was thinking, "Thank goodness my daughter finally decided to be something other than a clown or a pumpkin."

I'll never forget this costume. My Mom made it and I was some sort of princess...but I just remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Oh, and my brother is the football player on the left. And, yes, that was his costume year, after year, after year. I don't think he was ever anything but a football player. 

Hold up...I take back my last statement. I just received this picture and it looks as though college has caused him to turn a new leaf. At 19 years old he has now graduated to being a piece of bacon for Halloween. A piece of bacon holding a "pumpkin pi" while rockin' an incredibly awkward smile. College, what have you done to my little brother?!

Happy Halloween!


WIWW: Deep V + Link Up!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Business in the front. Party in the back. In reality this top is a party all over! For the sake of keeping this blog rated PG, I wore a camisole. See the front deep "v"...well that is all mesh and was probably meant to show some skin. Nice try Lulu's, but my Mom and Dad (seriously, my Dad reads my blog all the time...hi Dad!) read this blog and I don't need to be getting a phone call from them telling me to put a shirt on. But, for those of you ladies who can rock this little thanggg the way it is meant to be rocked, more power to ya! 

I picked this top up at the Lulu's clothing swap back in August at the Texas Style Council Conference. I didn't try it on, but I was instantly attracted to the mesh, "v" front. Picking it, I knew I would probably never wear it in the "sexy" way it was meant to be worn, and I am completely okay with that. All I have to do is wear my camisole and put on a cardigan or blazer and I am ready for school!

Speaking of school, shall we move on to my Wednesday randoms?

- I have worked out everyday this week. Holla.

- My Dad is turning 60 next week and I am (mildly) depressed about it.

- I am dressing up as Junie B. Jones tomorrow for "Dress like a Story Book Character" day at school. My girls loveee Junie B. books, so I hope my costume doesn't disappoint!

- My kids are selling chocolate bars as a fundraiser and I am on my fifth bar in two weeks...don't judge. 

- Someone in our neighborhood is letting their dog go number two in our front yard and Wrigley insists on showing him (or her) who's is bigger, so he is two for two on crapping in our front yard this week. Winning.

- I blow-dried my hair last night for the first time in a long time and found that he length of my hair is getting dangerously close to my butt. I think I am due for a trim. When hair touches butt, that is my indication to make an appointment. 

- Yesterday was "wacky sock" day at school. I wore green skinny jeans, a yellow shirt that says "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish," tall, blue baseball socks, and yellow striped socks over my blue socks. Jeans were tucked into my socks and I was reppin' some old Nikes. Hair was in a messy bun and I had minimal make-up on. My students weren't in class five minutes and I had already been told I "looked funny," I "didn't look like myself," I looked like "one of those people who run in competitions," and that fifth graders are "too mature" to participate in wacky sock day. Ha!

- I also got a text from my bestie, Des. She is a third grade teacher...her text read, "Innocent 3rd grade boy of mine. 'Ms. R, I thought of a triple homograph over the weekend!!! Nuts, as in crazy. Nuts, as in nuts you eat. And nuts, as in (pointing down at himself).'" And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why teaching is amazing. 

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Happy Wednesday! 

Thank you for linking up!

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A gold ring

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gold. A gold ring. That is one thing I have really been wanting since the start of my resolution. And, since you all know, I can't buy one until 1.1.14, I was constantly praying a gold ring would end up on my door step. And guess what?! One did!

Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but you get the point! No, you don't get the point? Let me explain.

Punky Bunny is an amazing company that makes gorgeous handmade jewelry. When they sent me this ring, I was blown away. I didn't tell them what ring I wanted, or tell them any details, and they generously handed me over this floral beauty. And it was gold. Score! 

Their jewelry would make the PERFECT Christmas gift. Affordable, quality jewelry at the click of a button. Go check out their inventory here. And did I mention they can personalize your jewelry for you? Check. it. out. 

And with all jewelry you need a case, right? Enter Lori Leigh Designs. This traveling jewelry case is another awesome Christmas item! 

I love, love, love how it holds your earrings and keeps them separate. I hate opening my suitcase to find a jumbled mess of jewelry. Annoying, right?

Just to give you a size reference, I place my iPhone next to the case. 
No, I didn't get paid to promote this product. These items were sent to me and I seriously think they are fantastic! The ring, I wear it almost everyday. No tarnishing, no cracking, no bending at all. It is great! And the jewelry box? Do I really need to explain the greatness of this? And for under $25. Wrap that baby up for Christmas and you will get a guaranteed smile!

Do you have something to organize your jewelry? Need handmade, or custom jewelry? Shop Punky Bunny and Lori Leigh Designs now!

Please Come Back

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh weekend, why must you go by so quickly?? I feel like I just left work and have yet to truly accomplish anything this weekend.

Friday nights are always a blur. After a week full of hearing two dozen ten year olds chirping, "Mrs. Tucker! Mrs.! Mrs. Tucker!", Friday nights are always quiet and relaxing. Chris grilled out deer back-strap wrapped in bacon. I made mashed potatoes with gravy, salad, and mac and cheese. After devouring all that deliciousness, I had to get a Sonic milkshake. I love having a Sonic right across the street from our neighborhood, but the scale hates it :) After stuffing ourselves like little piggies we contemplated having a slumber party in the living room, but quickly nixed that idea due to pure exhaustion.

Saturday morning was spent at our new Walmart. It is glorious not having to fight off a million "people of Walmart" while trying to stock up on necessities for the fruit roll ups and frozen pizzas. You would think we have a brood of toddlers running around with what the Tuckers stock their pantry with. Don't judge. 

Saturday around noon I headed into Dallas for a little girls day with some of my besties (since elementary school!). We started off at Breadwinners with mimosas and delectable sandwiches. It is such a blessing that we all ended up in D-town after attending colleges in different cities. Plus, nowadays, how many people can say that their true best friends are from elementary school?! I always leave our get-togethers feeling so filled with joy. These girls are a sense of home, they are my comfort zone (besides Chris, of course!). 

After lunch we headed to the Perot Museum. If you are ever in Dallas you need to check it out! They were showcasing an exhibit called 'Inside Out' where they had animals on display without their skin. I know it sounds gross, but it was truly fascinating. 

After the Perot, with the energy we had left, we headed to Pat Green's new bar and grill called 'The Rustic.' It it totally Texas. I would highly recommend it for the atmosphere, but not the food. Blah! I really enjoyed it because of the laid-back atmosphere and relaxing vibe. If you aren't very familiar with Dallas, it is very...uppity (is that a word?). If you aren't dressed to the nines, you feel out of place. I hate that part of this city. Judgy, judgy, judgy. At The Rustic I did not get that vibe at all. It is definitely a rare find in Dallas.

Sunday was spent cleaning, cooking, cleaning, going back to Walmart, laundry, watching movies, and walking the dogs. Chris went golfing with his friend, so I was able to knock out a bunch of cleaning since my distractor-factor wasn't around. 

Now it is Sunday night and I am praying it was just Saturday. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! This week is November. Ahh!

Have a happy Monday!

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A Swimsuit Calendar

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As you know last weekend Chris and I went to a Kansas City Chiefs football game. It was an adventure to say the least.

First we missed our exit, then we lucked out with free parking, and when we finally parked we realized we were the only two people not wearing red. Shout out to all our Kansas peeps for not telling us that EVERY person is decked out in red. At least at a Cowboys game you see tons of people dressed in "normal" clothes. At the Chiefs game I swear I didn't see one person dressed in "normal" clothes. 

After we parked we had to walk across the state entire parking lot to find the tailgate where we were meeting the people from Chris's conference that graciously gave us the tickets. As we are walking around like we were completely out of place (because we were), Chris spotted two Chiefs cheerleaders. I was on task looking for lot E4...Chris on the other hand had his eyes on something else. 

All of a sudden I hear Chris say, "Hi! Would y'all mind taking a picture with my wife? She really wants a picture with y'all!" I looked at him with a confused look and realized I was about to take a picture with two gorgeous, and very sweet, Chiefs cheerleaders. Chris snapped our picture, they told me I looked "adorable", and we went on our merry way. Chris thought it was hilarious because I am not the cheerleader type and would never ask for a picture like that. Thanks, husband, for consistently pushing my boundaries. I'm sure you will cherish this picture forever. 

Fast forward to last night when Chris got home from KC (he stayed behind for work) he said he had a surprise for me and what did he whip out? An autographed Chiefs cheerleader calendar. I just about died laughing. It was in the package he got from the conference. After he handed it to me he said, "So where are we going to hang our new calendar?" I like how he said "our."

I told him I appreciated the motivation to now workout. I may not be the cheerleading type, but I wouldn't mind having a body like one! Now if only I could put down this ice cream...

Happy Thursday!


WIWW: Star Status + Link Up!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

(You probably can't tell, but this dress has little stars on it. Adorable.)

I was hesitant to pick this dress at first. My Mom was treating me to a mini shopping spree (back in the summer) and she really liked it so I thought, "What the heck will it hurt to try it on?" So I did...and my Mom and the ladies at the boutique loved it and I thought it was just okay. Then I put my teacher eyes on and thought, "Wow! I really look like a teacher in this! So my Mom happily bought it for me. What a sweetie she is. End of short story.

Wednesday randoms:

- Chris is still in KC until tomorrow, which means I am home alone. I love, love, love the aspect of having the house all to myself...until it is time to go to bed. Then I turn into this crazy freak that thinks every sound is someone trying to break in. I get really paranoid, double check all the doors, double check the alarm, and make the dogs sleep with me. Monday night I heard the slightest creek and I whipped out of bed like I had ants in my pants. It was obviously nothing, but that little voice in my head just wouldn't go to sleep.

- Don't you love those friends that text you and you just know that both of you are giggling at your conversation? I know every time my bestie Desirae texts me, and I laugh at something, she is on the other end just cracking up. I love it!

- I had a Salted Caramel Mocha at the airport the other day. It was not my fave. Actually, I hated it. White Chocolate Mocha is where it's at...and don't even tell me the "skinny" version tastes the same! That version is for the birds :)

- Can you believe Kim and Kanye are engaged? And did you see her rock? Wow, momma! 

- Yesterday morning I woke up before my alarm clock feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. I looked at the clock and realized I had set it for 6:30am and not 5:30am. Oops! Good thing my internal alarm clock was working! Coming off of a weekend vacation my brain is obviously having some troubles. 

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Happy Wednesday! 

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