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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

(You probably can't tell, but this dress has little stars on it. Adorable.)

I was hesitant to pick this dress at first. My Mom was treating me to a mini shopping spree (back in the summer) and she really liked it so I thought, "What the heck will it hurt to try it on?" So I did...and my Mom and the ladies at the boutique loved it and I thought it was just okay. Then I put my teacher eyes on and thought, "Wow! I really look like a teacher in this! So my Mom happily bought it for me. What a sweetie she is. End of short story.

Wednesday randoms:

- Chris is still in KC until tomorrow, which means I am home alone. I love, love, love the aspect of having the house all to myself...until it is time to go to bed. Then I turn into this crazy freak that thinks every sound is someone trying to break in. I get really paranoid, double check all the doors, double check the alarm, and make the dogs sleep with me. Monday night I heard the slightest creek and I whipped out of bed like I had ants in my pants. It was obviously nothing, but that little voice in my head just wouldn't go to sleep.

- Don't you love those friends that text you and you just know that both of you are giggling at your conversation? I know every time my bestie Desirae texts me, and I laugh at something, she is on the other end just cracking up. I love it!

- I had a Salted Caramel Mocha at the airport the other day. It was not my fave. Actually, I hated it. White Chocolate Mocha is where it's at...and don't even tell me the "skinny" version tastes the same! That version is for the birds :)

- Can you believe Kim and Kanye are engaged? And did you see her rock? Wow, momma! 

- Yesterday morning I woke up before my alarm clock feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. I looked at the clock and realized I had set it for 6:30am and not 5:30am. Oops! Good thing my internal alarm clock was working! Coming off of a weekend vacation my brain is obviously having some troubles. 

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  1. Ah, I get the same way at night when my husband is away. One time I stayed up til 5am cause I was so scared! Haha. That dress is adorable on you :)

  2. That settles it. You need to move to McKinney so we can hang out when the boys are out of town. You look extra gorgeous in this dress! Let's grab dinner- next week?!

  3. What a gorgeous dress, so fun & unique. I love the stars & the pleated ruffle. My pleasure linking up with you, again. =)

  4. Such a cute dress. I do the same thing when my husband is out of town. I get no sleep because I stay awake till I can barely keep my eyes open.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up with I Feel Pretty!! I love this dress and your hair style is adorable!!



  6. Don't know if you read US Weekly but apparently Kanye got into it with Jimmy Kimmel and they were hashing it out again, with Kanye going on a tirade about comparing himself to Steve Jobs and Jesus...which is just out of the water crazy but that's what he his. As for them being engaged, I'm sure she'll have a bigger blowout wedding than Khloe but maybe she can make it longer than 72 days? :)

  7. Love your dress!! Looks stunning on you..:). And as for K&K, who are they again? ;) My life is so much better minus them in it..

  8. That dress is super pretty! I'm glad your mom made you try it on ;) It's always awesome when you don't really like something but try it on anyway and it turns out to be super cute. I'm with you on the home alone thing, it's always scary at night!

  9. Oh my gosh that dress is gorgeous! I couldn't tell those were stars from the pics, but that made me love this dress even more! You look beautiful!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  10. I want a salted caramel mocha now! And I love this dress on you! I'm glad you ended up getting it!

  11. I love your dress! I'm the same way when Kevin's out of town and I do not like SCM!

  12. Oh my stars!!! You look adorable Mrs. Tucker!! So teacheresque. And I wonder if Kanye was the one to buy Kris Humphries ring to give to Kim..Bahahahahaha!!!!

  13. Dropping by from the I Feel Pretty Linkup! I love that dress, it's so sweet! It's always fun to try on things other people pick out for you. You never know what will look good!

    <3 Vicki

  14. So glad you got this dress! It is adorable and YOU are gorg!! I am the same way at home when I am by myself...I turn into the BIGGEST baby!! Miss your face!!