Five on Friday

Friday, February 27, 2015

1. Snow days. Living in Texas, these don't happen often, but when they do, we are thankful. It is almost like God is forcing everyone to slow down. Most people can't get out of the house because the roads are iced over. Instead, we are all forced to relax and catch up on chores.

2. This necklace. I can't wait to wear the heck out of this thing! I think I jinxed it by saying spring was on the horizon. Oops!

3. I am doing another Whole 30 starting March 1st! Who's with me?! I will try to do better with meal planning and posting updates. Last time I was just getting my feet wet, but this time I feel way more prepared. I am allowing string cheese, Greek yogurt, and one protein shake after my morning workout. If I eat eggs after I workout I feel extremely nauseous. My protein shake usually includes ice, protein powder, a banana, almond mild, and sometimes oats. It keeps me full and doesn't upset my stomach like eggs do.

4. I stocked up on new workout clothes from Old Navy. Nothing gets a girl more motivated to workout than new workout clothes! I have been wearing this top non-stop. Chris and I are on week 3 of Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer and I'm excited to see my body change once I start my Whole 30 journey again!

5. One more week until Spring Break! Our snow days were like a Spring Break tease, and I'm not complaining! I am looking forward to catching up with my girlfriends and cashing in the spa day that Chris got me for Valentine's Day.

Our Love Story

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Most people dream of this lovey-dovey story that will make hearts swoon and tears flow. This, people, is not our story.

Once upon a time, Chris and I were both emotional college students. Both of us fresh off broken relationships, and the last thing either of us were looking for was a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Chris and my best guy friend, Cole.
It was January 2010 and our college had a ski trip that a bunch of us signed up for. Most of the students going were athletes, so we all were great friends already. I had my girls that I was rooming with and some of my best guy friends were going as well. It was bound to be the best ski trip ever.

Right off the bat Chris came on strong. I knew him as the guy being in the "crazy" relationship. I wanted nothing to do with him and was still confused with my own love life.

We hadn't been on the bus to Colorado for 10 minutes when the empty seat next to me soon got sniped up by him. We had an 18 hour trip ahead of us and I was less than thrilled that my once empty seat was now occupied by a boy I hardly knew.

Chris and his creeper-azzi taking pictures of me.
Throughout the ski trip Chris hit on me non-stop. He hung out with one of my best guy friends which forced me to be around him. He was constantly wanting to chit-chat and be all friendly and I was totally not into it. He gave me one of his walkie-talkies so that we could find each other on the mountain. He was not holding back and it was very obvious.

We arrived back to school and Chris invited me to church with him. I figure why not? Church is a great place to hangout with someone you have no interest in, so I might as well show him we are not compatible and move on with my life.

Over the next five months our relationship was something out of an awful movie. We were both the rebound for one another and both of our exes wouldn't get out of the picture. We were extremely immature and I finally broke it off once and for all. According to him, he was fine. According to his sister and his friends, he was heartbroken.

Me, on the other hand, never responded to his texts, calls, anything, and went about my life. For once in a really long time I was single and happy.

After a couple months of no contact (on my end), I was sitting in the first day of my summer finance class and who walks in? Chris Tucker. You've got to be kidding me. He was an engineering major and had no business in MY building, let alone a class that was required for MY major!

That first day he tried to talk to me, I completely blew him off. I remember him saying something about if I needed help studying, he could help me. I laughed in his face because I was not one who needed help studying. I was graduating college in three years and the last thing I needed was him to distract me from that.

Then came the second day of class when he stalked me in the parking lot and we ended up talking for a couple hours.

Fast forward to the third day of class and we went to lunch together. It was a very therapeutic lunch. We both talked about how crazy we were the months before. I assured him that after I graduated I was going to NYC. He assured me I was controlling and too uptight. I reminded him that he was trying to have his cake and eat it too and I was the first girl to not put up with that. He reminded me that I needed to let loose a little and learn to forgive.

That four hour lunch lead to a complete 180 in our relationship. All the insecurities we had in 'Round 1' of our relationship were no longer there. The exes had faded away and there were no intense emotions of jealousy and hatred. We were both in a better place and it was like dating a completely new person.

Me in the middle with my ex-best friends.
Once we started officially dating in July of 2010, things were tough. My very best friends (and roommates!) decided they did not like Chris or approved of our relationship, so they broke our lease and moved out. Them moving out obviously ended our relationship and I haven't spoke to them since. It was unfair to me because my awful relationship the first go-around was no different than any relationship any of them had seen or been in, but yet it was enough to make them up and leave me. Mind you, I was not a party girl, drinker, bad student, or anything like that. I was on track to graduate early with an accounting degree, a student athlete, and good friend. I was so blindsided. I had never done anything personal to them and they were truly my very best friends all throughout college.

I was left to pay for a three-bedroom duplex all by myself (thanks mom and dad!) until I found new roommates. I was left with no best friends except Chris and my friend Amanda. I remember crying in the bathroom. I was bawling and Chris was holding me. He told me that we could break up if that meant I would get my friends back. I told him that wasn't a good idea because if I lost him, then I would literally have no one!

As the months went on, things got better. Chris and I were stronger than ever. We spent a lot of time with his roommates and stayed active. We always ran into my old roommates and there was never an exchange of any conversation. If there was, Chris provoked it, only to be shot down by the cold shoulder.

Now I look back and think how it was all worth it. I still feel like I did nothing wrong in the situation. Everyone has a crazy moment in college, but mine is far less exciting than most. I had one failed relationship with the guy I went on to marry, lost all my friends, made new friends, and am now living my happily ever after.

In this case, love won out and I couldn't be more blessed to know that God knew all along that my happy ending was with Chris. I knew all that trouble was worth something!

What was your love story like? Crazy like mine??

WIWW: Converse + Link Up

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

pants // here || shoes // here || jacket // here
If  I'm being honest, I was skeptical if I could pull off Converse sneakers. I have wanted them for awhile, but I never thought I fit the mold of a Converse wearer. Chris is completely anti-Converse, but is dying for PF Flyers...something about a Sandlot reference. "Shoes guaranteed to make a kid run faster, and jump higher."

Anyways, once I tried them on I was convinced. They are so comfortable and I can wear them all day while running around with ten year olds and my feet never hurt. (I ordered one size down)

I chose white because it goes with everything, although one of my students thinks I chose white because of her. I'll let her keep thinking that :)

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Chris Quotes: Bachelor Edition

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My friend, Amy, and I always text each other while watching The Bachelor. I complain to her that Chris insists he hates the show, yet he has to be right next to me "reading" while I watch. She has convinced her hubby to watch it with her and now we exchange man-quotes throughout the show.

Here are a couple of my favorites from Chris.

As Chris is explaining to Kaitlyn how he is falling in love with her, my Chris says:
He's going to tell you whatever you want to hear because he wants to get that booty, baaayyyybayyy.

Bachelor Chris is talking to Whitney about how much he would love to spend that extra time with her in the fantasy suite and my Chris says:
Tell me all that when the fantasy suite isn't on the table...

Whitney: I feel very confident I'm going to marry Chris.
My Chris: Stage five clinger!

When Chris started tearing up because he wasn't sure of his decision:
Mau up, dude.

Birthday Celebration Weekend

Monday, February 23, 2015

Every year for our birthday, my aunt makes us whatever meal we want. Chris and I were supposed to head to my parent's house on the weekend of my birthday, but something else came up that we were more than happy to cancel our trip for.

We were able to head down there this weekend and it was such a nice getaway. We got in early Saturday morning and just relaxed. My Mom made a big breakfast and we all just chit-chatted, napped, and my Mom and brother's girlfriend made my birthday cake.

Before dinner, we went down to my aunt and uncle's house (about 200 yards away) and played baseball with my little cousin. Country living at it's finest. You don't have to worry about balls flying through windows, or hitting the ball into the neighbor's yard. Tons of acreage means tons of space to play ball! 

We ate homemade pasta shells with garlic bread and salad. For dessert we have my Mom's homemade strawberry and cream cake, and my aunt's homemade banana split pie.

After dinner we all played dominos and then Sunday morning we had one more breakfast before heading back to Dallas.

Now we are iced in and school was cancelled! Of course Chris made it to work because guys seek the thrill in testing how well their four-wheel-drive works. Plus, his job doesn't exactly cancel because of the weather. Stinks for him hahha!

It is pretty icy here, so I am crossing my fingers I get one more day cuddled up here on the couch!

Happy Monday! 

Five for Friday

Friday, February 20, 2015

1. The other day we saw a brand new Range Rover and I said to Chris, "Gosh, that is a nice Range Rover!" to which he replied, "It looks like a vehicle with's just trying to be too much." I laughed out loud!

2. I finished this book and it was so good. So. good. I can't wait to get her other books! I now started this book and it is also so good (so far). I normally don't read educational-type books, but this one is sucking me in.

3. This nail polish. It is my all-time fave and I just realized I need more of it.

4. Bailey's face. 

5. We officially have a supper club/game night on the calendar with our friends! We have been talking about doing monthly dinners and game nights, but we never get around to getting a date solidified. I can't wait to make this a new ritual!

Happy Friday!

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Pregnancy Approved Pancho

Thursday, February 19, 2015

This may sound weird, but 99% of the clothes I've bought within the last six months have been pregnancy approved. No, I'm not pregnant, but in preparing for our future, I always think "Can I wear this when I'm pregnant?" before I buy something.

Well, that method of shopping has rubbed off on my sister in law. She bought me this precious pancho for my birthday and before she got it she sent me a picture. She was having me choose between two things and I chose the pancho because it was pregnancy approved.

 Am I crazy for thinking about this long before we are even pregnant? I've always been a planner, so I consider this a trait of my Type A personality :)

WIWW: Stella Statement + Link Up

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Okay, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am not a statement necklace person for the simple fact that I am claustrophobic and I hate things around my neck.

But, just like people don't like (fill in the blank), there are always exceptions.

Consider this Stella & Dot Trellis Necklace my exception.

I am itching for spring and this necklace brings color into these dreary days we've been having. We have several weddings coming up this year and I'm going to bet that I wear this necklace to the majority of them. I'm definitely wearing it Easter Sunday and probably for school pictures. I'm bringing it on vacation this summer and will most likely try to pair it with anything and everything in my closet.

I love that it hangs a little lower than some statement necklaces, and it isn't heavy. Heavy necklaces are a no-go in my book.

Stella & Dot has some precious new spring items. I chose this necklace, but I was one click away from these pretties. I mean you get more than one only one pair of earrings! How cool is that!?

To check out more of Stella & Dot's latest jewels, click here.

Also, can we talk about these white jeans? Everyone needs a good pair of white jeans and Gap is where it is at. For this short girl, I was pumped when I found jeans that I didn't have to hem, or roll!

Necklace -  here c/o Stella & Dot via KS
Jeans - here
Clutch - here
Wedges - here

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My Pin that got Pinned

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

THIS PIN - wow! Over 16,00 pins of my living room? Wow. Humbling is the only word that comes to mind besides wow.

That's all...because life has been crazy-wonderful-full lately and I've been binge watching the 5 hours of Bachelor that I need to catch up on instead of cranking out a decent, see you here tomorrow!

Five Things

Friday, February 13, 2015

1. Flowers that are still holding strong, from the engagement party, make me smile. I have six of these mason jars throughout the house and I love it!

2. These shoes. I got them on Sunday for my birthday and they are the most comfortable flats I've ever owned. Plus, the quilted pattern is pretty adorable.

3. Converse. I'm totally not your typical "Converse" wearer, but I've been dying for some comfortable shoes I can teach in and these hit the spot. Plus I match 19 out of my 20 kids, so I'm totally winning. 25 going on 10, holla!

4. Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer. Chris and I went to the gym everyday this week and have today off (thank God because I can't move because my legs hurt so bad!). With a trip to the Bahamas and a wedding coming up, we decided it was now or never if we wanted to get in shape! If only we could lay off the Cokes and the steps.

5. Monday, the kids have no school! I know I still have to go in, but days without kids at school are like days off. You get so much done and it is nice to actually talk to the teachers you work with. I am looking forward to getting organized and cleaning up my classroom....especially after today's Valentine's party. 20 kids all hyped up on sugar...wish me luck!

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DIY || Bride to Be Box

Thursday, February 12, 2015

One of the first things I wanted to do when I found out my SIL was getting engaged was make her one of these "Bride to Be" boxes. The first thing you want to do after getting engaged is buy a wedding magazine, so what better way to present them than in a cute box with a bunch of goodies!

Happy Thursday!

WIWW: Blue Buffalo + Link Up

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

shirt // exact here
shoes // similar here

Sometimes I see an article of clothing and I think, "That is me." This tunic screamed: Sarah Tucker. Everything from the color to the cut is my style. I love the length, even though I'm only 5'3". I love that I can do the half-tuck thing, if I want. And I love that I can wear it as a bathing suit cover-up in the summer. 

I'm a pretty simple girl. I don't like a whole lot of jewelry because I feel claustrophobic, but you could totally jazz this look up with a statement necklace. You could also layer it with a vest or scarf. It was 70 on this day (my birthday!), so this was plenty!

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