WIWW: Bumpdate + Link Up

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

dress // jacket // shoes // purse
How far along: 38 weeks + 5 days

Baby size: Swiss Chard? 20-22 inches and about 6.5+ pounds! I feel like his space in my belly is maxed out!

Sleep: I could sleep/nap all day. During the STAAR test yesterday I was one blink away from falling asleep. I get home and am exhausted, so going to bed at night is no problem at all. I sleep the whole night through minus the two times I have to go to the bathroom. 

Belly button: Flat and it feels like he could bust through it at any moment. 

Maternity clothes: Texas's weather has been so springy, which is great, but I only have winter maternity clothes! I picked up the above dress at Target last week. It is non-maternity, and almost too short in the front, but I am burning up in my leggings. My capri leggings and tee shirts have have been on repeat. 

Movement: He is definitely not afraid to punch around. He is also really low which has its own set of discomforts. He still favors my right side and it is quite uncomfortable when he decides to switch to the left.

Cravings: I'm just hungry all the time. I was trying to watch what I eat, but at this point I am throwing in the towel. If I want it, I eat it. I get full really fast and if I eat too much I am super uncomfortable.

Symptoms: Groin pain and tons of Braxton Hicks. Both of those have to be a sign things are moving in the right direction, right?!

Wedding rings: I'm terrified they will never fit again, ha! I haven't been wearing any jewelry at all because the swelling can be so sudden. Even my watch was feeling tight at times. Any sort of tightness kicks my claustrophobia into high gear, so I have just given up jewelry all together. 

Looking forward to: Him being here! We are ready for him and this waiting game is so suspenseful! I'd be lying if some moments I wasn't a little sad about it no longer just being Chris and I, but in no way does that mask our excitement for G to join us! 

Nursery progress: We played with the monitor, but haven't hung it yet and we are still waiting on the curtains!

Appointment updates: According to the doctor he is "low, low, low," but still only fingertip dilated. My cervix is posterior, but she made it clear that once labor starts, that can change within hours, so don't take that as a sign that he isn't ready. Once again, this suspense is so exciting!

We have an appointment later today, so if anything life changing happens, I'll share on my instagram

Happy Wednesday!

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38 Weeks || Our Weekend

Monday, March 28, 2016

Saturday morning started off with breakfast on the square. We are really trying to savor each meal as is could be our last childless meal for quite sometime. We went to Snug on the Square in McKinney. Everyone always says they have the best oatmeal. I always thought, "How can oatmeal be that good?" Then, I tried it a few weeks ago and it is truly the best oatmeal ever

Saturday night we went to our friend's gender reveal party and found out the are having a....


We are one of six couple right now that are pregnant and Graham is the ONLY boy out of the group! He will have plenty of potential dates in the future...and he will surely know how to treat a lady!

Sunday morning was started at church and followed by Easter lunch at Chris's parent's house.

Monday is upon us and this is a big week for my kiddos...the state STAAR test. Please pray they do wonderful and the stress of it all doesn't put me into labor :)

I am only working three days this week and three days next week, so my official last day will be April 6th...that is if he stays in that long!

Happy Monday!

WIWW: Bumpdate + Link Up

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How far along: 37 weeks + 5 days

Baby size: 20-22 inches and about 6.5 pounds!

Sleep: Knock on wood, but sleep is still great. The carpal tunnel is under control thanks to the braces. I wake up twice to pee, but go right back to sleep the moment my head hits the pillow. I'm actually not eve sure I fully wake up when I walk to the bathroom...

Belly button: It hasn't popped, but it feels like he could rip through it at any moment!

Maternity clothes: I've graduated to Chris's side of the closet. A couple days a week we can wear t-shirts to school. On college day I've been wearing Chris's college shirts with leggings. I look like a scrub, but, at this point, they should be happy I make it!

Movement: He lovesss my right side. He has been favoring the right for most of his time in my belly. He stretches his legs out and around my side and up under my rib. He either doesn't move much at night, or I just don't feel it. Either way, I appreciate him letting me get some rest.

Cravings: Sweets. Any sweets. From Cinnamon Toast Crunch to ice cream, I am all about the sweets lately.

Symptoms: I've really been feeling pretty good. I feel stronger than I have in weeks past and I can only credit that to my happy endorphins gearing up to meet his sweet face! 

Wedding rings: It is scary how far I can get them on my finger. They don't even go down far enough to be called a midi ring! I had a necklace made into a ring and Chris surprised me with it for my push present, but it isn't even close to fitting, so I'm hoping things go back to normal after he is born! Like I've said before...my hands don't look swollen. It is like my knuckles grew five sizes!

Looking forward to: Our appointment this morning! While you're reading this we are probably at the doctor. For the last two weeks I've made no progress. My cervix is posterior, fingertip dilated, and nothing in that area is showing signs that labor is near. I know that can all change overnight, but I hope to have some different news after today's appointment!

Nursery progress: Just waiting on our curtains. We also have to hang the monitor, but we aren't in any rush since he won't be sleeping in there for who knows how long.

I'm hoping to wear normal clothes at some point so I can have real WIWW pictures, but I know most of y'all understand the 9th months pregnancy struggle!!

Happy Wednesday!

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Spring Essentials

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Texas goes from spring to boiling hot summer in the blink of an eye, so we really have to take advantage of these days where we aren't sweating our booties off. The weather has been so pretty lately and it is making me wish our spring season was much longer than it is! They are already predicting high 80's by the end of April....and that comes with 100% humidity (insert the crying emoji here).

With that said, there are some things that are essential to surviving a Texas spring and summer.

Clockwise from top left:

- Okay, you may think a phone case isn't essential, but it is! All season long my hands are covered in sunscreen or there is some body of water near by, so protecting your phone is a must. These cases are are cutest. I got my best friend the one in the picture and I have a similar one!

- Like I've said before, I doubt this new mom-bod that I have is going to be dying to hop into any previous bathing suit I've owned, so I've been eyeing Kate Spade's collection for years now. All of the Kate suits are so cute, but I love the ones with bows. Classic!

- Comfy sandals are where you need to spend your money. I used to be the one that would buy the $10 flip-flops, but after splurging on some nicer sandals, I will never go back to my cheap ones. Sandals are all that is bearable during the summer heat, so having a comfy pair to wear 24/7 is a must.

- I know this is just a cute dish and not necessarily needed for spring and summer, but truly having a spot for your jewelry is key. We go swimming so much and I am constantly taking on and off my jewelry that it is nice to have a cute dish to put my jewels in so I know where they are each time I am looking for them.

- From April to September my hair gets styled probablyyyyy one time. Seriously. There is no point in ever fixing your hair in Texas during the spring and summer because you will walk out of the house and it will all be ruined. That is why hats are your best summer friend. It helps when you have an assortment of cute ones!

- Lastly, and most importantly, a water bottle. You can't go anywhere without having water because being caught without it makes you feel like you are on Naked and Afraid. Toting around water is a must must having a cute water bottle just makes it ever better!

What are your spring and summer must have items?!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Chris is clearly super pumped to spend all day at childbirth class!
It is Monday again and I am still pregnant. I was 37 weeks Friday!

Last Thursday at my doctor's appointment I had made zero progress. Graham is still head down and low, but nothing else is happening in the 'signs labor is near' area. Now, I know that all can change in a matter of minutes and that's what makes this whole thing so exciting!

Overall I am feeling well. No major complaints. Hunger has set in and I can't see to get enough food. My carpal tunnel is being controlled with braces and sleep is definitely happening as much as possible.

Friday night we went to dinner with our friends on the McKinney square. We are trying to squeeze in all the date nights and nights with friends that we can.

Saturday we went to a childbirth class and did our hospital tour. Let's just say after watching several unmedicated births, I am 100% sure that is never the way I want to go. Give me all the meds!

Saturday night our really great friend from college came over. He was in town from Houston, so we went to Wing Stop because that was Chris's and his (and their roommates)  weekly tradition in college. It was delicious and we topped it off with a trip to Braum's!

Sunday we all slept in and did errands around the house. I went and got a pedicure and grocery shopped, while Chris did yard work and worked in the garage.

Little man can come any day now, so our weekends will be pretty relaxed and uneventful until he arrives!

Happy Monday!

WIWW: Final Stretch + Link Up

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How far along: 36 weeks + 5 days. (These pictures were taken at 34 weeks.)

Baby size: BIG...at least he feels that way. According to my app he is over 6 pounds and could be as long as 22 inches! Wow!

Sleep: Sleep is still going way better than I was prepared for. I am waking up more when I change positions, but it takes me all of .3 seconds to fall back asleep. I napped a few times over spring break and it was glorious! 

Belly button: It has not popped, but it feels like it could explode! 

Maternity clothes: This shouldn't even be a question anymore. I really need Graham to come before Texas gets any hotter because I don't have any spring maternity clothes and I don't plan on buying any!!

Movement: All. the. time. I still don't feel him move at night...I'm assuming he is moving and I'm just not feeling him. He does wake up when my alarm goes off and let's me know he is ready for breakfast!

Cravings: Still can't get enough water! And lately I am all about the sweets. I've always been a chip and dip person, but I can't resist all the sugar!

Symptoms: My sweet friend is letting me borrow her carpal tunnel braces and they've been lifesavers! My hands were still killing me all last week, so I finally begged her to bring the braces to me :) They help with the numbness and pain at night.

Wedding rings: Still off. Some days hands are swollen, some days they aren't, but, like I said before, it is like my knuckles have grown.

Looking forward to: His arrival! We are ready! I just can't wait to see what he looks like and hold him! 

Nursery progress: We are so, so close! Waiting on the curtains and a few more things. Nothing is urgent, but I'd really like a rug and a pouf

Appointments: We go tomorrow and I'm hoping I have progressed some more! Last week she has he had dropped and I was dilated, so I know he knows the way out!

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Kitchen Reveal || New Counters and Backsplash

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I have been wanting to show off our kitchen for weeks now, but haven't been able to keep it clean or find time it when there is enough light. Finally, last Sunday I was able to capture our new counters and back-splash. We still have some minor touch-ups, but I couldn't wait any longer!

Before I show you, here is a look back at the kitchen when we first bought the house:

After I stained the cabinets:


I can't wait to change out the decor above the cabinets and stage it a little better, but I had to take advantage of the light! 

The biggest change is that we got rid of the bar behind the sink. Now it is an overhang that people can sit at to eat and it makes the space feel even more open than before.

We are in the works on getting an island made, so we still have some changes we want to make, but this is progress!

Happy Tuesday!

Spring Break || Playing Catch Up

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello! I took a week off from blogging during my spring break. Even though I had time, and things to talk about, it was nice to just relax.

The first weekend of spring break was gorgeous! I ran a bunch errands, did our taxes, and nested like crazy. Chris was out of the house helping his aunt, so I always feel like I get more done when he is gone. Any other women feel this way?

During the week I had a great system of working and relaxing. I would doing a few things, then rest. Do a few more things, then rest. I even squeezed in two naps because I felt so, so exhausted!

Monday we had a doctor's appointment. I got checked for the first time and the doctor said, "Oh! He is RIGHT there!" Then she proceeded to tell us to make sure we have everything ready because, at this point, he could come anytime. 

The rest of the week was full of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with my favorite girls, shopping for last minute nursery items, hitting up Sonic happy hour twice, and lots of resting. It rained all week which made it easy to relax. 

The nursery is almost done and I can 't wait for a full reveal. It has turned out totally different than my vision, but I'm in love with it! 

Below are some snaps from my week. Honestly, I am dreading going back to school, but I know the countdown is on!

phone case
This past weekend we had our infant CPR class followed by a million things to do. We took the pups to get their shots, hung some final things in the nursery, worked on some touch ups in the kitchen, did lots of cleaning, ate tons of ice cream, relaxed, and tried to stay busy because we know that our days are numbered!

Today I am back at school, so wish me luck! I'm bigger and less mobile than ever before, so I can only imagine how tired I'll be at the end of each day. Graham is due April 8th, but I won't mind if he came just a tad early. Momma is ready to stay home and cuddle a newborn!

Happy Monday!

Pregnancy Update

Friday, March 4, 2016

How far along: 35

Baby size: 20 inches and 5.5 pounds!

Sleep: Sleep is still great, BUT pregnancy carpal tunnel has decided to grace me with its presence and it is PAINFUL. For a couple days I was waking up with severe pain in my hands....like I couldn't even push myself up out of bed. I thought I was just sleeping on my hands/arms funny. Then, it got worse and the pain was drifting up my arms. After posting on instagram, and getting so many recommendations, I've been icing every night, followed by a massage by Chris, and then sleeping with my hands above my head. The ice really helps, so I hope I can keep the pain to a manageable level. 

Belly button: Still not popped! Thank The Lord!

Maternity clothes: Leggings everyday with some top that doesn't look like a crop top. Converse are on repeat. I even tried to wear the dress I wore to my shower and it is getting short!

Movement: Little man gets the hiccups all the time and lives on my right side. He is still head down and has no problem stretching out in the little space that is left for him. 

Cravings: Water. The cotton mouth is crazy!

Symptoms: See the sleep section. Other than the carpal tunnel, the hip pain has been better. Not sure what changed, but it hasn't been as severe. Also, the general exhaustion has set in. All I want to do is not be on my feet. 

Wedding rings: Still off. Some days hands are swollen, some days they aren't, but, like I said before, it is like my knuckles have grown.

Looking forward to: Spring Break next week! I just have to survive today and then I have a glorious week off. I have so many things to do and I'm looking forward to the relaxation!

Nursery progress: I am hoping to finish everything over Spring Break. I have everything put away. All that's left is decorations...which I can't decide where I want to put everything. Poor Chris has held up so many things on the wall he finally told me to just let him know when I'm ready to hang things up, haha!

Appointments: We go on Monday and our doctor said she will estimate how big he is! From now on we have weekly appointments, so I feel like things are getting real!

Happy Friday!

WIWW: After Baby Wants + A Sale + Link Up

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The amount of items in my closet that fit is getting smaller and smaller. I feel like my outfits are on repeat, but I'm getting through it by dreaming about wearing normal clothes again. And, to top it off, I think we are on the spring horizon, so I can't wait to pull out my sandals and dresses and get some sun on these legs! 

Luckily, Shopbop is having a huge sale! I can't wait to get my hands on some fun summer pieces. 

Sam Edelman sandals are my favorite. I finally bought a pair last year and haven't looked back since. For the amount of times I wear them, they are totally worth the money. 

Everyone raves about Mara Hoffman swimsuits, so depending on how much God helps this body bounce back, I'm excited to get to a pool this summer. Graham already has the cutest little swim diapers that he needs to show off to all the ladies :)

I might have a pair of these on their way to me as I type...and I'm super excited!!

Okay, I should get off the computer now before my bank account starts crying!

Don't forget the sale runs through Saturday, March 5th, so get your goodies while you can!

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