WIWW: Bumpdate + Link Up

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How far along: 37 weeks + 5 days

Baby size: 20-22 inches and about 6.5 pounds!

Sleep: Knock on wood, but sleep is still great. The carpal tunnel is under control thanks to the braces. I wake up twice to pee, but go right back to sleep the moment my head hits the pillow. I'm actually not eve sure I fully wake up when I walk to the bathroom...

Belly button: It hasn't popped, but it feels like he could rip through it at any moment!

Maternity clothes: I've graduated to Chris's side of the closet. A couple days a week we can wear t-shirts to school. On college day I've been wearing Chris's college shirts with leggings. I look like a scrub, but, at this point, they should be happy I make it!

Movement: He lovesss my right side. He has been favoring the right for most of his time in my belly. He stretches his legs out and around my side and up under my rib. He either doesn't move much at night, or I just don't feel it. Either way, I appreciate him letting me get some rest.

Cravings: Sweets. Any sweets. From Cinnamon Toast Crunch to ice cream, I am all about the sweets lately.

Symptoms: I've really been feeling pretty good. I feel stronger than I have in weeks past and I can only credit that to my happy endorphins gearing up to meet his sweet face! 

Wedding rings: It is scary how far I can get them on my finger. They don't even go down far enough to be called a midi ring! I had a necklace made into a ring and Chris surprised me with it for my push present, but it isn't even close to fitting, so I'm hoping things go back to normal after he is born! Like I've said before...my hands don't look swollen. It is like my knuckles grew five sizes!

Looking forward to: Our appointment this morning! While you're reading this we are probably at the doctor. For the last two weeks I've made no progress. My cervix is posterior, fingertip dilated, and nothing in that area is showing signs that labor is near. I know that can all change overnight, but I hope to have some different news after today's appointment!

Nursery progress: Just waiting on our curtains. We also have to hang the monitor, but we aren't in any rush since he won't be sleeping in there for who knows how long.

I'm hoping to wear normal clothes at some point so I can have real WIWW pictures, but I know most of y'all understand the 9th months pregnancy struggle!!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. You look great Sarah! Good luck at the doctor.

  2. Hi Sarah .. first time joining your WIWW party ... You look radiant ... thanks for hosting. Celia M. - HighHeeledLife.com

  3. My teacher friend who has the exact same due date as you had her little boy yesterday and had had no labor signs before water breaking. Graham is close :) :)

  4. You are too cute! Glad that he's letting you get some sleep! When is your last day of work?

  5. Love that belly! Come on labor progress!!

  6. You look adorable and cute update, so excited as i follow along lol.

  7. Only days to go Sarah. You look great. The best of luck with everything!

    <3 Ada.

  8. I keep meaning to send you an email about this! It took my fingers almost 8 weeks to go back to normal... I was just about to get them resized when I was able to start wearing my rings again. So, make sure that you wait for awhile for your knuckles to go back to normal!

  9. You look so cute!!! I am 32 weeks pregnant right now and I am all about the sweets too ha!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  10. You look great!! I remember when I was almost 38 weeks pregnant I was sooo ready for my baby to come out!!
    xo JANE xo