Monday, March 21, 2016

Chris is clearly super pumped to spend all day at childbirth class!
It is Monday again and I am still pregnant. I was 37 weeks Friday!

Last Thursday at my doctor's appointment I had made zero progress. Graham is still head down and low, but nothing else is happening in the 'signs labor is near' area. Now, I know that all can change in a matter of minutes and that's what makes this whole thing so exciting!

Overall I am feeling well. No major complaints. Hunger has set in and I can't see to get enough food. My carpal tunnel is being controlled with braces and sleep is definitely happening as much as possible.

Friday night we went to dinner with our friends on the McKinney square. We are trying to squeeze in all the date nights and nights with friends that we can.

Saturday we went to a childbirth class and did our hospital tour. Let's just say after watching several unmedicated births, I am 100% sure that is never the way I want to go. Give me all the meds!

Saturday night our really great friend from college came over. He was in town from Houston, so we went to Wing Stop because that was Chris's and his (and their roommates)  weekly tradition in college. It was delicious and we topped it off with a trip to Braum's!

Sunday we all slept in and did errands around the house. I went and got a pedicure and grocery shopped, while Chris did yard work and worked in the garage.

Little man can come any day now, so our weekends will be pretty relaxed and uneventful until he arrives!

Happy Monday!


  1. When are you due again? The lady I'm doing a long term leave for has been contracting but no signs of the baby ready to come out so they decided to schedule a c-section during spring break this week and I'll start after it. She's determined to be back in the classroom in 6 weeks - are you taking the rest of the school year?

  2. Girl, GET THE MEDS. It makes the whole process SO. MUCH. BETTER.

  3. Only 3 more weeks! (or less!) Yay!

  4. Not gonna lie....meds are the way to go! I had my first without basically because I had to pay extra for the epidural. When I was pregnant with #2 I was adamant I was not having an epidural because I had read some crazy book....about 20 minutes into an induction I was BEGGING for it. I seriously had such a relaxed labor and birthing experience after that and really felt my recovering was so much easier. Eek...getting so close! Can't wait to see what he looks like!