WIWW: Leggings + Link Up

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I can already tell this pregnancy is going to be filled with leggings, leggings, and more leggings. Seriously, why would any pregnant woman wear anything different? I have maternity jeans, but nothing compares to leggings. Nothing.

This Friday I will be 17 weeks and I can't believe we are almost half way to meeting our little guy. It feels like it has been dragging on, but, then again, I am almost half way there!! 

We still have no name because someone named Chris Tucker claims he can't decide and says that "we have time." Yes, we have time, but I want him to be named already! 

I've been feeling really good! I can definitely feel some pressure down there, but other than that, I truly have no complaints. I am truly shocked by how my body has responded to being pregnant. 

My belly is barley there in the mornings, but after a day of eating, it is always poppin' at night. 

Last week we got to hear little man's heartbeat. Nothing have ever sounded better! I'll have to tell you all our scary story about an appointment a couple months ago, but that's for a different day!

We go back on the 19th to see him and I guess confirm he is a he. The blood test is 99.9% correct, so I have no doubt he is a male! I'm just so excited to see his little body in there! 

Other than that we are continuing to decide on nursery items and hopefully can find some time to go shopping for his crib and a rocker!

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Be Prepared

Monday, October 26, 2015

How is it Monday already? Dallas has been getting tons of rain and some cooler temps, so this weekend was so cozy. We cleaned and ran errands. Nothing too exciting, but I'm so happy it is no longer 100 outside I could dance around in my boots and tights all day!

After many requests for a hair pic, here is it in all it's glory. Eight inches gone and a lob to show for it. I think I'm only going to go shorter from here on out. I'm totally loving this length, but feel like I could take another inch or so off!

My Dad was in town this weekend and we decided to treat ourselves to a Sonic shake. The baby wanted it. Blame the baby!

I bought Chris this book on a whim a couple weeks ago and he has become addicted. He reads a paragraph and then says, "Hey, did you know that.....(fill in the blank here)" He has informed me all about poop, boobs, and the benefits of breastfeeding. #thankshubs

Sunday afternoon I headed into Dallas to go see my best friend's new apartment and to go watch The Intern. Y'all, such a cute movie!! I sent this picture to Chris because why not?

Today I head to adventure camp with my 60 fifth graders. We are there until Wednesday, so wish me luck!

Christmas List || Woman

Thursday, October 22, 2015

November is right around the corner. As in next week is the last week of October. If you're like me, each year I try really hard to be done with my Christmas shopping early, but it rarely happens. 

This year will be different! Since we are having a baby in April we are spending $5 max on each person in our family, so this year's shopping should be easy. Totally kidding. Although I won't be buying anyone expensive presents this year, that doesn't mean that I'm not a basket full of open arms if anyone wants to throw some my way!  

Here are some nice gifts for that woman in your life.

- A Tory Burch cross body. I'd really take any of them, family, if you're reading.

- Leather banded watches are so classic, as well as tortoise shell watches. I'd take one of each, if you're asking.
- How cute are these travel bags? These would be the perfect, unique gift!

- These passport holders would make perfect stocking stuffers.

- And what lady doesn't love a cute new phone case?

Happy Thursday!

WIWW: Nursery Inspiration + Link Up

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I have no outfit for today because, well, I just don't. I did whack eight inches off my hair yesterday, so I'm feeling lighter today! I hadn't cut my hair in over a year and a half (yikes). I can't wait to try out new hairstyles and I hope that my new shorter look will inspire me to actually fix my hair more.

On to other exciting things: Baby Boy's nursery!

Lots of you have asked or emailed what our room inspiration is going to be, so I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite pins from Pinterest. You can see my whole baby board here.

no source found!
We want something neutral, but with a touch of "boy." I've never been into the theme-y bedrooms and I sure as heck am not going to spend a fortune on this room that, for the first year of his life, he will spend so little time in! I honestly don't even plan on getting any bedding made. I'll probably order a couple cute sheets off Etsy and call it a day. I can buy a bumper when he is ready for it and I don't really care for bed skirts. We are keeping it as simple as possible!

What was your baby's nursery like? I'd love to know and find more inspiration!

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Life Update || A photo dump

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life around here has been busy. I feel like we are already counting down our weekends left as just the two of us, so we are making the most of our time. Everything we do we say, "this might be the last time we (insert whatever here) do this as just us!" I know our little guy isn't coming until April, but this was the last State Fair without a babe in tow. This will be our last holiday season without a little man to spoil. So many things approaching that we are trying to soak in!

Three weekends ago we had my brother, his best friend, and Chris's best friend in town staying with us to go to the State Fair. My best friend lives in Dallas, so she came along as well. This was all our friend's first time at the fair, so we were excited to show them around. 

My goal was to be there so long that I needed two corn-dogs and I am happy to report that was a success! And I am also probably going to disappoint some people in saying that Fletcher's is my least favorite corn-dog of all! We also devoured pineapple whip, fried oreos, turkey legs, Dippin' Dots, and a slew of other things! 

My cousin sent us our first present via mail. Are these not the cutest little sneakers?! This little guy is all ready to cheer on the Horns next year!

Y'all, I'm obsessed with this hat. This hat will be my first official purchase for Baby Boy Tucker (who still does not have a name!). I can just picture him wearing it next winter and it makes my heart burst!

Two weekends ago Chris and I decided to get cracking on cleaning out the guest rooms and closets. We pulled everything out and went through all our junk and then painted the walls Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is just the perfect gray! I plan on getting new curtains and we still aren't sure the direction we are going with the room, but I hope to incorporate those vintage Normal Rockwell pictures. 

You might have seen on instagram, but my granddad passed away Friday morning. He was 89, just two months shy of his 90th birthday. He went without pain and this was sort of unexpected. At 89 you know that one day it is coming, but he was healthy and just went to the hospital for something minor. His heart-rate spiked and then stopped in the early hours of Friday morning and we all know he was just running to see my Meme.

I took this picture with him a couple months ago when I went to visit him. He was a little spitfire. The breakfast at his assisted living home closes at 9:00am and we showed up at 8:55am and they had already shut it all down. He quickly found a waitress and demanded pancakes, bacon, fruit, and coffee and they brought him everything he asked for along with a, "Yes, Mr. Isenberg." It was so funny how even at his age he was still getting everything he wanted.

He knew Chris and I were having a baby and we spent so many great moments together that it is hard to be selfish and want him here on earth when I know he is as happy as can be up in Heaven with my Meme.

Chris and I went down to be with my family last weekend for my cousin's wedding reception. It was bitter sweet because my granddad was supposed to be there celebrating with us. I'm so thankful to have had in my life for 25 years and I will miss him everyday.

On our way home Sunday afternoon we got a flat tire while taking a detour to avoid traffic. Luckily my handy husband jumped right on it and were were back on the road in less than an hour! And I think granddad was watching over us :)

Sorry for being so MIA lately, but life is just moving right along and I'm just trying to keep up! This weekend we hope to make more progress in the nursery, so hopefully some home decor posts will be on the way in the coming weeks!

Happy Tuesday!

WIWW: Sale Alert + Link Up

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I don't know what's happened, but in the last couple days this belly is unable to be sucked in and hidden any longer. Not that I was hiding anything, but it is definitely out and about. 

I've been feeling pretty good other than a crummy head cold I've got lingering. Friday I will be 15 weeks and we get to go to the doctor again next Wednesday!

Last weekend we cleaned out both guest room closets and tried to organize all out junk. Chris built shelves in the baby's closet and we painted! Well, Chris painted while I napped and tried to get over this silly cold.

If I can muster up some energy, I am wanting to go shopping for more maternity clothes! (The thought of getting in a dressing room and trying on clothes makes me weak in the knees). I feel like being pregnant is the perfect excuse for me to always dress cute because if I only buy cute maternity clothes, then I have no other choice than to look cute because those will be the only clothes that fit!

Online shopping has been the way to go so far. It shows up at your door, you try it on in the privacy of your own home, then you just have to return it if you don't like it! No sweating, pulling, groaning, huffing and puffing going on in a small dressing room. And all of this is coming from the girl who, before pregnancy, had only shopped online maybeeee twice. Now, I'm all about it!

For my expecting friends (and I!), I've been eyeing and buying: 

- These Monrow dresses look so comfy! I can see them paired with booties and a scarf for the cooler months. 

- Leggings. That is the wardrobe advice I have gotten form all my friends who have had babies. "All you need are a few good pairs of leggings." Well then, I think I need to get me some of those then!

- These Hatch pants can be dressed up or down and they are my favorite color!

 - I can tell tunics are going to be my best friend. This one that I am wearing in my pictures can be worn during and after pregnancy. It is so soft and I've been wearing it way too many times to count!

- Gimme all the comfy tees.

One last thing: Shopbop is having their Friends & Family Event and you can take 25% off your order with the code: INTHEFAM25. Happy shopping!

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The Dish on my Hair Extensions

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I've always had long hair, but I've never been able to grow my hair longer than a certain length. No matter the amount of trims or deep conditioner I use, my hair seems to always max out at a certain length.

When Irresistible Me contacted me about trying out their extensions I jumped at the chance, but was also nervous. Why? I don't know! I love the idea of extensions, but always feel that they make you feel so fancy and I am far from fancy!

I decided to not show you how I put the extensions in because I've already hit my squeaky-voiced video quota for the next year, so I will just direct you here if you are wondering how easy they are to put in.

My hair is naturally pretty long, so I decided to go with the Royal Remy 22 inch extensions in Royal Medium Brown and they are a perfect match. And, yes, they do make me feel so fan-sayyy!

Below are a few before pictures:

Below are with the extensions in: I am using four wefts; the large, 4 clip weft, one 3 clip weft, and two 2 clip wefts. NINE wefts come in the box, but I only had to use FOUR! 

As I said, I am only wearing four wefts and my hair looks much longer and fuller. I am extremely impressed with the quality of these all-natural clip-in extensions. They are extremely soft, really well made, and there is more than enough hair for you to achieve the look you are going for. 

I hope to show you other easy hairstyles to achieve with the extensions in. Being a teacher, I am all about the fun, yet functional hairstyles and these extensions provide for the perfect braid length and fullness needed to create all those Pinterest worthy hair-dos.  

Visit Irresistible Me to check out their beautiful clip-in hair extensions starting at only $79!

WIWW: Grey Comfort + Link Up

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's not everyday that this girl gets off the couch to take pictures, so this is as shocking to you as it is to me. Now that I have some pants that aren't cutting into my gut, I am happy to get dressed and look like an adult. 

Towards the end of the day I always look more pregnant, so I'm not sure how an almost 14 week belly should look, but there it is in all its glory. And did you hear the news? We are so excited!

I am still able to fit into my all-time favorite tees, so I've been wearing those non-stop. I'm not ready to take on the tight fitting tops because some days I just look pudgy and not pregnant, so I'll hold off on those until I've really popped. 

We can't look over my new favorite purchase. Booties have been on my list forever and I finally came home with them just in time for the weather to start cooling off. 

And I have to mention my long, luscious locks! No, that hair growth is not the prenatals working their magic. Well maybe some of it is, but come back tomorrow to see what is really giving me those long tresses!

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Baby Tucker is a....

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

If you choose to watch the videos, you HAVE to watch both or you won't know what Baby Tucker is (unless you scroll down, but watching the videos is worth it!)!! Chris is the ultimate trickster and will never be in charge of the gender reveal again!

We got the email containing the gender Thursday night. Ever since the time I surprised Chris with being pregnant we agreed he could surprise me with the gender. I held out looking at the email all day Friday until he surprised me after dinner that night. Talk about self control!

And I apologize in advance for my bossiness and high pitched voice. I sound like a twelve year old boy.

We are so, so excited to have a baby boy! Everyone we have told so far is not surprised since Chris and I seem like boy parents. One person even said, "Did we really expect her to have anything different?" Truth. Gimme all the baby boys!! One day I hope to have a girl, but man I have a soft spot for little men!

From here on out I will try to limit the amount of baby posts, but there are no guarantees! 

PS: No, we don't have a name yet, but we will be telling people once we decide on one!