Be Prepared

Monday, October 26, 2015

How is it Monday already? Dallas has been getting tons of rain and some cooler temps, so this weekend was so cozy. We cleaned and ran errands. Nothing too exciting, but I'm so happy it is no longer 100 outside I could dance around in my boots and tights all day!

After many requests for a hair pic, here is it in all it's glory. Eight inches gone and a lob to show for it. I think I'm only going to go shorter from here on out. I'm totally loving this length, but feel like I could take another inch or so off!

My Dad was in town this weekend and we decided to treat ourselves to a Sonic shake. The baby wanted it. Blame the baby!

I bought Chris this book on a whim a couple weeks ago and he has become addicted. He reads a paragraph and then says, "Hey, did you know that.....(fill in the blank here)" He has informed me all about poop, boobs, and the benefits of breastfeeding. #thankshubs

Sunday afternoon I headed into Dallas to go see my best friend's new apartment and to go watch The Intern. Y'all, such a cute movie!! I sent this picture to Chris because why not?

Today I head to adventure camp with my 60 fifth graders. We are there until Wednesday, so wish me luck!


  1. Loving the new hair do! & have fun with those kiddos!

  2. Your hair looks adorable! I was hooked on sonic lemon berry slushes with one of my babies...gained 60lbs..eek.

  3. I met up with a friend the other night and her husband tells me to be prepared for her to blame everything on the baby. Might as well, right, while you can! ;)

  4. Love your hair!! And I want to fly to Dallas just to rub that baby belly!!!

  5. Your hair looks great! And girl, I am blaming everythingggggg on the baby.

  6. Love the hair! I want to see the Intern, glad to hear it's good!

  7. Your hair looks so cute!! I also loved The Intern, it was adorable!

  8. How adorable is your new haircut? I’m growing mine out from a pixie, which I loved. Just trying to take advantage of this pregnancy hair and try to get some length. But, still...such a cute cut! And I’m still on the lookout for a fun ‘daddy’ pregnancy book for my husband. He likes the funny reads written by men for men kind of thing. If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear ‘em!


    1. Thank you!! This is the only pregnancy book we have bought so far, so I am no help in that department! Sorry!

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