WIWW: Leggings + Link Up

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I can already tell this pregnancy is going to be filled with leggings, leggings, and more leggings. Seriously, why would any pregnant woman wear anything different? I have maternity jeans, but nothing compares to leggings. Nothing.

This Friday I will be 17 weeks and I can't believe we are almost half way to meeting our little guy. It feels like it has been dragging on, but, then again, I am almost half way there!! 

We still have no name because someone named Chris Tucker claims he can't decide and says that "we have time." Yes, we have time, but I want him to be named already! 

I've been feeling really good! I can definitely feel some pressure down there, but other than that, I truly have no complaints. I am truly shocked by how my body has responded to being pregnant. 

My belly is barley there in the mornings, but after a day of eating, it is always poppin' at night. 

Last week we got to hear little man's heartbeat. Nothing have ever sounded better! I'll have to tell you all our scary story about an appointment a couple months ago, but that's for a different day!

We go back on the 19th to see him and I guess confirm he is a he. The blood test is 99.9% correct, so I have no doubt he is a male! I'm just so excited to see his little body in there! 

Other than that we are continuing to decide on nursery items and hopefully can find some time to go shopping for his crib and a rocker!

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  1. Girl, leggings are perfect for when one is pregnant. I wore mine almost every day in Fall and Winter while I was pregnant. Love that colorblocked red top and your Rayne Necklace.

  2. love that red top & your necklace! I have the same one and it goes with practically everything!

  3. Can't beat a pair of leggings for Fall!!!


  4. So happy to hear your pregnancy is going so well. You look great!

  5. Just as a heads up when shopping for a crib, if you get one that converts to a full size bed, make sure that the conversion kit can be ordered right away and isn't back ordered before you buy it. We ran across that problem and have had the crib for 2 years and the conversion kit is still back ordered.

  6. leggings were a pregnancy staple for me (and post-pregnancy too!)


    1. Isn't that the truth, hah! Leggings are a staple for all women!

  7. Name that boy already!!! Haha ;) And yes to all leggings all season long!

  8. Girl, I'm taking it as an excuse to wear leggings for 9 straight months. Hello, comfort.

  9. You are just so cute...and congrats on becoming a mommy!

  10. You look good, you feel good.... perfect! o)