Why I can't be a full-on fashion blogger.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I don't do 'midi-rings.' Don't get me wrong, the girls who can rock 'em, can rock 'em. Me, not so much. Softball hands and dainty little gold rings don't mix. Plus, Chris always makes comments about why girls wear rings that don't fit. 

High heels. Yes, I love feeling all dressed up when I wear them, but when is a tom-boy, 5th grade teacher, who married a college baseball player who loves to hunt and fish, going to wear high heels? I see some of these fashion bloggers going out to dinner on a week night and they are dressed just like I dress when I am going to a wedding. A freaking wedding people. The most formal events I attend each year are weddings and these fashion bloggers dress like that on a daily basis. I just can't do it. I admire them, but it just isn't my lifestyle. And, once again, Chris would think I am totally weird if I walked out wearing heels to go to Wing-Stop or Chili's. 

I am not trendy. Yes, I have some items that are trendy, but ever since I did my year of no shopping resolution last year, I am all about buying pieces that can last for years, not seasons. I just can't hop on the crop-top bandwagon, the midi-ring bandwagon, and all the other bandwagons that I am not hopping on. And again I'll add, the girls who can rock a crop top are adorable, but no...just no. Emily, you go girl! I also don't think I have to mention what Chris's reaction to me wearing one of these would be. We saw some in Target last weekend and he asked if it was a bra or a maternity bathing suit. Haha!

I don't own enough clutches or purses. I literally carry my trusty Louie that I have had for eight years 99% of the time and I don't plan on changing my purse for every outfit. These bloggers must have hundreds of bags, clutches, and purses because, not only do they have one for every day of the week, they have one for every outfit! Also, I should add that I don't own enough accessories and jewelry. Less is more to me because, like I've said, I don't go places that require you to dress up and get all fancy in yo' statement necklaces and heels. I go places where yoga pants and a nice tee shirt and considered dressing above average.

I am not a sales person. I am too honest. I can't sell you clothes because I would hate if you bought it and hated it. Most of the bloggers make a commission off what you purchase through their site (the whole process is seriously genius I tell ya), but I wear what I wear and if you like it, cool, buy it, if you don't...I am not going to convince you what I am wearing is the best thing on planet Earth. Also, 99% of what I wear is from Target, TJ Maxx, or Ross and I couldn't link it up anyways. Plus, the whole me selling stuff also goes against my entire resolution from last year! I am so sorry that I am not going to spend my nights scouring the internet to find something similar, or exactly what I am wearing. I do that sometimes on my WIWW posts and it is the part I hate most about writing my blog. Seriously. If you like what I wear, email me. Or, If you're lucky, I might feel frisky bored and look it up for you. (PS: Most of the time I do make a commission if you buy something through my site. I will tell you now that my readers do not come to my site to buy things because I have made $26 since August. Holla! Like I said, I am terrible at selling things and I will never convince you to buy something. It is just not me! Buy what YOU want and what makes YOU feel good!)

Lastly, contrary to what we were just talking about, the money. I know these gorgeous women have tons of it. Whether it be self-made money, family money, married into money, or money growing on trees, they've got it. It isn't that I don't have money (because I am blessed with a wonderful job, and so is my husband!), but it is where they spend their money. I was skimming through one fashion bloggers post the other day and I added up how much her entire outfit was worth...over $5,000 dollars! Seriously! To me, that's insane! If you can afford it, by all means, you spend your money how you'd like, but me, even if I could afford that, it makes me sick thinking of spending that much on a black, generic looking top, jeans, and heels. I will repeat: I have nothing against these women who can afford it. I think we all may be a little jealous, to be honest! But, this is just another reason I could not be solely a fashion blogger. I don't have enough clothes or moolah!! 

And of course I know some of my favorite fashion bloggers who are able to look stunning in more reasonably priced items, but then again...they still wear the midi-ring and have a bag for every outfit ;)

So, there you have it. Many reasons why this chick will never convert this blog to a full-time fashion blog. And to give y'all a little heads-up...when we finally get to move into our house, this blog is taking a turn into DIY land! Can someone say carpet and linoleum floors, bye-bye!

Hope you're having a great day!



  1. LOVE it! Yet another reason I love your blog. Honest reality. Keep on keeping on my friend. You're doing just fabulous! Love your style!

  2. Sarah, I love this. I've been weary of doing fashion posts on my blog because my wardrobe doesn't look anything like some other bloggers I follow. I think it's nice to remember that we don't need to be like everyone else and that you can make it work with what you have! Also, I'm currently trying your no shopping commitment for 6 months. Wish me luck!

  3. Ditto ditto ditto!!!! And if you ever do a DIY Linkup, I'll join that bandwagon!! :)

  4. LOL, I LOVE this post! So true for me too! If I do have the money to shop, then I spend my money at Ross or TJ Maxx. And, I even got a purse organizer hanger, which I thought was such an awesome idea, but, I haven't even taken it out of its package yet, because I have no purses for it to fill. LOL. That's my dream one day. Also, I know what you mean about the high heel thing. I work in retail I see girls often wearing high heels while they are doing their shopping. My first thought is that their feet must kill and secondly, who are they trying to impress in a pet store? Makes me laugh.

    <3 Ash

  5. This is so funny and so true. I like your comment about buying clothes that last for 'years not seasons'-- me too! I don't know how these people have the money to constantly be shopping the way they do. I will have to read more about your year without shopping- it sounds great!

    Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet

  6. YES YES, and YES!
    I feel like you were in my head writing this haha I, too, fail at the whole fashionable girl thing. My boyfriend loves the rare occasions I wear heels and wishes I would more but he just doesn't understand the practicality (or lack of) wearing them. I've been trying your no shopping commitment, with the exception of all of these bridal registry gifts (luckily Bed Bath & Beyond sends out coupons!) and so far it has been a success. I left the clothing sell/swap website I told you about and joined a much better one- Vinted.com where I've made actual cash vs. points for my used clothing. The only "shopping" I've done is with the cash from those sales. So far so good :)

  7. I seriously LOVE this post :) You are so right on so many levels--I LOVE blogging, but there are just some parts about it I can't get behind--and I think staying true to yourself and what you love is so genuine and important when blogging! I mean I am a HUGE Old Navy and Target fan and I prolly will never trade in their reasonable price tags and cute clothes :) Kudos for you for being real girl--we can all relate.


  8. I can't be a fashion blogger for all of the reasons listed above too. Never even thought about wearing a midi-ring and I have maybe three purses that I rotate. Last time I wore heels for any length of time, I got a massive charlie horse that lasted for 24 hours. I do shop though but I have a very lean budget and I always stick to it (unemployment will do that to you!). My favorite "fashion" bloggers are real moms too. We're not carrying clutches and wearing heels in our daily lives. It's tote bags and flats all the way!

  9. $5000!!? Seriously. Even if I had that kind of dough lying around, I just don't think I could bring myself to spend it all on an outfit. I couldn't. Maybe super nice heels (yes, I love the heels!) but I mean, that money could be better spent on home remodels... or maybe I only think that because it is ALL my brain is consumed with ATM.


  10. thankful for the honesty in this posts, I always feel like I can never afford the cute trendy outfits and sometimes feel like I am left out. Thanks for the bluntness and now I feel better that others have a wardrobe filled of outlet, Target, and TJ Maxx clothes.

  11. I can NOT get on board with the crop tops and they are every.where.

  12. I totally agree with you on this post! I have a few friends that think that is what I should focus on! Crazy! And those outfits that total up in the $1000's? Wow! Heck I try to keep my looks under $100 if possible!

  13. I love this post! I could have written this word for word! When people post their outfits I always think the same things...I don't have enough jewelry, I need more clutches, my shoes aren't appropriate (comparatively, ha), etc. I'm way more about comfort :)

  14. What a great post! I totally agree :)

  15. I am so with you! The thought of being a fashion blogger is like the keeping up with the Joneses mentality. I could never afford it all and don't really want to. I'll stick to some recipes and general life posts. Thanks for keeping it real!

  16. I totally get you on this! I only do an outfit post about once a week, because when is a nurse (who married a nurse) who wears scrubs all the time ever gonna dress up?!


  17. I am right there with you girl!! I feel the same exact way about all of these things….which is why I call myself a "life and style" blogger! :)


  18. Though I am pretty much a fashion blogger with the occasional update on my life and mommyhood of course. and I own lots of clothes, most of my outfits wouldn't even break the piggy bank. I am very frugal, love coupons, sale and clearance racks, lately even thrifting. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy you and your blog because you are SO REAL as is your style. Ballet flats, loafers and sneakers are my best friends, especially now as a mom. And I am usually just carrying my wallet these days (inside the large zippered pocket of the stroller or inside the diaper bag). I do wear heels and carry clutches perhaps on a date night and/or a wedding. =)

    I totally agree with you on these. You make some great points.

    Is your blog going to be strictly DIY or still have some Fashion posts? I will still read and follow you. I know you are gifted when it comes to interior design, too. =)

  19. I can't wait to see more DIY stuff!!

    And I totally hear ya...I hate doing the affiliate links on the items I showcase. BUT...I am at $71 and cash out at $100 so I feel compelled to keep going until I hit that mark, then I'm done. It took FOREVER to get there and I'm in the home stretch...

    You should come link up with me on April Fool's Day (April 1)! I am poking a little fun at the "fashion bloggers" and hoping everyone will let their hair down and link up with their best loungewear look. Bring on the elastic waistbands, old ratty t-shirts from high school, etc. It will be epic! :-)


  20. Amen! I buy stuff at Old Navy and Gap (only if it's on sale) and that's about it, plus Goodwill. Love this post.



  21. haha, I love this post! So true, and I often wonder, where in the world do they keep all of their clothes! How can they have that many outfits! Can't wait to see your house!

  22. Girlfriend ME EITHER. I own one pair of heels specifically for weddings only haha. I just can't.

  23. AMEN!!! I also never wear high heels. I even threw the "wedding" ones out because I never wore them even once a year. I always wonder where these ladies get the budget to buy these outrageously-priced items. Although I admire most of those items. I'm a clearance rack girl myself. Thanks for being so real in your post!