My sweater is on SUPER sale + the weekend

Monday, March 10, 2014

Before we start, remember this top from the photos Chris and I took a couple months back? Well, this sweater is on sale for $7.98!! Click here to get it!

This weekend was like one giant date for Chris and I. I told y'all Friday he said he had a surprise planned. Well, rain ruined that plan. We were going to go to Ft. Worth and do some festival type things out there. Instead we opted to go furniture shopping looking, go eat at one of our favorite restaurants, and see a movie (that we ended up not seeing).

Our new house has a separate movie room/man cave/whatever you want to call it and we really want a sectional in there. Problem is, I don't want leather and Chris does. The couch we have now is leather and I love it, but when you want to cuddle up and watch a movie, a cloth couch is so much better! 

We only went to one place and then we decided we were starving. We decided to head to Spoons on the Mckinney Square. If you are ever in Mckinney, Spoons is the place to go. Chris and I both had the adult grilled cheese with tomato basil soup. It was 40 degrees and rainy, so that was the perfect meal!

After lunch we decided to try and catch a movie. The movie started at 2:20pm and we got there at 2:24pm. They guy said there was only front row seating, so we opted to go home and watch a movie instead. But, before we went home, we made a stop to look new TVs for the man cave at Best Buy. Chris tried to convince me we needed an 80" 4K TV and I tried to convince him I needed a Range Rover. We were both unsuccessful. 

After Best Buy we headed to Target where I actually was in the mood to shop. I bought a dress and two tops, but ended up returning the dress and the $5 tee. I did keep $12 striped, long-sleeved cotton tee! I bought it with my birthday money, so I'm not even sure that this counts as breaking my 15 month-no shopping streak!

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies, separately, because I like chick flicks and Chris likes guy movies.

Sunday Chris decided to go into work for a bit while I went back to Target to return some things, cleaned up the house a bit, and, you guessed it, watched more movies!
Now it is Monday morning and I'm on spring break! Woo hoo!
How was your weekend?!

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  1. That sounds like a good weekend to me, especially with all the Target involved :) I looked at the sweater, but I am not sure it will fit me very well since it is a junior's size. The last time I tried something junior's size at Target I thought I was going to have to call for help to get me out of it :P

  2. Sounds like a great weekend to me. I think Chris needs to see my husbands man cave, it might be a match made it heaven. It has a 73" inch tv and a huge sectional. I actually did a blog post on it last Thursday. When we moved into our house he wanted a huge tv and a bathtub, I wanted a new staircase. :)

  3. So the TV and internet is back on???? Yahoo!!! Why do men feel like they have to have some ginormous TV? I just don't get it...Range we are talking!! LOL!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Love that sweater and necklace combo :)

    Thanks for linking up!

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  6. That does sound like fun! And I love Spoons! Their dessert is fantastic! (as is their food) and downtown McKinney is just great anyways...