The Cutest

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


As you saw yesterday, my family is nothing short of completely silly. I was able to capture these shots this weekend and I love them for a couple reasons.

One, I love how my Mom is totally trendy with her tights. I tried to steal them from her, but she never took them off...She is presh.

And two, I love how these pictures bring out the essence of who my parents really are. They are never afraid to show their true colors. They taught me that it doesn't matter what others think, be yourself. These two are the most loving people. who would give anything to ensure the happiness of me, my husband, and my brother, as well as anyone they come across. Their generosity continually baffles me and I am really proud to call these two nut-jobs my parental unit.

Love ya, Mom and Pops!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Based on the this and your last post I think it is safe to say you have awesome, fun parents! And your mom's tights are awesome! I get excited when my mom where's something other than a St. John's Bay sweater.

  2. I saw yesterday's post and I was just sitting in our room laughing! I love that your dad was posing in your pictures! Your family looks so fun!

  3. Love your parents. Such great photos of them, and youre mom is so stylish with her printed leggings. Sometimes my mom will pick something out in a store and I have to shake my head and say old lady, and she says are you sure, as she's putting it back with a frowny face.

  4. Awww love this! They are seriously awesome...especially for raising an amazing daughter ;) Their son on the other hand...I dunno, we are at IG war right now and I can't let my guard down with the enemy...hahaha!

  5. Oh my goodness I love this! And her tights!! I want those!

  6. So cute! Makes me miss my parents!