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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Here I am, innocently getting my picture taken by my husband as my loving family watches. We were headed out the door to my aunt's retirement party, so it was only fitting everyone that watch me. Everything was going fine, and then...

NO ONE told me that my Dad was being his normal self and photo-bombing every one of my pictures! Since Chris had the camera in front of his face I couldn't tell that he was dying laughing. 

I mean, really? Anyone who knows my family knows this is completely normal. We are a family of goofballs, and I love it. Obviously Chris fits in just fine since he was in on the joke the whole time!

I finally wondered why Chris and my Mom are laughing so hysterically and I turn around to catch the offender...

Seriously, ya'll. I was dying laughing! So typical of my Dad!

I finally caught me breath and we were able to snap a couple more Dad-less pictures. Although, if you ask me, I like him in the background way better. Dad, you can photo-bomb my pictures anytime you'd like!

Onto the real reason for this post; the outfit!

This blouse is Ivy Jane and I got it a couple years ago. I love the fit and the ruffles. My mint jeans are from one of my blog besties, Brianne! She happened to have an extra pair and I happily gave them a wonderful home. The leopard flats are the ones I complained about previously. They have no support, but I haven't had time to go find a new pair! 
Now for the randoms:

- We are supposed to (don't hold your breath...) close on our house on Friday. Prayers are more than welcome.

- We don't have TV right now since I already cancelled it thinking we would be in our new house by now. Monday we didn't have school because of the weather so I watched three movies, two times each. Now, I was cleaning, patching holes, etc., so don't think I didn't move a muscle all day! I watched Something Borrowed, Because I Said So, and Definitely, Maybe. Chick flicks all day errry-day.

- Speaking of not having TV, and not having much to do in your house since it is currently all in boxes, I was a complete creep yesterday. Not a creep in the creepy way, but more in the blog stalker way. Without naming names, there are some blogs I crept on because on a daily basis it baffles me how much money these ladies spend on clothes, shoes, etc. It actually baffles me how much money they have in general! Some of the things they wear cost as much as my mortgage! I am not hatin', because let's be honest, we all want what they have, but I am marking my words now...I will always shop on the sale rack at Target no matter how wealthy I may become. 

- Spring break is next week and I am as excited about it as I was when I was actually a student.

- In December I switch from ATT to Sprint to be on a plan with Chris because it's cheaper and let me tell you stinks! Gosh! I never have any service here in the Dallas area and it is so annoying. It is like going from a Ranger Rover to a Honda; still doable, but not near as sweet.

- I worked out last night for the first time in, I don't know when, months...10 months maybe? I took the pups on a walk and then popped in a workout video. For dinner I had chicken and veggies. No, not grilled chicken (yuck!), but that counts, right? 

Now for the link up!

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- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)

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Happy Wednesday! 

Thank you for linking up!

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  1. Those pictures are AWESOME!!! You will love holding on to them forever:)

    Patrice @

  2. Stinking hilarious! I hope I get to meet your dad one day. Praying for the move!! Can't wait to have you so close! :)

  3. OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY Thats like my family! I was trying to take pics of my car once... and i was across the street, and my car was parked along the street in front of my parents house.. and my dad opened the front door and stood behind the storm door flippin the bird the whole time to see how long it would take me to notice them in the pics hahahaha i think i posted it on instagram too!

  4. You´re Dad is hilarous! I love a family who loves to laugh. Love the mint jeans you´rew earing. :)

  5. Completely agree on those fashion bloggers....i stopped following them because it was just so unrealistic for me. They all had thousand dollar purses and hundreds of pairs of thousand dollar shoes....yeah its nice to look at, but I'd rather see how someone styled something they bought at Target instead! :)

  6. Bahahha he is TOO funny, I love it!

    Yyaya for working out!!

  7. Hahahaha this is so great :) What a fun dad--you must have a fabulous family!!


  8. When Keith and I got married, I switched from ATT to T-Mobile since his deal was much sweeter and to this day I still get crappy service...unless I'm on a river in the middle of nowhere, for some reason TMobile gives me my 4G there of all places. I wish all companies had to have the same coverage.

  9. Hahaha I have never met your dad but I know I like him! These pictures are awesome!

    I'm with you on the crazy money spending bloggers. I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to a $200 bag, but I would never spend that much. And no matter how much money I had I would always be opposed to spending $1000 on a bag. That is definitely more than my mortgage!

  10. Love your dad! What a fun family. Those are very good choices for chick flick movies. Keeping fingers crossed for Friday!

  11. OMG your dad photo bombing you is hilarious!!! Love it!! Totally something I could see my family doing too :)

  12. Loving all the photos especially the ones with "the bomb" on them. So cute & funny. That top is girly and adorable too. I am digging all the chick flicka you watched too.

    Last but not least, I feel you about bloggers spending 2 arms and 2 legs on an Outfit. I like my sale racks and clearance and thrifted items - thank you very much.

    Hope you make a stop by my blog when you can and pretty please start following. Wishing you great vibes about being at your new home by Friday!! Ada. =)

  13. Omg you're dad is AWESOME! And not only was your boyfriend in on the joke, do you see how he even focused on your dad instead of you in that one photo (which is my favorite of his poses, btw).
    Can I come chill with you & your family? :)

  14. I love a family that can laugh and play together, and it looks like your dad is one hilarious man! Your outfit is adorable, as is your reaction to your dad photobombing you. What fun!

    NCsquared Life

  15. I love that you posted these goofy pictures. They are so cute. You look stunning in your pictures.


  16. Haha these are awesome!! Your Dad is hilarious. I love that you took photos with your whole family watching, I think I could do it but it would be super awkward for me. Hope you get to close on the house on Friday!! Crossing my fingers for you! And I'm totally with you on wondering how much money some of these bloggers make and how they spend that much ALL the time. I don't think I'll ever do that or even have the chance to!
    P.S. you should get those report leopard flats! SO cute.


  17. omgosh your dad is so funny! I love that Chris is out taking your pics and this location looks amazing! I miss your face so much!


  18. Hilarious! Sound like my dad! Love the and black is always a fav of mine!

  19. I seriously cannot stop laughing! Hilarious! I absolutely love it...tell him he is a natural ;) And I'm so glad you are enjoying the pants...they look so great on you my friend!

  20. That is absolutely hilarious! My husband, dad and dog have photo bombed me before. Priceless! And I love a good chick flick- I always have Sex & the City, Center Stage and The Holiday in rotation. And totally agree on some of these fashion bloggers that have look like they are airbrushed in these tulle skirts that cost a million bucks doing outfit photos. Reeealy?! No one wears that in real life! Just Carrie Bradshaw really...I'm with you at the Target racks! They say if you want to be a millionaire, don't spend like one. Good advice I say!

  21. Your dad is hilarious!!!! I hope Friday is a great day for you!

  22. hahaha your dad is fantastic!!

  23. Thanks, Sofia!! It's hard to not post goofy pictures when you have a family like mine :)