Decor Favorites: Midcentury Edition

Monday, October 8, 2018

Happy Monday, y'all!

Today I wanted to share some things I am loving in our new home, as well as some things I am eyeing!

I am not sure how we ended up going with the midcentury vibe, but I am happy we did! I would ask Chris's opinion on everything I bought and he always leaned towards the midcentury items.

1. First off - this floor lamp! All the heart eyes. It has a marble base, so it is really sturdy. I was reading reviews and one guy called it the "divorce lamp" because his wife and him struggled so much putting it together. I was crying I was laughing so hard at the review. So funny!! Chris put it together by himself in about 20 minutes, and we are still married, so I would highly suggest the lamp.

2. This chandelier. At under $200, this thing is a STEAL! It is way bigger than I was anticipating, but I love it. And, Overstock's customer service is amazing. Graham broke one of the glass bulbs and they sent us a whole new light fixture right away, no questions asked! IT was really easy to hand and I love how it looks!

3. This mirror is going up in our half bathroom and I. can't. wait to show you! I am waiting on Chris to install my shiplap and then we can hang it up!

4. Bringing plants into a home instantly warms up the space. Unfortunately, I have a toddler and a black thumb, so no plants will ever survive inside (or outside for that matter!) the Tucker home. Thankfully, this plant and planter is right up my alley and I have a feeling he will be here for years to come!

10 Things About Me

Thursday, October 4, 2018

1. I always drive in the fast lane. Always.

2. If my flat sheet and comforter are not perfectly aligned, then I make Chris get out of the bed to fix it :) They have to be perfectly lined up for me to sleep.

3. I am 5'3.5". People always seem to think I am taller than I am.

4. I cannot handle when my student's tooth falls out. Legit gags me every time. I usually just cover my mouth, look away, and aggressively point them in any other direction that towards me. So gross.

5. I thought I'd have my kids closer together. Then, I realized that sleep is life, and I really enjoy not feeling like I got hit with a stack of books everyday, so we've just been holding off because...sleep.

6. I do not get embarrassed easily, nor do I have any fear of public speaking. I honestly don't care what anyone thinks about me, so I'm always the one who gets volunteered to quiet a crowd or make an announcement.

7. I got married when I was 22. Like what the actual heck were my parents thinking? 6.5 years later...I guess we are doing pretty well!

8. Teaching is my second career. I have an MBA and was in accounting before spending my days with small children. My dream job would be to own a home staging company or become an interior designer. Or a real estate agent, but I don't want to work nights or weekends...ha!

9. I cry in church almost every Sunday. Those songs just get me! Chris always just looks over and rolls his eyes! Ha!

10. I have really bad anxiety. I get it from my dad. Some nights I can hardly breathe. Some nights I pace the floor. It can be over tiny things, or things that *might* happen in the future. I once had a panic attack because we forgot Graham's monitor on vacation. He was sleeping in the room next to us and I could. not. sleep. I felt like I was having a heart attack because I couldn't hear or see him. Chris went to the store and bought a monitor so we would have it the rest of the trip.

Welp, now that y'all all think I'm super strange, what are some things about you!!??

Nashville - Round Two

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

This summer was the summer of Nashville. Besides NYC, this city is a close second on my favorite cities list. Everything about Nashville is easy. The distance to the airport, finding good food, finding good entertainment, location of hotels...everything!

In June I went there for the first time for my best friend's bachelorette party. We had SO. MUCH. FUN. So much so that when Katie text me asking if I wanted to go again in August, I instantly said yes!! 

Katie and I have known each other for years through blogging. But, we brought our relationship to a whole new level when I started Isagenix in June! (I STILL have two shakes a day; one for breakfast and one for lunch!) Katie and I started texting daily about Isagenix and then she told me the Isagenix World Convention was being held in Nashville in August. I was so excited to be going back!

This time in Nashville was a little different than when I went for a bachelorette party, although it was very similar, too. I was with a fun group of girls who love to have fun and eat good basically the same. The only difference was that we got to attend info sessions and learn about the company we are all really passionate about!

As far as Nashville goes, here's what we did:

- Dinner at Pinewood Social: If you're ever in Nashville, you have to go here! My mouth is watering thinking about their French Onion Dip appetizer. So good! It is such a fun place with the most amazing Frosé I've ever had! They also have a pool and bowling alley, so this would be the perfect place for gatherings with friends. 

- Lunch at The Southern: This place came highly recommended. Once again, the appetizers were on point! The main meal was not life changing, but we all agreed that we were glad we went. 

- Party Wagon: We combined groups with some other girls and got on a huge trailer pulled by a tractor. This would be perfect for a bachelorette party!! When I went in June we did the Sprocket Rocket and I think I prefer that, but both were fun!

- Wild Horse Saloon: This place was hopping! We were treated to a dinner by our Isagenix leader, so we had the whole upstairs to ourselves. It was such a fun atmosphere and the music was great!


Needless to say, this will not be the last time I go back to Nashville! 

Have you ever been? What do I need to do next time?