A Recovery Weekend

Monday, August 31, 2015

First off, how are all my fellow teachers out there doing? Counting down the days until Christmas break yet? The first week back is exhausting. I've never been one to nap after work and before bed, but last week there was a lot of napping going on. I love my kids and schedule this year, so once I get back in school-shape, I'm sure my endurance will improve. 

Now, I have to show y'all a glimpse of my sister-in-law's gorgeous wedding. She was stunning. Literally a head-turner. Our flowers popped off our dresses and the whole day was sheer perfection!
This weekend was a recovery weekend. We went straight from wedding festivities to the first week of school, so naps and cleaning we on the agenda. Oh, and hanging with these two cuties. 

I managed to unpack our bags from the wedding and do too many loads of laundry to count. Chris built me shelves in our linen closet and grilled with his best friend. 
Saturday night Chris and I went on a date to the FC Dallas soccer game. The stadium is only about 15 minutes from our house and Chris got free tickets from his work, so we decided to try something new.

All we got from the experience was that soccer and the fans couldn't be more opposite from baseball. The whole time Chris and I kept saying how out of place we felt. To me, soccer is simply kicking a ball around a field AND IT CAN END IN A TIE! What game ends in a TIE?! Like seriously...let me play for an hour and a half and no one win?!?!?!?! That blows my mind. We decided we can check that item off our list.

Another week is upon us. I can't believe this school year is already a week in. Time sure flies when you are loving life!

Happy Monday!

RIP Class Pet || August 25-26th

Friday, August 28, 2015

At 2:45pm today the first week of the 2015-16 school-year will officially be in the books. My average bedtime has been 8:00pm and my snooze counts have been hitting records lately, but overall this week has been pretty great.

Oh wait. That was until our class pet died. The third day of school. Worst teacher ever.

Here is how the story plays out.

Student comes to me day one and tells me he has a hermit crab that he wants to bring as a class pet.

I say okay, as long as I have to do NOTHING. I make it clear that I am not responsible for keeping "Blaze" alive at all.

Student agrees and comes back day two with Blaze the Hermit Crab in an old salad box.

The kids love blaze and we talk about how we will feed Blaze and where he will go on the weekends.

Fast forward to Wednesday and I come in to the room and don't even think about checking on Blaze.

It isn't until I walk by and notice a chunk of his leg(?) not attached to his body.

I ask the student to come over and check if Blazey-boy is okay and he say, "Oh yes. He is fine. Hermit Crabs shed their exoskeleton and so that is normal..." He picks Blaze up and, to my view, Blaze doesn't move a muscle. My eyes must have been deceiving me because my student claims Blaze is alive and well. Alrighty then.

I'm not a science expert, but my knowledge of exoskeletons leads me to believe that was most definitely not an exoskeleton.

Onward and upward, we've got business to attend to, so we let Blaze be.

A very (veryyy) short time later a support teacher comes in my room. She asks about Blaze and I tell her I'm pretty sure he is in Hermit Crab heaven. She goes to check on our pet and by our exchanged looks, we confirm that Blaze's life is most definitely over.

She, not I - because I am not the most sensitive person ever and my response to Blaze's death would have gone something like, "Welp, he's dead. Sure did live a good life. Sorry, man," - broke to news to my students who looksed just devastated.

After a quick Google search we explained that Blaze was doomed from the beginning. Nothing that we were doing met the standards to keep a Hermit Crab alive. "Never drop below 75 degrees" - strike one. "Minimum 70% humidity at all times" - strike two. I think you get the point.

So, after we laid Blaze to rest I made it a point that I think we proved how well we keep animals alive and for the sake of all other living creatures it would be best to keep them out of our class.

Here's to hoping next week is more lively :)

WIWW: Hello! + Link Up

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I feel like every post this week in blog-land has gone something like "sorry for radio silence!" or "sorry for the random break from blogging!"

This post is really no different. School is back and in full force. After school activities - meet the teacher and information nights - are in full swing and it takes all my energy just to make it home and shower. 

Not to mention my sister-in-law's wedding last weekend that left me so happy, but so sleep deprived. I feel like I haven't been able to get a grip on anything lately with how busy we have been.

I'm hoping to get my feet back under me this weekend!

Happy Wednesday!

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Friday Favorites || Back to School and a Wedding!

Friday, August 21, 2015

ONE: After college I always thought how sad it was that I wouldn't get to hangout with my best friends all day, everyday. We all went our separate ways to our own jobs and own lives. That was until this year!

My best friend is teaching at my school, meaning I get to see her face every single day of the week!! I never knew how giddy I'd be to work with my best friend until it became a reality. Now, not only do I want to go to school to see the kiddos, now I want to go to see my friend! It is just the best feeling, ever.

TWO: Back to school clothes shopping is in full force. Since we aren't cooling off here in Texas, I feel like long sleeved dresses are the best transition pieces. At first, when the temps are still high, you can pair the dress with flats, but at it cools down you can easily transition to boots and tights. Also, my obsession with sweaters is ramping up because sometimes our classrooms can be freezing! Cowl necks have always been my favorite!

THREE: My classroom is finally looking less like a dump and more like a place where students can learn. We had Meet the Teacher last night and I was smitten the whole night. Teachers get just as excited as the kids. They are just precious!!

gralands c/o buy sparrow
FOUR: My sister-in-law gets married tomorrow!! You might remember her engagement like it was yesterday, but that was all the way back in February (insert wide-eyed emoji). I am so excited to see all the planning come to fruition...and I am still figuring out how to crash their honeymoon in Hawaii. Ideas are welcome :)

FIVE: My family is coming in to town for the wedding, so how can I not be excited to have our whole family together the weekend before school starts? I can't think of a better way to officially end my summer break of 2015.

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WIWW: Fall Prep + Link Up

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

jacket // booties // top // pants // shoes
On Sunday the temperature in my car read 91 and I thought about busting out this jacket. That's a cold front, people!

I can vividly remember swimming on Thanksgiving and sweating through all my Halloween costumes, so based on my memory, the cooler temps aren't coming around for a few more months. 

That is not stopping me from stocking up on some winter essentials. Like this jacket. Everyone and their mom had one last year and they were always sold out, so when I saw one a few weeks ago I couldn't let is pass me by. 

It seems to be light enough for our falls where the mornings can be cool, but the afternoons are sweltering. I can also see me pairing it with a sweater underneath for more warmth when winter decides to show up in the form of an icepocalypse like it does every year. 

Needless to say, I just don't feel right wearing summer clothes too far into September, so pouring sweat or not, I'm breaking this baby out and we are going out in all our jacket glory.

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Summer Recap

Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer is over. I can hear the tears flooding in and the "can't wait until summer!" starting any minute now.

This summer was a good one. There were ups and downs, but every teacher would agree that this off time is much, much needed. If you think teachers have too much time off, just sub for one day and you'll wonder how we aren't all jumping off cliffs.

I am really excited to get back in to the swing of things and this is our first full week back. Last week was like a soft launch; we were there, but not mentally. This week we are getting down to business.

But, before I can fully let summer go, I wanted to recap all my summer adventures.

We started off our summer with a week long cruise to Key West, Freeport, and Nassau. The unlimited food and escape from technology makes me want to go back now.

I went on a road trip with my father-in-law to help my sister-in-law move into her soon-to-be husband's house. We also retiled their bathroom and added a woman's touch to the previous bachelor pad.

I spent a week with my family in the Hill Country and they also spent time up here.

My Mom and I visited Magnolia Market.

I got to wear my wedding dress for the fifth time!

I sprinted hundreds of yards to be front row at a concert with my brother. Best. Night. Ever.

We showered my sister-in-law who is getting married this Saturday!.

We went to baseball games.

We spent time celebrating friends.

I visited my main man at work (swoon).

Other things I did that are not pictured:

- walked the dogs
- repainted some furniture
- cleaned, a lot
- mowed the lawn
- went to two bachelorette parties
- visited my grandparents
- painted pottery
- went swimming
- had lunch and dinners with friends

Cheers to the summer of 2015! 

Getcha Some

Friday, August 14, 2015

I'd say yesterday was like touching your toes in a pool to test out the water. Yes we were at school. Yes it was the first day back. Yes we are excited to start the year. Yes all our brains were fried by 10am. Getting back in to the school groove is comparable to training for a triathlon. Exhausting, mentally and physically. 

Just kidding. Those people are freaking not human and way cooler than teachers. 

Luckily I mustered up enough energy to pump out a post for y'all.

1. My best friend wore this dress to school yesterday and I instantly fell in love with it. Y'all, it was SO cute on her!! My favorite place is really killin' it in the dress department!

2. That same best friend introduced me to Trader Joe's Popcorn in a Pickle and holy yum. I might have "snacked" on half the bag. Get. You. Some.

3. I'm chomping at the bit to be able to wear this jacket! Come on cooler temps!

4. If anyone wants to buy me any of these (I'm not picky!) I wear a 7.5 and email me for my address. Thanks in advance. 

5. Chewy.com is like Santa Clause to dogs. The door bell rings and I pick up a Chewy package and you'd think Wrigley's paws are on fire. Bailey and him can smell their treats through the box and they literally go nuts. I have to admit, though, this package was pretty cool. 

Clearly they hated everything.

Happy Friday!

WIWW: Hot Pink + Link Up

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

dress // shoes // sunglasses // earrings
Today is officially my last day of summer vacation. As in tomorrow I am no longer a stay at home wife who gets to sip coffee, watch morning talk-shows, and get pampered all day.

This summer has been all sorts of fun, but I am glad to get back in to the swing of school. Everyone can admit that the first day of school gives you all sorts of butterflies, right? Well, it is no different for teachers! I am so excited to see my new cherubs and have them make me laugh 24/7...or maybe me make them laugh/embarrass myself? We shall find out soon!

Now let's talk about this dress. I know y'all are going to not believe me, but I tried this dress on months ago at Target. I liked it, but opted to get these pants instead. I went to Target last week and while scouring the sale section I saw the dress again...marked down to $7.48. Score! Cheap-o Sarah was as happy as a pig in you know what. I will be wearing it to my cousin's beach wedding in Mexico next month!

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