Weekend Wrap: Colorado Vacay

Monday, December 31, 2012

Basically I have been up to a whole-lotta skiing. And my shins are feeling it. If you have ever been skiing you know the pain I am talking about. The I-can't-even-touch-my-shins-because-they-are-sooo-freakinggg-tender feeling.
I remember back in the day when I could ski four or five days. This trip I could seriously only go two and half before I felt as though my legs were going to crumble beneath me and I'd have to "seal" down the mountain. Ya know, slide down on the mountain on my belly like a complete bone-head?! Believe me, it crossed my mind multiple times, and as the days went on it sounded more and more appealing. Weak-sauce.
And to think that I am going skiing AGAIN in 10 days! I am going to have to go to rehab just to get my legs back in order. My lack in the exercise department for 2012 is really showing...
I head back to the good ole' Lone Star State today and am reunited with my lu-vaaa boiii. I sure have missed him. Sometimes it stinks being a grown-up in the "real" world!
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What have you been up to this weekend?! What are your plans to bring in the New Year?! 


I'm still on vacation...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

...which means blogging is still on the back burner!
Here is my line up for next week when I have to come back from fairy-vacationland and crash hard back to reality:
- Firmoo glasses review. This is not my formal review post for these glasses, but can I just say that I am luuu-vvving them!
- I will finally reveal my New Year's resolution and it. is. HUGE.
- I will give an update on my first Christmas as a Tucker and all the wonderful gifts I received. Chris and I are truly blessed.
- I will fill y'all in on my trip to Colorado and my adventures at the airport.
- And of course I am sure I will have a random posts here and there...ya know, just to keep with the normal flow of Tucker Up...random.
In the mean time I'll be tearin' up the slopes - and bustin' my butt I'm sure - here in beautiful Colorado!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday! Enjoy these last few days of 2012. I can't believe it is about to be 2013, cray-to-tha-cray!

2012 Tucker Christmas Card: Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well it is only Christmas Eve, but you know what I mean..

This weekend we celebrated Christmas round one with my family. I am liking this whole multiple-rounds-of-Christmas-jazz. We ate tons, laughed a lot, and had a wonderful time.

Tonight we are headed to Chris's parent's house for Christmas round two. I love the holidays. Having soooo much family time and soooo little work time is purrrr-fection!

I will be going skiing later this week {the 27th} with my family...poor Chris has to stay back and work...so I will be taking a break from blogging in order to concentrate on my ski-slope domination!

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas everyone. May God bless each and every one of you with happiness and joy this holiday season.

Love ya!

InstaFriday + High Five For Friday!

Friday, December 21, 2012

 My hubs was SO encouraging last weekend during my race. As you can see, I wasn't exactly in domination mode.
 Date night to the Melting Pot calls for bringing out the new blanggg...or just bring out the statement necklace. Either or. Bring 'em out, bring 'em out!
 Just another repeat shot from the Melting Pot because it was THAT good.
 Chris was off this week M-W and he decided to finish painting our entryway. And he decided to melt my heart once again...anddd now for the truth. Fact: that probablyyyy won't get painted for months. The Tucker household works on the paint-for-one-day-and-not-complete-the-painting-project-for-months approach. It seems to be working well. We just complete our entryway after leaving it halfway painted for over three months. Ehhh, ya win some ya lose some.
Late night gift wrapping because the fam-bam is coming into town this weekend and it would be typical awful for me to have their presents sitting out in the open, unwrapped.
Just some good 'ol Texas Caviar dip for the snackin'. Seriously soooo addicting, BUT healthy...minus the entire bag of tortilla chips I ate with it. Let's pretend I didn't have chips....ahhhh what a healthy snack :)

Here are my high fives for the week, yo:
1. Christmas is almost here and I am done, done, done with my Christmas shopping! Except for my brother....hmmmm...
2. In one week I will be skiing on the glorious slopes of Durango Colorado. Ahhhh.
3. It is a {slight} possibility of flurries on Christmas!!! "I'm dreaming of a Christmas that isn't 80 degrees white Christmas..."
4. I am so so excited to see Chris open his gifts this year. Seeing him excited like a child a quarter of his age makes me giddy :)
5. Tate Stevens won the X Factor! Do you watch that show?!? I lu-uvvvvved Tate and Carly! They are both ah-mazing.

Happy Friday, y'all!!

What are you doing this weekend?? Have you finished Christmas shopping?!

PS: Blog posts mayyy or may not be rare next week depending on how many cool toys Santa brings me. My time will be occupied with family, food, and skiing!

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Gettin' My Pretty On...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am over {here} today, ya know...just gettin' my pretty on!
Happy Thursday!

Random Wednesday + GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I am so happy to have participated in the blogger day of silence for Sandy Hook. My thoughts and prayers continue for everyone involved.
Now onto some randos.
Rando #1
This is my first Christmas as a married woman. That means this is my first Christmas not being with my family on Christmas day. My family in generous enough to make the trek to Dallas and spend this  weekend with Chris and I.. I will be reunited with them on the 27th as I am flying to Colorado to ski with them. I lu-hhuvvv skiing and thanks to my wonderful hubby, he is letting me go bust my booty dominate on the slopes while he has to stay back and work. He sure is a keeper!
Rando #2
Why was it 75 today and we are a week away from Christmas. Seriously Texas? Whyyyy?
Rando #3
I have a HUGE announcement as to what my new year's resolution is. Like it is almost life changing huge! I will be revealing it Monday...the last day of 2012. Where has the year gone?!
Rando #4
My neck hurts more than anything else on my body because of the Jog'r Egg Nog'r. Some people I work with told me it was because of the impact of running and keeping my head up. Ow-to-the-freaking-chhhh! I have been sleeping an a heating pad for three days now and I still can't turn left or right. No bueno. I know I shouldn't complain, but it is for-rizzle hurting!
Rando #5
I am cherishing these passed couple days of waking up with Chris still in bed. He has M-W off this week. Normally I wake up - ehhh barley open one eye and somehow sound the words "I love you. Have a great day. Don't forget your lunch!" - so waking up with him in the mornings and being able to have him here while I get ready for work is something I reallyyyy like. Morning times with your love are the sweetest. I love peeking in the bed and seeing him gape-mouthed without a care in the world. Ohhh, sweet sleeping husband.
Rando #6
Chris and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary on Sunday at the Melting Pot. What, you don't celebrate your half-year anniversary?! Come'n people! Any excuse to go out for a nice dinner is fine in my book! If you follow me in Instagram {@sarahtuckerup} you got to witness the deliciousness as it was happening. Why is fondue so tasty?! I got to wear my new necklace that I got for under $10 from shoplately.com!

Now for the GIVEAWAY! I mentioned {here} about the HUGE giveaway that Taylor is hosting! Thanks again Taylor!
Goings on in Texas

Head on over there to check out the items being given away today! And keep going back and entering to win more great items in the spirit of Christmas!

Here are the earrings I am giving away:

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week! I hear the stores are getting pretty cray-cray with all the last minute shoppers! I still need to pick up a couple items, so wish me luck!
Are you done Christmas shopping? Have you been to the Melting Pot? Tell me you have, pa-leaseeee!
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WIWW + Link Par-tay

This could be one of my favorite outfits, for real this time. I know I say it on just about every outfit, but who doesn't love flannel and plaid? Seriously peeps, flannel is like having a soft blanket encompass your upper half all day long. Or multiple days long, depending on if you wear the shirt two days in a row like me. Don't judge, only God can judge me :)

This particular shirt is coral and navy, just like the colors of my wedding! I reallyyy want a Christmas-y colored flannel. Maybe I can get one on the super-sale rack after Christmas... (Side note: thanks SO much for all the sweet comments about our wedding video, and how it made you cry. Sorry for ruining your mascara. Mine gets ruined every time :))

Of course these are my go-to boots for the winter-ish time here in Tejas. They are still as comfy as the day they came home with me.

I first told y'all about this shirt back in this post, so I am happy to finally be able to show it off. When this picture was taken it was actually cool enough to wear flannel. If I wore flannel today you might find me topless {just like our Christmas tree} because of the non-winterlike temps here in D-town, and I don't think anyone wants to see that!

An of course my other models, Wrigley and my Bazil (Bailey) girl had to make an appearance. They are much more adorable then I am, so I am proud to share the shot with them! Look at Wrigley, he is ready to sign with Ford Pups Modeling any day now! And Bailey is ready to walk the cat - ummm rock-wall walk?

Budget Breaky:
- Flannel from Forever 21: $19.80
- Jeans from Banana Republic: $89.50, but I got them for 50% off. Score!
- Steve Madden Boots: $165

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