Random Thursday

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Because I missed random Wednesday. Because this week has been crazy. And because I have a lot of random things to say. And because who said you can only be random on Wednesday?
Random thought one:
Three out of the four days this week there has been a wreck on my way to work. THREE out of FOUR. My road rage is at an all time high when people think they can somehow drive in the ditch to pass you...then the person a few cars up cuts them off...then they get mad and I shield my eyes from the possibility of a real life car fight. People! We are not going anywhere! Hold your horses. We are all going to be late to work. How about you say a prayer for the people involved in the accident and thank the Lord that you are safe in your car? Huh? That wouldn't be such a bad idea now, would it? Instead you continue to put others lives in jeopardy as you speed race down the shoulder like you have a woman going into labor in your car.
Monday's Wreck
Tuesday's Wreck
 Random thought two that has to do with random through one:
To the nasty old perv truck driver this morning: you pulling up beside me, honking, waving, then proceeding to cock your head like a flamingo to continue to stare at me while your truck is in forward motion is beyond creepy. BEYOND. It was even worse that we were stuck in traffic, so we were constantly beside one another and you continued to honk when I wasn't paying attention to you. Obviously the rock on my left ring finger didn't bother you because you creeped me out to a level that I held up traffic in order for you get so far ahead of me that I wouldn't get stuck next to you the next time the traffic stalled. That was until you held up traffic in your lane in order to continue on your honking and staring. Thank you for officially kicking my Thursday morning off with a large dose of creepiness. I pray I never see you again.
Random thought number three:
Have you ever had sea bass? I like fish, but I had never had sea bass until last night. There is this amazing restaurant on the McKinney Square called Rick's Chophouse. Last night Chris's boss took us out to dinner and I decided on the sea bass. It was divine. I highly recommend it next time you see it on a menu. It isn't too fishy, which I like. And if you are ever in the McKinney area, go. to. Rick's. Ah-mazing!
Random thought number four:
How many presents should you buy for your spouse? I feel as though Chris's only hope of getting presents is up to me. If we were still dating then we might give one another one nice gift and maybe a couple small ones. Now that we are hitched, we both have a dozen presents under the tree...and a drained bank account ;) I was just curious! I suppose I am now "Santa" so I feel it is up to me to pick and choose what Chris gets. Hmmm, now that I think of it, "I got tha Powaaa!"
And lastly, random thought number five:
I think I am going to hire a cleaning company to come clean my house. The dog hair is out of control and I just plain don't have the energy to clean sometimes. Our weekends are usually full, and when we do get a spare moment, the last thing I want to do is clean. Yup, I think I just convinced myself. Merry Christmas to the Tucker family. You - we - are getting our house cleaned by someone other that us. 
Do you have a cleaning person? I'd say cleaning lady, but I know someone would say, "so you think men don't clean?" Not even going to open that can of worms. 
Have you hit traffic this week and then had the urge to stick a certain finger out the window at a super-perv?
If you're thought are as random as mine, or maybe similar, let me know!
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Two things: Craig and I didn't get each other anything our first married Christmas. We were too broke! Then we went to buying 6-12 gifts a year. Now we are down to just a few, but for different reasons. We usually get things when we want them and it's hard to buy for each other.

    Also, we have a cleaning lady and have for the past four years. If you take your salary and calculate out how much you make an hour, then take that times the amount of hours it takes to clean your house, you realize that you'd have to pay yourself more than you pay the cleaning lady. I know it's flawed math, but I promise it makes financial sense! That's my justification...and I'm sticking to it!


  2. I used to get so stressed about buying Noel a present, so we save the money we would have spent and go on a mini-vacation on our anniversary in June!

  3. Our gifts vary year to year, I often feel bad b/c some years, I am not really working so any gifts I would "buy" were actually paid for by him. haha We switch off, sometimes we save money and do a trip or buy a bigger item for the house. But this year I was able to get a few items and mainly the ones I got were ones he's never buy himself.

    and look into groupon and living social, they often offer cleaning specials and you could "try out" to see if you like them.

  4. I'm with you on crazy drivers! It seems like they get worse this time of year.

    I know what you mean about presents. Kevin likes to pick out most of his and I like to be surprised some. I feel bad because half the time, he'll order something for himself for me to give him. I know that we're married and it's really our money, but I still want to be the one to swipe the debit card! haha

    We don't have a cleaning person, but I wouldn't not get one. KT and I do a good job of both doing things around the house, but when school's in and the kids have a dozen activities, it's harder to get it all done. Sometimes I feel like I get a weekend when I go back to work on Mondays!

  5. Ugh! That really sucks about that creeper!! I really wish guys weren't like that, it really is annoying and gross! You never hear stories of women acting like that about guys!! I had a situation similar but not that bad last night when I was gassing up, 2 guys were staring & saying stuff! Sooo annoying & gross! It's times like that I wish the Hubbs were with me! Anywho, sounds like you and your hubby spoiled each other for Christmas :) Hope the rest of your day is better! Excited to be a new follower friend, follow me if you like too!



  6. Been loving ur blog and I nominated you for a Liebster Award- come by and I hope you will accept.

  7. I hate perv truckers...seriously dude, that's uncalled for. Thankfully didn't experience too much traffic getting home yesterday, but seems like on Fridays when I'm driving home...from Waco to Hillsboro is a traffic Nightmare!
    Christmas gifts are hit or miss for us. My hubby just buys himself things when he wants them so finding something he wants around Christmas is way hard. And plus, he hates surprises, so if he says he wants something for Christmas, he won't wait...he'll just go out and buy it. Weirdo. But the flip side is that he rarely buys me Christmas gifts which I've had a hard time getting used to (and typically buy myself things "from" him and wrap them and everything and then open them and am like "oh my gosh, thanks so much..it's exactly what I wanted!" haha). Although I think this year may be different which would be totally awesome! lol ;)