Oh Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I love how everyone's Christmas trees, in a way, represent the owners personality. Growing up we had a tree full of random ornaments and bright colors, much like my mom; random and bright. Love ya Mom! Some people have those uptight organized trees that I long to have one day..
Last year Chris proposed a week before Christmas, so naturally I hit up the sales at Target the day after to score some ornaments for our first Christmas tree. There was little to choose from, even the day after, and I ended up with jewel toned ornaments. They wouldn't have been my first pick, but seeing how everything came together, I am pleasantly surprised. 
I know one day we will have a tree full of our kids creations and have to resort to only decorating the top half of the tree due to a child ripping the bottom ornaments off. For now though, we are happy to have a tree with few custom made ornaments and a whole lotta color. 
We started our own tradition this year. It's our first Christmas as a married couple, so new traditions are fair game. We decided that we would each pick an ornament representing something in our lives that year. This year I chose a camera. Why? Because Chris bought me a DSLR for Christmas even though I got it a week ago. The camera ornament represents the blog and my new life as a married woman and all the moments I love to capture...even if I don't know how to work the "M" mode yet :) 
Now Chris...he chose the Grinch as his ornament. Seriously man?? Ya, that boy mus be trippin'! The Grinch doesn't give his wife a new camera three weeks before Christmas! As the rules go though, I have no say in what he picks. But I have free reign to judge away. I married a Grinch...a loving one though. Thank goodness.
Our tree matches Chris and I because it is a good mix of random and organization. Chris random, me organization all thee wayyy...ehhh maybe those are backwards, but I'll take what I can get. The colors are not traditional and are sorta out of the box, much like Chris and I! 

Here's the story on the ummmm tree topper? One fine Sunday the mister and I went looking for the finishing touches to our Christmas decor. On the list: tree topper. I showed Chris dozens and dozens of toppers and this was his reaction (wait for it because it is super overwhelming), "Eh." What the heck is eh?!? I am not quite sure what my hubs had in mind for a tree topper...the traditional star or angel didn't make the cut, but neither did the whacky toppers either. Was he expecting Santa to come sit on top of our tree? Or an angel from above to grace us with her presence? We left numerous stores topless. Yes, topless. Get your mind out of the gutter. 

Once we got home, topless, I began to decorate the tree. It got time to put the topper on and we were still topless. Excitin', right?!? Here is what I came up with (see above and below). Not exactly a topper, but it'll do. Maybe I will have some luck after Christmas when Chris is not invited along for the after-Christmas-sale shopping trip. Sorry Honey, no boys allowed. Ha, and look at that one lonely present. Maybe Chris really is the Grinch...just kidding!   

What is your tree like? Random? Organized? All matchy matchy?? 
I'd love to hear!
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  1. That is such a sweet idea to buy one special ornament, I might have to take that on! Iv had my tree for 4 yrs since I moved in with my boyfriend and tend to buy a few special ornaments each year. I try to stick to the same colour pallett and branched out into purples and pinks this year :)

  2. Love it!! Our tree is a very sad one this year! We have been so busy with deer season and working late nights, that everytime we committed to decorating the tree we've had up since the weekend before Thanksgiving, we're too tired. My husband reloads shotgun shells, so he did take some empty plastic casings and put them over some of the lights, and I got him a deer hunter ornament this year. However, that's all that's on our tree...LAME, but fits us this year :)

  3. Your tree is so pretty! :) Happy Holidays! Hugs, Holly

  4. Very, very pretty, Sarah! Your ornament collection will grow and become so special over the years. Love your topper, too. I'm not crazy about traditional toppers, either. Looks great!

  5. Very pretty! The hubs got me an early Christmas present too...a Nikon DSLR haha that I wanted for so long:) Go figure!

  6. What a cute Christmas tree you have!! I am obsessed with it!

  7. What a pretty tree! And those bows are adorable!

  8. How sweet! You're colored lights people...love that :)

  9. I love it, non traditional topper and all! I have been searching high and low for an angel for ours and can NOT find one (two years running now). I just made a bow this year and called it quits. I think I may like it better that way any way.

  10. I love the colors! When I do put up a tree, my colors are pinks, blacks and silvers. :)
    PS...what kind of DSLR did you receive?

  11. Your tree is so festive and bright- great job! Thanks for sharing!