Welcome to the our home!

You can read all about the home buying story of our first house here.

We are so blessed to have called this our first home.

House Number One

The Entry Way

You can read all about our Frame Wall here.

The Master Bedroom

DIY Starburst Mirror {here}
DIY Nail Head Trim Headboard {here}
DIY LOVE Art {here}
DIY Striped Side Table {here}

Living Room



Kitchen and Dining

We moved from our beloved first house in March of 2014 in order to be closer to our jobs.

Welcome to our second home! Our house was built in 2002 and needs some TLC, but we love that we get to customize it to what we want. To see what the house looked like before we moved in, click here.

House Number Two

Living Room (progress)

Living Room (updated April 2015, new floors)

Girly Guest Room (now Graham's nursery)

Man Cave

Master Bathroom

Before we stained the cabinets...

Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Before we put our new floors in and the bed was on the opposite wall:


Graham's Nursery

All nursery sources here.


  1. Hello there, I'm a new stalker. I have a weakness for posts about new houses/home improvement, and yours did not disappoint!

    I moved into my house almost a year ago. I still need to put up pictures of it...I'm been slacking!

    Excuse me while I go stalk some more :)

  2. Holy pillows!! Ha ha :) love your bedroom design!! My fiance and I just bought our first home and I've been trying to brainstorm some design ideas. I wish I could do something so light and airy but with red carolina clay and an energetic german shepherd I doubt it would last long!!

    1. Loveee me some pillows :))

      When we bought this house we started training the dogs to stay off the carpet/out of our room. It was tough at first, but I want my whites to stay white, and my furbabies make that difficult!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Your home is so beautiful! I must try that starburst mirror DIY!

  4. I love your grey and yellow master bedroom! We are in the beginning stages of redecorating ours grey, yellow, and blue. Oh...and our wedding date is 6-16-07!! Crazy huh!?! :D

    1. Thank you! A guy that I work with was married on that day as well...he always reminds me that it is the best anniversary ever. I'd have to agree :)

  5. Congrats on your new home! Very excited to read the updates. Love the frame wall and the special four-legged touches you have in your entry!

  6. I love your master bedroom...the wedding date pillow especially. We got married that same day too! Where did you get the pillow?

    1. Thank you! A family friend made it for us as a wedding gift!

  7. What a gorgeous home!!! I love the color gray in your bedroom!
    Stopping by from the Designer in Teal HOP :-)

  8. What is your wall color in your bedroom? I tried looking back at your home posts but couldnt find it. I am wanting to paint our room a darker gray but cant find one that is the right shade!

  9. Please tell me where you bought your bedding!?!?

  10. Just found your log. Your home is so beautiful!! :)

  11. Sorry to be straight stalking the blog now. haha. What a beautiful home!! You have great design taste!!

  12. We have the same bedding! GO US! (except yours looks a lot better than mine.) lol. Thanks for the "bed decorating" idea. lol. PRETTY HOME!

    - Whitney