Stella & Dot, you know you want some!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who doesn't love Stella & Dot jewelry? That's right, no one.

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Just to give you a preview of what you might stumble upon when you visit their site...

Have you seen these new bags? Gimme, gimme, gimme!
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I love this simple, yet edgy necklace. You can find it {here}.

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These are just a few of the hundreds of items offered from this great company!

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Happy shopping, and please don't fault me for your drained bank account :)

**I was not paid for this post, nor am I a S&D representative. Just lover of their jewelry and helping out a friend!

Slacker and it feels so good

Sometimes time gets away from me and I forget that I run this little piece of the internet. Luckily the week continues to go on and with or without me blogging! Whew!
Life has been SO wonderful since the end of dreaded tax season that I am completely consumed with soaking in quality friends and family time.
You heard how Friday went. Yah, whomp whomp. Let's get to Saturday where things started, and ended, perfectly!
Chris and I finally got to sleep in (is sleeping in until 7:30am sleeping in?). We worked in the yard and were able to catch up on other house projects. It was glorious.
Saturday night we met Jordan and Amber at Church then went to dinner for 3 hours....because we love each other enough to keep a conversation going for that long. It was so fun just eating and chit-chatting! Did I mention I can never get enough of their twins? Baby feverrrrrrr.

Even Chris and Jolie had a grand ol' time hangin' out together. I love their expressions!

I bought the dogs bones and this is Wrigley's super-top-secret hiding spot. Nawtttt. If Chris or I even looked in the direction of his "hidden" bone, he got very offended, walked over to the bone, picked it up, and transferred it to an equally impressive hiding spot. Genius dog I tell ya, genius.

Sunday began with a quick trip to Ikea to get the final piece to our entertainment center. We still have to hang the shelf that bridges the two pieces, but that is a project for a different day. We were skeptical of the quality and how it would look once put together, but we are SO happy with the outcome.

Sunday afternoon was filled with an impromptu grill out with our friends. We grilled burgers, played games in the back yard, and soaked in the glorious Texas sun. It was pure perfection.

Oh, I also picked these gorgeous flowers off the side of the road. Those coral flowers are just stunning!

How was your weekend? Is it warming up where you are? We are set to hit the 90's several times this week. Bring on summa-time!


I was so rude, seriously.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Usually I am so good with calling companies that make you click 1 for English, then 5 for customer service, then pound on 00000000 because all you want to do is talk to a human. Usually I stay calm.

I do call the IRS almost daily, so I consider that great training. Not proud of that by the way. Two words: public accounting. 

Anyways, today I was rude. I am usually so nice. Like so nice it even shocks me because I know the people on the other end are just doing their job. I know that probably isn't their dream job, but they are working and I commend them for that. 

What I don't commend them for is telling me my technician would be at my house between 8-12 and at 11:45am, when I angrily call for the sixth time, they promise me he will be there "right at 12" (figures right? what about the last 4 hours?). "So you are telling me he will be here in fifteen minutes?" "Yes, ma'am. He will be there right at twelve." "Okay, I will see him here in FIFTEEN minutes?! Thanks!"

12 does not equal 12:45pm...the time I called them back in a ruder-than-rude mood and (once again) angrily explained to them that I had called eight times already (seriously) and each time I was assured he would be here by 12, yet it is 12:45 and Mr. Come Fix My Dishwasher is not here yet. Gurl got a lunch date so he bess be hur soon.  

After them saying "I can see why you are frustrated ma'am" and me replying with some rude comment, they told me he would be here at 2:30pm to fix my dishwasher. Perfect! Just the time I would be arriving home from my lunch date.

I arrive home and what the frick is stuck to my door?! "Sorry we missed you!" WHAT sakefnosnfvosndcvopniwsdcoinwodcvnwscno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You missed me? You got here at 2:00pm, when you were scheduled for 8-12, then nicely I changed it to 2:30pm, and you missed me??

I went from Southern Belle to Ghetto (insert word of choice here) in a hot second. 


Long, and rude, story short, this company has the worst scheduling system ever. They proceeded to ask me if Wednesday is okay, from 8-12? To which I replied, "Oh from 8-12? So he can show up at 2 when I am not home? No thanks." 

I even proceeded to email them bashing their tag line mentioning something about never being late, always on time. Ha!

Now I sit here writing this with a full belly of cappuccino and cookies, and I realize I was a bit dramatic. There are FAR more serious issues going on in the world than my soap dispenser not working on my dishwasher. I now have a sense of guilt knowing I am in no place to be rude to anyone. What if I were the technician? Or the customer service lady? I would have probably left, headed straight to get ice cream, then gone home to cry on the couch for an hour. 

So, customer service ladies (I talked to many of them since I called 100 times), I am sorry if I was rude in any way. Okay, I was rude in every way and I apologize. Sincerely.

I learned my lesson. Even if I have Chris has to hand wash dishes for a couple more weeks, that is nothing compared to some struggles people are facing. 

I will take this lesson into the weekend and try to be as carefree and nice as possible. Until someone tries to snag a bite of my ice cream or steals any of my cookies, then it's on!

Have a great weekend!

I screamed tourist with the Red Hat Ladies

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

With my camera holstered around my neck, I left the hotel and set my sites on the World of Coca-Cola. I hadn't even left the block before two guys asked me where I was from. I replied Dallas and they responded with, "the camera gives it away..." I laughed and told them I was well aware I was screaming lost tourist from Texas. 

My adventures of yesterday were quite hilarious. Not only was my giant camera a dead giveaway that I was off to pay an overpriced fee for the consumption of eight gallons of Coke, but I also had the most wonderul experience touring the CNN Headquarters...with the Red Hat Ladies themselves.

Cha-heckkk out those outfits! Ow owww.
While waiting in line to tour the facility I got slightly sad. My Meme was a Red Hat Lady and at that moment, I missed her greatly. She was adorable, just as these ladies were coming off. 

As the tour began I started to take note of some of the comments spewing out of the Red Hat Ladies mouths. Everyone was laughing at everything they said.

While going down the stairs - "These trifocals sure are tricky when going down stairs. I mean, I have to look straight down!"

Also while going down the stairs, one lady said to another, slower moving lady - "You're not moving along like a crab. That's great!"

After the tour guide mentioned that HLN is CNN's sister network - "I hope that Nancy lady isn't here. She just goes on and on about those trials. I really just want to tell her to shut the ffffff up..."

One feisty oldie volunteered to sit at the news desk and read off the teleprompter - (In her heavy Northern accent..) "These lights is blindin'. (She holds hand above eyes as though to shield the light.) You've got to be kidding me! I can't see a thing." Everyone was dying laughing!

There must have been a Red Hat Lady convention mixed in with the Interwire convention Chris was attending. Basically my time in Atlanta was spent with old men with huge guts dressed in boring navy suits, and Red Hat Ladies. It was a tough decision, but I think our next vacation will be at the beach with people who can't yet order off the senior citizen menu. 

Don't get me wrong, Atlanta treated me so, so well. 

I will have a full recap of my time in the ATL when I get back to Texas!

Flying home as you read this. Happy Thursday!

WIWW: Dream Outfits + Link Up

Sometimes I look at Pinterest and really cringe wishing I could buy clothes this year. Even through the cringing I know this resolution is doing wonders for me.
But, holy crap I want some mint pants and brown wedges like I want ice cream and cereal. I want it, but I know I don't need it. Wait, I think I actually need ice cream, but that is a subject for an entirely different post. 
Every.single. thing on Pinterest is adorable. No doubt. Do you know how much more adorable everything that is already adorable becomes when you can't buy it?!
Today I am putting together a couple outfits I would buy if I could buy clothes

I picture this to be a date night outfit. We could go somewhere to sit on a patio and sip white wine or sangria. The mint and coral would pop off of my bronzed bod and hair would be unfrazzled by the Texas humidity. Obviously I am dreaming. In reality, I can't buy this outfit, I have yet to catch some rays, and my hair would look like mane of a freshly groomed poodle. Sexy I tell ya. 

If this outfit somehow landed in my closet I would demand a trip to the beach. I would be taking a leisurely stroll in my beautiful maxi and and my face would be sweat-less...ahhhh. I sure love using my imagination. The reality of this situation would be Nike shorts, ratty old flip flops, me sweating as though I just ran through a car wash, and not one ounce of jewelry on. I really need to work on my "look gorgeous while in humid and hot weather" look. You know the girl right? No matter how hot and humid a place can be, he hair is disgustingly perfect and he face has a lovely glow, not an unlovely look of a sweaty athlete. 
What are you dying to by? Do you have mint jeans?! 
Now for the jam-sesh. Okay, no jamming. Just a lot of partying!
- All I ask is you link back to my blog 
- Write about something fashion related
- Invite other bloggers to link up
- And go meet people!

Thanks so much to those of you who link up. I really appreciate it and I enjoy reading your posts! 
Have a great Wednesday! 
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What We Looked Like Back Then

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The other day Chris and I were talking about how much we have changed since we first started dating. I giggled about Chris and his extremely spikey hair, while he mentioned how I just look older. Umm, thanks?

The picture above is the first official picture we took. It was on a trip to float the river and we had been "officially" dating a couple weeks. LOOK at his hair. It seriously makes me laugh. 

Hello, spikes and sweat. So glad you could make an appearance. Eli Young band was playing in the middle of an airport runway in the heat of a summer you can tell. Hawt

We both were goofy from the beginning. Basically we were both ourselves from the beginning. 

Rachel's heart gesture in the background is obviously predicting our future. Thank, Rach!

So there you have it. Some pictures for me to look back on and remember my wrinkle-free face and Chris's spikey hair. 

Have a great Tuesday!

I Am One Week Late

Friday, April 19, 2013

No, I am not one week late in (cough, cough) that aspect. All things in the female world are going according to plan.

I am one week late on wishing my husband a happy 26th birthday!

His birthday falls two days before the tax deadline - April 13th - which means for as long as I am in public accounting, we will never celebrate his birthday on his actual day of birth.

I wish I had some awesome, "look what I got my man for his birthday" post, but honestly all he got was underwear, a tie, and new luggage. Oh, and I got him three mini Nothing Bundt Cakes...two of which I devoured. 

He was thrilled with all of his gifts, honestly. He asked for undies, and the tie and luggage were an added bonus. How sweet am I? 

Happy 26 and 1 week birthday, husband! I can't wait stock your drawers full of underwear for your birthday for the rest of our lives!

I love you!

What Chris Says...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

This guy makes me giggle constantly. Here are a few quotes from Chris recently. 

"I need to do something about this..." - While pointing to a random patch of hair on his back. 

"Whatever Wrigley, not even funny." - as Wrigley growls his normal "I need attention" growl while I laugh about Chris not getting his way.
"We should start a nudest colony in our house. I'll be the first one." - I shall not be participating. 

In the shower singing..."and I-eee-I-eeee-I will always loveee youuuuu (fart) youuuuuu..." - It was hilarious.  

"Why do I need so much of your attention?" - I am still trying to figure this one out.

"Honey, what are you going to do when you have, like, me and one other kid running around. Everyone is going to be fighting for mommy's attention." - Exactly why we are not ready for kids. 

While laying in bed, me wanting to sleep, him wrapping his entire body around mine, he says, "Why haven't we ever laid like this before?....Wowwwwwww."  - Umm, because your squashing me. 

He sure knows how to make me smile. I am in a constant state of laughter, and shock, at some of the things that come out of his mouth.

Happy Thursday!

WIWW: The PARTY is on!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally! I am wearing clothes on a Wednesday.

Just kidding, I have been wearing clothes errr-day, just been slacking on my WIWW skillz. Dumb tax season. Seriously crampin' my clothing choices. 

A couple things to note.

Alisa is no longer going to be hosting WIWW with me. She is taking a break from blogging. So, it's a solo show from now on. Just me and good ol' me. If that isn't a party, I don't know what it.

Onto my outfit. This dress (is perfection) was sent to me by a wonderful bliend (blogger-friend). After I wore this dress I instantly knew it was one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I can see pairing it with brown wedges, white flats, red flats, the list could go on. Plus, it is super comfortable.

I really only showed this picture because I want to brag on my husband and his little green thumb. Grow flowers, grow!

Random thoughts for this glorious day:

- I am rushing through this post because, even though today (actually yesterday, once you are reading this post) was my day off, I am exhausted. My wonderful husband scheduled our cleaning lady to come at 7:00am, so I slept in until a whopping 6:45am. Talk about a day off!

- Why does Ikea furniture come in 1.2 million pieces? Finding what you are looking for in their ginormus warehouse is only half the battle. Getting home and putting together the quality furniture you just purchased is the other half. Usually accompanied by an argument or two between you and your spouse. Did I say that? It happened. (I won, if anyone was wondering.)

- I took Tuesday off and I just might take Friday off, too. Why not?!

-  I got my haircut today. If you follow me on IG (@sarahtuckerup) you already got a sneak-peak. Nothing crazy happened. Just some Texas sized poofage headed your way!

Now for the PARTY. Fianlly I get my act together - errrr tax season finally decided to end. Thank you, IRS!

- Link up any outfit post
- Link back to me someway, somehow!

That's all :) But if you're feelin' frisky, you can follow me:

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Happy Wednesday!


So Strange

Monday, April 15, 2013

This post was in draft form titled "Shenanigans in Boston." Then the horrific events of yesterday happened and I thought that title was no longer appropriate. So strange this post was set to go live the day after Boston experienced such tragedy. 

To bring some brightness to such a wonderful city, I will keep the post as I had it previously. 

Remember when Chris and I went on a mini-vacay to January? Yah, we don't really remember either. We are about to jet off to Atlanta next week and it seems like Boston was years ago.
This post has been in draft form since the beginning of tax season, so I figured now is the perfect time to touch it up and send it on it's little publishing way.
Basically this is a photo-dump of our trip. I won't be offended if you click away and go read more interesting people's posts. (Closing my eyes now while you leave me...)

Hello, if you are still scrolling I would love to give you a few deets on what we did while visiting Bean Town. 
Above is the view from our hotel room. That stripe running across the road is the finish line for the Boston Marathon. Prettayyy sschweeet. (This was previously written. I am still in shock we were there not too long ago. We were in such awe that our hotel room view was that of the iconic finish line, now getting attention for someone's vicious acts.)

Union Oyster House is famous for their clam chowder...which we did not have, unfortunately. When we were in this area we had already eaten. Bummer.

This building is the site of the Boston Massacre. So interesting. And slightly creepy knowing tons of people died right where you are standing. Yes, I am talking to you, random people in my picture.

The Freedom Trail is marked by these red bricks. Very helpful for clueless Texans roaming free in Boston. 

The exact spot of the Boston Massacre. Picture captured, now moving right along.

Don't worry, we aren't one of those couples who sit on the same side of the booth. Chris's best friend, Jake, met us for the night. He lives in Vermont and he was the one taking this picture. And if you're wondering, same-side-sitting couples is my pet peeve. I don't really want to go to dinner and have to look left or right the whole night. Neck ache.

You know, me just strolling along the campus of Harvard. I felt extremely smart for about thirty minutes. Then I was relived to get back on the dumb side of the fence. Whew.

Just some casual grave grazing. This graveyard was the burial site for really famous people that I can't name because I was more focused on not freezing than the people who were literally frozen...for life. Was that mean? Sorry. Oh wait! I just remembered, Mother Goose is buried there. Yup, that's all I got for ya.  

This was some protest about guns. These particular people wanted them gone. Chris wanted to spout out his opinion. Then I reminded him jail was a cold place and I wasn't spending the money to bail him out. He then kept his gun-loving opinions to himself.

Not going to lie, because this is an honest blog. This picture was taken as Chris and I were in a heated debate about the location of the "T" (their subway system). Chris thought is was in this corner of the park, I thought it was in the other. Thankfully we documented this picture to prove that, indeed, I was right. Those are restrooms in that building. Sarah - 1. Chris - zippo. 

Isn't that little tractor adorable? That little guy is plowing the sidewalk. The saying, "everything is bigger in Texas" stands true in this situation. The tractors in B-town are small :)

A trip to Boston wouldn't be complete without a trip to Mike's Pastry. My Oreo cannoli was as lucious as it looks.

I loved Boston. I will love it more when we go to watch a Red Sox game and it isn't freezing. Do I love it more than NYC? I can now answer that question with ease, NO. Not even close. Boston is amazing, but I still adore NYC.

Who wants to go with me to NYC? I am needing my fix of fast walkers and greasy pizza.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those involved in the tragedy that occurred yesterday. Innocent bystanders had their lives rocked by someone who had no right to hurt anyone. Praying for those who lost loved ones and those still suffering.