Slacker and it feels so good

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sometimes time gets away from me and I forget that I run this little piece of the internet. Luckily the week continues to go on and with or without me blogging! Whew!
Life has been SO wonderful since the end of dreaded tax season that I am completely consumed with soaking in quality friends and family time.
You heard how Friday went. Yah, whomp whomp. Let's get to Saturday where things started, and ended, perfectly!
Chris and I finally got to sleep in (is sleeping in until 7:30am sleeping in?). We worked in the yard and were able to catch up on other house projects. It was glorious.
Saturday night we met Jordan and Amber at Church then went to dinner for 3 hours....because we love each other enough to keep a conversation going for that long. It was so fun just eating and chit-chatting! Did I mention I can never get enough of their twins? Baby feverrrrrrr.

Even Chris and Jolie had a grand ol' time hangin' out together. I love their expressions!

I bought the dogs bones and this is Wrigley's super-top-secret hiding spot. Nawtttt. If Chris or I even looked in the direction of his "hidden" bone, he got very offended, walked over to the bone, picked it up, and transferred it to an equally impressive hiding spot. Genius dog I tell ya, genius.

Sunday began with a quick trip to Ikea to get the final piece to our entertainment center. We still have to hang the shelf that bridges the two pieces, but that is a project for a different day. We were skeptical of the quality and how it would look once put together, but we are SO happy with the outcome.

Sunday afternoon was filled with an impromptu grill out with our friends. We grilled burgers, played games in the back yard, and soaked in the glorious Texas sun. It was pure perfection.

Oh, I also picked these gorgeous flowers off the side of the road. Those coral flowers are just stunning!

How was your weekend? Is it warming up where you are? We are set to hit the 90's several times this week. Bring on summa-time!



  1. UM.... I'm officially OBSESSED with your fireplace!!! It's gorgeous!

  2. I love that you and Amber have become such great IRL friends. Their twins are freaking the cutest...maybe you will be next!! ;)

  3. wow, those are the flowers on the sides of YOUR roads?? LOL where i'm from, we have those ugly little dandelions-monkey see monkey do...monkey pee all over you, you knwo when you rub them on your hands when you were little (what WAS that dumb game anyway?)?!

  4. Oh what SWEET babies!! So cute. Love that you call them "grill outs"-- we call them BBQs here!

  5. Your home is gorgeous! We just made an entertainment center ourselves! We had two bookshelves to work with as well:

    And those flowers are SO stinkin pretty! Perfect for spring!

  6. You deserve to be a slacker after your last month... :) What a fun Saturday with the Massey crew! And Wrigley's hiding spot is almost as good as Bella's...she tries to hide them under the bed..but her big 'ole caboose gets stuck and we usually have to get her out...which ruins her super secret spot obviously. haha.