Share the Love: Meet Laura, and her yummy food!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The countdown is on. Dreaded tax season is almost over and I am already dreaming of myself basking in pure "nothingness." Yes, that is correct, nothingness. 

Tuesday I am getting my hair cut, applying for our Homestead Exemption (yah, I don't know what it means either...), and doing absolutely nothing.

I might stop by Ikea. I have been dying to actually finish a room in our house. A lot of rooms are kinda-sorta done...and I know, a home is always a work in progress, but I want at least one room to feel complete, even if only for a day.

Moving on now to Laura and her amazing s'mores creation. I know, that got your attention. 

Go along now and read about Laura and food and her adorable pup. Seriously, why does she have to bring a bulldog over here when she knows I don't need another dog. Hmmmm, maybe I'll swing by the humane society on Tuesday as well....


Huge thanks to Sarah for allowing me to guest post while she's finishing up her crazy work schedule. She's so close to being done!!  I sincerely hope she has some fabulous vacation plans for when this crazy season is over.

I'm Laura and I blog over at Chaotic Domestic. It's a lifestyle blog where I talk about adventures in the kitchen, home and DIY projects, as well as fashion/outfit posts. 

I love to experiment in the kitchen, minus the need to do dishes, of course.  My husband did the whole paleo thing for a month or so and that made us try a bunch of new recipes, like the shrimp salad with homemade pico de gallo, lime-cilantro coleslaw, and avocado.

Lately, I've been really enjoying baking.  I am getting the urge to purchase one of those pretty colorful Kitchenaid mixers.  I think the only real reason I haven't splurged yet is that I cannot commit to a color.  What color would you pick?

Below is the S'more Layer Cake that I made for Easter and the Chocolate Chip Nutella Candy Cane Cookies I made for a Christmas cookie exchange.  

I'm finally starting to get used to doing outfit posts.  It requires way more planning than I initially realized.  Not only do I have to plan an outfit but I need to plan ahead to get ready early enough to do pictures before going out.  Sometimes my husband is my photographer... other times I rely on the trusty tripod even though it's a pain because it takes too long to set up.  And then there's always the awkward selfie at work. 

Last but not least, I have to introduce you to Henry, our beloved bulldog.  You'll definitely see him around the blog when you come visit

Thanks again to Sarah for having me!  Hope the rest of tax season flies by for you!

Please stop by to visit... I'd love to hear from you!


Is Henry not to die for?! Chris and I have wanted a bulldog for sooooo long...and Henry is making my fur-momma ovaries ache so badly!

Happy Thursday, loves!