I was so rude, seriously.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Usually I am so good with calling companies that make you click 1 for English, then 5 for customer service, then pound on 00000000 because all you want to do is talk to a human. Usually I stay calm.

I do call the IRS almost daily, so I consider that great training. Not proud of that by the way. Two words: public accounting. 

Anyways, today I was rude. I am usually so nice. Like so nice it even shocks me because I know the people on the other end are just doing their job. I know that probably isn't their dream job, but they are working and I commend them for that. 

What I don't commend them for is telling me my technician would be at my house between 8-12 and at 11:45am, when I angrily call for the sixth time, they promise me he will be there "right at 12" (figures right? what about the last 4 hours?). "So you are telling me he will be here in fifteen minutes?" "Yes, ma'am. He will be there right at twelve." "Okay, I will see him here in FIFTEEN minutes?! Thanks!"

12 does not equal 12:45pm...the time I called them back in a ruder-than-rude mood and (once again) angrily explained to them that I had called eight times already (seriously) and each time I was assured he would be here by 12, yet it is 12:45 and Mr. Come Fix My Dishwasher is not here yet. Gurl got a lunch date so he bess be hur soon.  

After them saying "I can see why you are frustrated ma'am" and me replying with some rude comment, they told me he would be here at 2:30pm to fix my dishwasher. Perfect! Just the time I would be arriving home from my lunch date.

I arrive home and what the frick is stuck to my door?! "Sorry we missed you!" WHAT sakefnosnfvosndcvopniwsdcoinwodcvnwscno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You missed me? You got here at 2:00pm, when you were scheduled for 8-12, then nicely I changed it to 2:30pm, and you missed me??

I went from Southern Belle to Ghetto (insert word of choice here) in a hot second. 


Long, and rude, story short, this company has the worst scheduling system ever. They proceeded to ask me if Wednesday is okay, from 8-12? To which I replied, "Oh from 8-12? So he can show up at 2 when I am not home? No thanks." 

I even proceeded to email them bashing their tag line mentioning something about never being late, always on time. Ha!

Now I sit here writing this with a full belly of cappuccino and cookies, and I realize I was a bit dramatic. There are FAR more serious issues going on in the world than my soap dispenser not working on my dishwasher. I now have a sense of guilt knowing I am in no place to be rude to anyone. What if I were the technician? Or the customer service lady? I would have probably left, headed straight to get ice cream, then gone home to cry on the couch for an hour. 

So, customer service ladies (I talked to many of them since I called 100 times), I am sorry if I was rude in any way. Okay, I was rude in every way and I apologize. Sincerely.

I learned my lesson. Even if I have Chris has to hand wash dishes for a couple more weeks, that is nothing compared to some struggles people are facing. 

I will take this lesson into the weekend and try to be as carefree and nice as possible. Until someone tries to snag a bite of my ice cream or steals any of my cookies, then it's on!

Have a great weekend!


  1. So next time I need something "handled" I will text you to let you deal with it! hehe

  2. I am rolling! I seriously went through this a few months ago. LOL Hearing my emotions come from someone else is hilarious though. I hope they show up on time next week. Hope your weekend goes better!


  3. Oh Sarah you are too cute :) I totally know what you mean about customer service and having appointments not met! It's CRAZY the mean-ness that can come out me, I have DEF been there! And like you, I feel horrible and think, what was I thinking! haha :) I am glad all is well now and you had yourself a yummy treat! Those seem to always make me feel better too!


  4. lol, i'm sorry i'm laughing at this - - but we've all been in those situations. they SUCK. and it's okay that you totally freaked... i would have too :)
    the bright side is, you can develop good arm muscles from all that hard work scrubbing??

  5. I've worked in call centers before and I still catch myself going ghetto on people. You wouldn't believe some of the things people have told me when I was on the receiving end. When I worked in insurance claims I actually had a man yell at me for 45 minutes about how Asians cannot drive (among other racist things). Finally I had to tell him that my grandmother was Japanese. He kept going! So even if you think you were rude there is a whole 'nother level.

  6. Oh I hear ya girl. I talk to a LOT of customer service people all day and try to be as nice as possible but sometimes it just doesn't work. I, too, seem to get even more frustrated and rude with things at my own home. That whole waiting for 4 hours doesn't jive well with me.

  7. Um, you had every reason to freak. Do not apologize. They are running a business and should follow through. Please tell me that you are not obligated to use them. Find someone else. I would have lost it too and would have called 200 times! And you should have used their name in this post!! Sorry for all the riff raff!!

  8. Oh heeeeeeeeeeeck nah!!! Those type of situations bring out the La Fonda in me... The head starts to move sideways and the lips purse. That is the one thing I always dread when working with cable or repair companies.