I Am One Week Late

Friday, April 19, 2013

No, I am not one week late in (cough, cough) that aspect. All things in the female world are going according to plan.

I am one week late on wishing my husband a happy 26th birthday!

His birthday falls two days before the tax deadline - April 13th - which means for as long as I am in public accounting, we will never celebrate his birthday on his actual day of birth.

I wish I had some awesome, "look what I got my man for his birthday" post, but honestly all he got was underwear, a tie, and new luggage. Oh, and I got him three mini Nothing Bundt Cakes...two of which I devoured. 

He was thrilled with all of his gifts, honestly. He asked for undies, and the tie and luggage were an added bonus. How sweet am I? 

Happy 26 and 1 week birthday, husband! I can't wait stock your drawers full of underwear for your birthday for the rest of our lives!

I love you!


  1. Hahahaha! I love this! :)
    Happy Birthday, Chris!! Let's celebrate by double dating SOON!


  2. happy birthday to Chris!
    those are definitely important presents :)


  3. LOL! This was too cute!! I heart this post :) Your hubby is lucky, my hubby has to get his own undies ;)


  4. Happy birthday, Chris! Also, we totally have those exact same caps. Yay Rangers!

  5. Necessities are always the best gifts because then you can spend the good money on the unnecessitated items for yourself! LOL! Happy birthday to your husband! :)Darling couple!