Thursday, June 27, 2013

Currently, I would rather be back in Kauai...
Currently, I just woke up...and it is 11:17am. Don't worry, I went to bed at 3:30am. Why, you ask? Because my lovely husband is working the night shift for the last two weeks and it has screwed up my sleep schedule. Next week he will be back to his normal hours...which means one day this week I am going to have to gut it up and be tired for a day.

Currently, I am eating Corn Chex and drinking blue Gatorade. Perfect combination. Corn Chex are my all-time favorite cereal, by the way.

Currently, I should be studying for my teaching exam next week, but I am still trying to wake up. Pitiful.

Currently, the sun is shining and I want to go swimming, then I remember we are in Texas and it is too hot to even swim. 

Currently, I am about to go get dressed in my workout clothes, as I do everyday, and not workout. 

Okay, currently I need to stop writing this post and go study. Today's focus is on Texas history - boorrrrinnngggg. Maybe I am not smarter than a fifth grader...

Have a great day!

WIWW: Leopard and a Link Up

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All I can think of when I see this outfit is this story. 

Top: TJ Maxx // Shorts: Loft // Sandals: O'Neill

This is the perfect summer-in-Texas top. Light-weight, busy pattern to disguise sweating, sleeveless. You might think I am kidding about "disguise the sweat" until you actually live in Texas for a summer. It gets hot up in hurrr. It makes me want to take off all my clothes. No worries, my clothes stay on, because I am not sure taking them off would even make a difference. 
Shortly after my wonderful husband snapped these pictures my hair went up and the sweat began to rain down. I don't wear many accessories during the summer due to everything sticking to your body. Gross. Oh, and Chris wanted me to tell everyone (like anyone would even notice...) that this is not our grass I am standing in because Chris doesn't let our grass get that long (whatever you say honey, whatever you say). Our grass was in the direct sunlight and I would have melted. End of story.
Wednesday's Randoms:

- I take my teaching exam July 3rd. Pray for me!
- Chris gave Wrigley this duck that says, "Aflac, Aflac, Aflacccccc..." while I was gone today and I get home and Wrigley has fallen in love with this stupid thing. He has learned where to bite to activate the sound and if he does it one more time I am going to chunk it into the next neighborhood. Say I won't!
- While feeding the dogs tonight, I turned back around to walk inside and stepped on a GIANT toad. Luckily, I was grossed out thte second I grazed there was no splattage, but it really grossed me out. Not because I am afraid of bugs or toads, but the thought of what my body mass could have done to that little guy...sick. 
- Bachelorette still sucks. Luckily there is plenty of other trash television to fill my Monday nights. Thank God. 
- Yesterday I ate my weight in Chuy's creamy jalapeno dip. Holy yum.
- Did y'all watch that guy walk the #skywire across the Grand Freakin' Canyon?! I haven't sweated that much since I played college softball. Seriously, does he have a brain? And does his wife? I like how at the beginning of the interview she said, "Nik would never do anything dangerous. He is a father..." You're right, darling, walking 400 yards across the Grand Canyon on a two inch wire with no protection whatsoever is not dangerous. Quite safe, actually, right? Mrs. Wallenda? HAHAH! De-nial!
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8 Things I Live For and 2 Things I Can't Live Without

Sunday, June 23, 2013

1. My husband and family. Obviously, they are all my world.

2. My dogs. They are also my world. Take my house, take my car, take my clothes and shoes, but you're not getting my family or pups. No sir'ee!

3. I live to have fun! We have one life to live. Why not travel, and live it up, and be young while we can?? Now is the time in our lives where we have the chance to take vacations with other couples, attend tons of weddings and baby showers, and be spontaneous. 

4. I live for my friends. Without them I am not sure where I would be. Most of my friends are as close to me as my family and I thank God for that relationship everyday.

5. Food. Specifically ice cream. I live for a double scoop hot fudge sundae, or a tub of coffee ice cream. There is always an empty pocket in this belly of mine designated for ice cream!

6. I live for the future. Isn't it so exciting to think about what is to come? What will tomorrow hold? Next year? Ten years? Sometimes I have to remind myself to live in the present, but it's oh so sweet to dream up the future.

7. I live for anything that has to do with being pampered. Manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, you name it! If you ask Chris he will tell you I am obsessed with having my back rubbed, feet rubbed, head rubbed...anything I can convince him to massage, I'll take it! My Mom would ALWAYS sit on the edge of my bed before I went to sleep and rub or scratch my back. There is something about a great massage that makes you stop and think, "Wow, life is good and I am blessed." It really allows me to slow down and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

8. I live for holidays. What is better than getting together with your family, celebrating something special, and eating until you pass out on the couch? Ummm, nothing, nothing is better. I live for waking up on Christmas morning with no make up. Snapping those sleepy eyed pictures that reflect the faces of the gifts given. This year we will be with Chris's family for Thanksgiving and my family for Christmas. It is so interesting seeing other family's traditions and favorite foods during the holidays, and it makes me so excited to think of the traditions we will start with our future family! 

9. I can't live without this stupid blue pillow I sleep with every night. That pillow serves no purpose whatsoever, but I clutch it all night long. I wake up if I can't feel it, grab it from Chris if he thinks he can get away with stealing it, and take it with me everywhere. Weird, I know.  

10. I can't live without face wash and a toothbrush. There is nothing worse than feeling like your face and teeth are dirty. Put me on an island and give me those two items, plus something more useful (like a knife I suppose) and I'd be good to go.

And a bonus: I live for and can't live without God. He is everything and nothing in my life would be possible without Him. I strive to live for Him and, God knows, I can't live without Him! 

What do you live for? 

PS: Did you read this article about me at Go check it out!

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Have you heard?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Have you heard about Well, today is your lucky-ducky day, my friend!

I mean who doesn't like to save money? No one, that would be the correct answer, no one.

Head on over to and discover the endless coupons available. It is unreal! 

Oh, and they were nice enough to feature me right here! Go check it out!

Happy Friday!


To be honest, I am slightly overwhelmed. Not the about-to-have-a-mental-breakdown overwhelmed, just the have-so-much-I-want-and-need-to-do overwhelmed. You follow?

Chris has been filling in for the night supervisor this week which means three nights this week he works from 7pm-7am. Talk about screwing with a sleep schedule. 

Along with me taking on his sleep schedule (I am kinda chicken to be home alone so I have to wait until I am exhausted to fall asleep...), there is a dog in our neighborhood that is that dog. Every morning around 5:30am, the neighborhood beast starts barking. The owner must go workout, or something, because around 6:30am it stops, but by that point I am wide freaking awake. Anddd since I fall asleep between 1:00am and 2:00am...that equates to not a whole lotta sleep. 

On top of all that mess (yes, I am still complaining), I am taking the state exam next week for my teaching certification. I have been studying, but I still have no idea what to expect. I mean, who is seriously smarter than a 5th grader? Do you know what event happened in 1620? Ya, didn't think so. Or can you write me a complex, compound sentence? See what I mean. Ugh.

With all that negativity - cut it out, Sarah - there is some joy!! Our neighbors had their precious baby girl yesterday! To say I am excited about having a baby next door is an understatement. I am pumped! 

And since a post is basically pointless without pictures, here are some of my super intriguing pictures from this weeks shenanigans. 

Sarah sent me some of her hand-me downs. I, obviously, happily accepted! Thanks, Sarah! You and Floyd are the best! 

Home-made chick strips at Casa de Tucker this week. Yum.

No caption necessary!

I got out of the house this week to go to a doctor's appointment. Felt weird to put on make-up and get dressed. Don't fool yourself, my hair was in a bun.

Chris has been golfing a lot this week...since he is working nights, soooo...since he gets to golf, I get to get a pedicure. 

I found this picture in our office while studying. Melts my heart. I can only hope to have a child that precious.

Spurs, what the frick happened?!!? 
 This weekend will be full of relaxation, studying, and maybe a hot date with my main man :)

What are you up too??

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS: I am writing this at 12:19 at night and the beast of a dog is barking. That CHL may come in handy realllll soon. Just kidding, kinda

PSS: I just went outside to hear the location of the beast....the house right. freaking. behind us. Those neighbors will be getting a very nice note tomorrow :)


WIWW: The cutest dress + link up!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My almost Marilyn moment thanks to the wind.
No wind machine needed this day.
A couple weekends ago when I went home for my brother's graduation my Momma spoiled me. Before going into my FAVORITE boutique I reassured my Mom that, no matter what, I was not buying any clothes.
That didn't mean Mom didn't buy me any! I might have bribed her by saying, "I mean, Mom, I got my master's degree with a scholarship. I basically saved you and Dad so much money...." Hook, line, and sinker. She was also happy to get my "teacher" wardrobe started! I am not sure if I will be able to wear jeans all the time, so now my closet is stocked full of adorable dresses!
Thanks, Mom! You're the best!!
Dress and sandals from The Vintage Cottage
- The Spurs made me super mad last night. Way to blow it at the last minute, guys!
- The Bachelorette is still a snooze fest. Majorly.
- Chris is working nights this week and it is weird having him here during the day...
- Our neighbors are having their baby girl tomorrow and I am so. freaking. excited!!! I cannot wait to meet little her!
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Who I Am

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For the lack of my brain working up a different post idea, I decided to join in on the fun over at Becky's blog.

This week the topic is "Who I Am." All I think about when I say that statement is this song...

I am Rosemary's granddaughter
The spitting image of my father
And when the day is done my momma's still my biggest fan
Sometimes I'm clueless and I'm clumsy
But I've got friends that love me 
And they know just where I stand
It's all a part of me

And that's who I am

And this is when it all started...1990 Little Miss California. It should be illegal for a child this small to win trophies bigger than the actual winner herself. Jusss sayin'.
I have always been a rather confident person. Not cocky, confident. My parents believed in me, I believed in me, and He believed in me. I have never really wanted to change who I am, never thought I was too skinny or too fat, never went for a run just because I ate a cookie, and never didn't do something because I thought I would fail. 

I get my confidence from this chick. She's a keeper :)
I would say my favorite thing about me is that I am pretty darn independent. I contribute that to the confidence my parents instilled in me at a young age to be my own person, but know they always had my back. To me, you can't live for others until you independently figure out who you are. There was never anything I couldn't attempt on my own. There was never any challenge my mom said, "oh no honey, that's too hard, or you might fail, or get your feelings hurt." If there was a risk, my parents explained it to me and taught me that life isn't all rainbows and butterflies. You have to dust off your knees and get back up. My parents are the most loving people on the planet, but they didn't sugarcoat much and I thank them x100 for that.

I have definitely acquired the don't sugarcoat anything gene. But then again, that is who I am.

If you ask any of my friends they will tell you I am the one they come to if they want an honest opinion. If you want to truly be told if your butt looks big in that dress, come to me. Why? Because I would want the same honesty from them. If I can't trust my friends, who can I trust! Fake people give fake answers and that makes my heart hurt. 

Who I am. I am open and honest and would tell a stranger my life story if I had time. No, I don't have a life changing experience. I don't have a super emotional story that will leave you in tears. I come from a normal family. Grew up a normal kid in a loving home. Married a normal guy and live in a normal neighborhood.

I have found that I can only be true to who I am when I am an honest, open book. If someone is going to judge me on my looks, or my house, or my car, or my job then so be it. I am who I am, take it or leave it.

With all of this I do struggle. Now, I don't have the "normal" girl struggles about weight or appearance. I have the internal struggles. I struggle with constantly trying to overachieve, anxiety, and unnecessary stress. I get worked up about silly little things that don't matter. As I have become stronger in my faith I have realized that none of this is even in my hands. My anxious thoughts and stresses ultimately do nothing but hurt me in the long run. 

We're normal, right?
Who I am has become so easy knowing I am me, all the time. I am an open book. I have learned to accept my silly family for who they are. I love that my family never acted out of character when they met Chris. They never put on a front or tried to act like anything but themselves. If you knew my dad, you would know that guy is about as real as real can get. I am my father's daughter. That is who I am and their honesty and truthfulness has shown me that true friends are the ones who accept you for EXACTLY how you are.

"I am driving the kids to prom. It's not like other drivers will see I am not wearing pants!!"

 I am a girl who has learned to accept my husband and his many quarks, as he has accepted mine. I am a sister who has learned to nurture and love a younger sibling. I am a fur-momma who has felt a glimpse of what motherhood will be like and I know I have so much love to give. I am a friend who has hurt and been hurt, made up and not made up. Most importantly, who I am is centered around Him and if you judge me, fine, I can take it. But until you prove to me you're perfect, I think the only person able to judge is the big man upstairs.

That is who I am.


I Cried Over a Puppy

Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay, the only bad thing about the anniversary of today is last year we were headed to Kauai, and this year we are headed no where. Whomp whomp. Maybe next year ;)
This first anniversary weekend was perfection. We have been go go go lately. We thought about doing a weekend getaway, but the thought of packing and unpacking and travelling and this and that just didn't sound appealing.
Chris had planned for us to get brunch on Saturday at Sfuzzi and then head to the Dallas World Aquarium. We had both never been before and it did not disappoint! 
This is the underneath of the saw-head shark...doesn't it look like a ghost? or the Michelin man?
After clowin' around in the land o' animals all day, we were pooped! We decided we would head back home, rest up, then head out for another adventure later Saturday night. 
After a little afternoon cat nap (mayybeee not a little one...oops) we I woke up and we headed to see the movie The Internship. I, personally, enjoyed it and Chris didn't think it was half bad either. I love those kind of movies, so as long as it wasn't an action or scary movie, I was happy.
After the movie we headed home and went to sleep. Exciting couple I tell ya!
Sunday (our actual anniversary) I woke up and made us pancakes. We munched on those then decided to head to McKinney Trade Days. We love flea markets and trade days, so this was a perfect anniversary outing for us.
And now comes the crying part. At Trade Days there is a puppy section and I TOLD Chris I did not want to go down that aisle because I would want to take all the dogs home. On our first trip through I whizzed by all the pens and didn't allow myself to look too hard. We continued to shop and when we got to the end Chris said, "Now do you want to go back and really look at the puppies??" Of course I said yes, but what happened next I would have never imagined.
We looked at and petted a couple puppies that weren't really sparking my interest. Cute, yes. Connection to me, no. THEN we spotted the most adorable Doodle ever. Big blue eyes (like me, his not-future momma), white fluffy fur, and the most adorable personality I had come across since Wrigley and Bailey. I was in love. 
So what does Chris do? Oh he lets me FALL IN LOVE with this puppy. We play and I fall more in love then Chris and I decide to take a walk to really think this potential decision through. 
We start walking and talk through the pros and cons. Ultimately we decide that bringing home another dog right now isn't the best decision...even though we have no real reason. We have always wanted a cuddly lap  dog. I am home 24/7, so it would be perfect timing for me to train the new pup. Plus, We already have two dogs, so what is one more? It's like kids, right? What is one more.
As we were walking back to the booth to let the nice lady know we wouldn't be taking  Charlie (yes, we already named him...) home with us I started bawling. Holy embarrassing, but I couldn't imagine not taking this pup home with us. Chris of course did the "oh my gosh Sarah (while giggling), you have known this dog 30 minutes and your crying...adorable" which made me cry even harder. 
As we walked away from the booth without Charlie there was a nice lady and her kids there swooning over Charlie. They looked as though they loved him just as much as me, so I told them they had to buy him and I left it at that. 
We got in the car and went to Wal-Mart to buy dog food for our two current puppy children and we are 20 seconds away from the flea market and Chris says, "I think we should have got that dang dag..." UMMM, no. Don't be pullin' that crap on my emotions. As we were walking through Wal-Mart we talked about Charlie and how Wrigs and Bays would love him. We basically fell in love with this dog we are never going to own all over again.
We finally decided not to mention him for the sake of my heart. Although, I am tempted to email the lady and make sure he went to a good home...crazy dog lady, much? Oh well.
Sunday night we had a date to Twisted Root where we devoured burgers and shakes while watching the Spurs dominate the Heat. We rented Silver Linings Playbook, headed home, and called it a night after eating a bite of our still delicious and not frostbitten cake!
Oh, and for the "paper" gift...we got Michael Buble tickets!! We lovelovelove "the bub (pronounced boob)" as Chris calls him.
Cheers to our first anniversary! Now back to the real world and me dreaming I was in last year. 
Honeymoon: day 1
Honeymoon: day 2
Honeymoon: day 3
Honeymoon: day 4
Honeymoon: day 5
Happy Monday!
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