WIWW: Leopard and a Link Up

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All I can think of when I see this outfit is this story. 

Top: TJ Maxx // Shorts: Loft // Sandals: O'Neill

This is the perfect summer-in-Texas top. Light-weight, busy pattern to disguise sweating, sleeveless. You might think I am kidding about "disguise the sweat" until you actually live in Texas for a summer. It gets hot up in hurrr. It makes me want to take off all my clothes. No worries, my clothes stay on, because I am not sure taking them off would even make a difference. 
Shortly after my wonderful husband snapped these pictures my hair went up and the sweat began to rain down. I don't wear many accessories during the summer due to everything sticking to your body. Gross. Oh, and Chris wanted me to tell everyone (like anyone would even notice...) that this is not our grass I am standing in because Chris doesn't let our grass get that long (whatever you say honey, whatever you say). Our grass was in the direct sunlight and I would have melted. End of story.
Wednesday's Randoms:

- I take my teaching exam July 3rd. Pray for me!
- Chris gave Wrigley this duck that says, "Aflac, Aflac, Aflacccccc..." while I was gone today and I get home and Wrigley has fallen in love with this stupid thing. He has learned where to bite to activate the sound and if he does it one more time I am going to chunk it into the next neighborhood. Say I won't!
- While feeding the dogs tonight, I turned back around to walk inside and stepped on a GIANT toad. Luckily, I was grossed out thte second I grazed it...so there was no splattage, but it really grossed me out. Not because I am afraid of bugs or toads, but the thought of what my body mass could have done to that little guy...sick. 
- Bachelorette still sucks. Luckily there is plenty of other trash television to fill my Monday nights. Thank God. 
- Yesterday I ate my weight in Chuy's creamy jalapeno dip. Holy yum.
- Did y'all watch that guy walk the #skywire across the Grand Freakin' Canyon?! I haven't sweated that much since I played college softball. Seriously, does he have a brain? And does his wife? I like how at the beginning of the interview she said, "Nik would never do anything dangerous. He is a father..." You're right, darling, walking 400 yards across the Grand Canyon on a two inch wire with no protection whatsoever is not dangerous. Quite safe, actually, right? Mrs. Wallenda? HAHAH! De-nial!
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  1. o'neill givs you this summer offer. you buying coupons for O'neill online coupons for got the discount

  2. Adorable top! We're supposed to hit 100 tomorrow....ugh! Good luck on your exam next week, I know you'll do great!

  3. cute top -- love this casual look! xo


  4. I LOVE the leopard print! & you're so right, print is much better for this Texas heat! Solids show sweat before you get out the door! (Except I have a lot of solids! HAHAHAHA!) I didn't watch the sky wire guy but, I agree, HE'S CRAZY!!!

  5. I'm sorry about Wrigleys duck...terrible.

  6. Hahahaha...I think have a few "Aflaaaaaaac"'s I think that duck would be gone in our house. A mysterious disappearance if you will ;) And guuuurl, you know..and I mean I know you know, that I love me some leopard..this tank is adorable! Love the flowiness of it for summer...cute cute!!

  7. Ew, ew, ew! We have a toad living on the back patio too and it jumped out at me last night. I would freak if I stepped on it. And yes, it's incredibly hard to look cute every day when all you want to wear is tank tops and shorts. Your tank is adorable though!

  8. hahaha! michael would want me to do the exact same thing- our grass doesn't get that long! and yes you have to disguise the sweat!!

  9. Cute outfit. I love that shirt.


  10. Haha I love that your husband said that about the grass - mine would have said the exact same thing! You look so cute - perfect for summer, which I totally get. I sweat buckets just walked from my car to my office!

  11. Haha I just read the puppy story - I totally would have cried too! And I would have cried if I smashed a toad...I'm glad you just grazed it! This top is so cute, and I'm loving those longer shorts! I need to find something similar. Oh, and I'm laughing about what your Hubby said. I totally didn't even notice the grass :)
    Just found you at Rolled Up Pretty & I'm joining your link-up too!

  12. Amen sister....amen....it's so freaking hot and it's not even July!! And of course Chris would NEVER let the grass get that tall!! Love it!! Annnnnd, I was soooooo excited at Target today when I found the Archer Farms brand of creamy jalapeno ranch dip....and then cried when it tasted awful. You got this exam....you are gonna kill it!!