I Cried Over a Puppy

Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay, the only bad thing about the anniversary of today is last year we were headed to Kauai, and this year we are headed no where. Whomp whomp. Maybe next year ;)
This first anniversary weekend was perfection. We have been go go go lately. We thought about doing a weekend getaway, but the thought of packing and unpacking and travelling and this and that just didn't sound appealing.
Chris had planned for us to get brunch on Saturday at Sfuzzi and then head to the Dallas World Aquarium. We had both never been before and it did not disappoint! 
This is the underneath of the saw-head shark...doesn't it look like a ghost? or the Michelin man?
After clowin' around in the land o' animals all day, we were pooped! We decided we would head back home, rest up, then head out for another adventure later Saturday night. 
After a little afternoon cat nap (mayybeee not a little one...oops) we I woke up and we headed to see the movie The Internship. I, personally, enjoyed it and Chris didn't think it was half bad either. I love those kind of movies, so as long as it wasn't an action or scary movie, I was happy.
After the movie we headed home and went to sleep. Exciting couple I tell ya!
Sunday (our actual anniversary) I woke up and made us pancakes. We munched on those then decided to head to McKinney Trade Days. We love flea markets and trade days, so this was a perfect anniversary outing for us.
And now comes the crying part. At Trade Days there is a puppy section and I TOLD Chris I did not want to go down that aisle because I would want to take all the dogs home. On our first trip through I whizzed by all the pens and didn't allow myself to look too hard. We continued to shop and when we got to the end Chris said, "Now do you want to go back and really look at the puppies??" Of course I said yes, but what happened next I would have never imagined.
We looked at and petted a couple puppies that weren't really sparking my interest. Cute, yes. Connection to me, no. THEN we spotted the most adorable Doodle ever. Big blue eyes (like me, his not-future momma), white fluffy fur, and the most adorable personality I had come across since Wrigley and Bailey. I was in love. 
So what does Chris do? Oh he lets me FALL IN LOVE with this puppy. We play and I fall more in love then Chris and I decide to take a walk to really think this potential decision through. 
We start walking and talk through the pros and cons. Ultimately we decide that bringing home another dog right now isn't the best decision...even though we have no real reason. We have always wanted a cuddly lap  dog. I am home 24/7, so it would be perfect timing for me to train the new pup. Plus, We already have two dogs, so what is one more? It's like kids, right? What is one more.
As we were walking back to the booth to let the nice lady know we wouldn't be taking  Charlie (yes, we already named him...) home with us I started bawling. Holy embarrassing, but I couldn't imagine not taking this pup home with us. Chris of course did the "oh my gosh Sarah (while giggling), you have known this dog 30 minutes and your crying...adorable" which made me cry even harder. 
As we walked away from the booth without Charlie there was a nice lady and her kids there swooning over Charlie. They looked as though they loved him just as much as me, so I told them they had to buy him and I left it at that. 
We got in the car and went to Wal-Mart to buy dog food for our two current puppy children and we are 20 seconds away from the flea market and Chris says, "I think we should have got that dang dag..." UMMM, no. Don't be pullin' that crap on my emotions. As we were walking through Wal-Mart we talked about Charlie and how Wrigs and Bays would love him. We basically fell in love with this dog we are never going to own all over again.
We finally decided not to mention him for the sake of my heart. Although, I am tempted to email the lady and make sure he went to a good home...crazy dog lady, much? Oh well.
Sunday night we had a date to Twisted Root where we devoured burgers and shakes while watching the Spurs dominate the Heat. We rented Silver Linings Playbook, headed home, and called it a night after eating a bite of our still delicious and not frostbitten cake!
Oh, and for the "paper" gift...we got Michael Buble tickets!! We lovelovelove "the bub (pronounced boob)" as Chris calls him.
Cheers to our first anniversary! Now back to the real world and me dreaming I was in Kauai...like last year. 
Honeymoon: day 1
Honeymoon: day 2
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Happy Monday!
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  1. I was just on AA.com this morning looking for tickets to Kauai next april!! Of course there's nothing, bc it's near impossible to use your miles. Off to scope out your honeymoon pics!

  2. I would have been the same way about that dog!!! I'm sorry he broke your little heart. On the flip side, the aquarium looks amazing as does your wedding cake! YUM :)

  3. I've cried over a puppy before! I cried hard so I totally identify! How do they just steal our hearts so fast?!

  4. Aww! Happy Anniversary and your perfect pups will come up SOON!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! And I am NOT mentioning Charlie...nope...not gonna do it. You guys followed your heart....you made the right choice. Love you!

  6. I have so been there over a puppy... Couple years ago we were in the car on the way to get a mini Aussie at I had fallen int love with just from pictures. On the way, we thought what are we doing and went back home. I cried the ENTIRE way home. Happy anniversary again!!

  7. I love you for this post. Happy one year a day late and I just know Charlie went to a good home.

  8. Happy anniversary a day late and thanks for sharing about the Internship. My tech guy hubby wants to see it if he hears a lot of good things about it!

  9. First, I am sooooooooo jealous of your paper gift!! the bub! Ah! I love him! I think Aaron needs to make up for his paper gift (like buy me michale buble tickets) haha... and the pup story... I am so emotional when it comes to animals..ridiculous, but it's because we have so much love ;) Glad the cake was yummo after a year in the freezer and your outings sound like our kind of celebratory weekend :)

  10. Happy anniversary!!! So exciting :)

    I can't even look at the damn mice at PetCo. I feel so bad for the animals. All of ours have been rescues. No joke my parents have taken in two ENTIRE litters over the past few years because they were abandoned. They have to be careful though, so they don't become pet hoarders lol!

    Thanks for linking up!

  11. The dog aisle at Trade Days is HEARTBREAKING! I'm sure Charlie is in a happy and loving home!

  12. I am sure he went to a fantastic home!!

    I would have done the same thing...tearrrs!
    We talk about getting another one all the time and then talk ourselves out of it all the time as well. Im not sure Floyd would take it very well if we brought another one home, ha!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

    We went to see The Internship this past weekend and loved it. I love Michael Buble! I saw him in Atlanta a few years ago and it was one of the best concerts I've seen.

  14. Oh no, I feel your pain. I've heard about that puppy aisle at trade days, but I don't think I will be taking a stroll in there, heard you just will not be walking out empty handed...you may have been the first my dear. When it's meant to be, it's meant to be, so don't fret.

  15. How fun! All of your pictures are amazing! Thanks so much for linking up with us and sharing your anniversary!


  16. You really are adorable for crying over Charlie! I hope you came home and cuddled your other doggies