WIWW: The cutest dress + link up!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My almost Marilyn moment thanks to the wind.
No wind machine needed this day.
A couple weekends ago when I went home for my brother's graduation my Momma spoiled me. Before going into my FAVORITE boutique I reassured my Mom that, no matter what, I was not buying any clothes.
That didn't mean Mom didn't buy me any! I might have bribed her by saying, "I mean, Mom, I got my master's degree with a scholarship. I basically saved you and Dad so much money...." Hook, line, and sinker. She was also happy to get my "teacher" wardrobe started! I am not sure if I will be able to wear jeans all the time, so now my closet is stocked full of adorable dresses!
Thanks, Mom! You're the best!!
Dress and sandals from The Vintage Cottage
- The Spurs made me super mad last night. Way to blow it at the last minute, guys!
- The Bachelorette is still a snooze fest. Majorly.
- Chris is working nights this week and it is weird having him here during the day...
- Our neighbors are having their baby girl tomorrow and I am so. freaking. excited!!! I cannot wait to meet little her!
Now onto the funstuff:

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- And go meet people! Please!

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  1. That is a cute dress!

    Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wenesday! http://www.themummychronicles.com

  2. I love your dress. This is added to my must do and see on my visit. And I'm pretty sure every comment I leave is about like this. Lol happy Wednesday friend.

  3. Love that dress!!! & I agree about The Bachelorette! I'm still watching but, it's booor-ing!

  4. I am still SICK over last night's game!!! What in the heck....make a freaking free throw!! UGH!!! They 100% BLEW it!!! On a lighter note, this dress is perfection!! And you are the cutest thing ever!!

  5. super cute you look adorable!


  6. Such a cute dress!!! So nice of your mom!!

    I know...Bachelorette is terrible. I stopped watching 2 weeks ago, and I've NEVER missed an episode! ahhh.

  7. Love this dress and this link up... unfortunately, I am not one to show off my wardrobe... it is lacking desperately!!!

  8. OMG Sarah!!!!! That dress is ADORABLE. How perfect is the burnt orange color? What a fun dress to wear with boots + a cardi in the fall! You are adorable my dear, hope you're having a great day!!!

  9. Total OKC Thunder fan here (obvs) BUT We have been cheering for the spurs all series. Talk about giving me gray hair!!! OH EM GEE!!! Tomorrow night they better get their stuff together. Super adorable dress!!!! :)

  10. The Spurs made me so mad too - I really thought they were going to finish it off! It looks like Thursday will be another late night :(

    You look so cute in this dress! So nice of your mom to hook you up :)

  11. That dress is adorable! The sandals are too. Lucky you, wish my mom would take me shopping!

  12. Whooooo hoooooo! Marilyn herself! You pose in that wind girlfriend! But that dress is adorable...love the colors. Mamma bought good ;)

  13. I LOVE that dress!!! Take me back to your home town so we can go shopping!! :)

  14. SARAH!! You are so PRETTY!!! I love your comment about not needing a wind machine, LOL!! You are too cute!! I think all days I've done an outfit post it's been windy and I've had to improvise :) Love your dress! And what a sweet mom, my mom is the same way! I love that she still buys me stuff ;)


  15. LOVE that dress on you!!! Thanks for hosting the linkup!