Important Letters

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dear Chris,

This Sunday we will celebrate our first year of marriage by eating freezer-burned cake, watching our wedding video, and exchanging a few gifts. One particular gift I bought for both of us and I am super excited. I went with the "paper" theme and I am very happy with my purchase. I can't believe a year ago we were getting ready to celebrate the most perfect day of our lives. Time has flown by!! There is only one thing I would change and that is saying we will have kids after we have been married a couple years...if the years go by this fast we won't be procreating until 2020! Love you my sweet hubby. I can't wait to spend the rest of my days with you and your hilarious remarks, silly actions, and unconditional love. You're my world.

Wedding Video {here}
Wedding Pictures {here}, {here}, {here}, and {here}

Dear Sam,

Little brother. Oh my how you have grown. I feel like it was yesterday we brought you home from the hospital in California. I told Mom and Dad I wanted you to stay in my room that night, so they willingly put your bassinet in my room. Good thing it had wheels because I will never forget you crying in the middle of that first night and me rolling your butt right back into Mom and Dad's room. It was from that moment on I never got good sleep again. Whether it be you waking me up to play with you or you bouncing your basketball in the living room at 6am on a Saturday morning, I never slept in again. I am in awe of the young man you have become. From an incredible athlete to salutatorian of your graduating class it brings me to tears to think of how proud I am to be your sister. You've got a bright future, buddy, and I can't wait to be there to support you every step of the way.

Dear Texas Heat,

Slow your roll. It is only June and I bake the moment I step foot outside. When it is too hot to go to the pool, you know it is a problem.

Dear Teaching Exam, 

Please be kind to me. I am not sure I am smarter than a fifth grader...I have a master's degree, but somehow I forgot what a complex-compound sentence is and who led what war. All I ask is your questions be similar to the ones I am studying or I am in big trouble.

Dear Sleep,

I would appreciate if you were consistent. Not sure what your problem is, but you like to only last about 5.5 hours and we all know Sarah with no sleep is no good for anyone. Please come back into my life, please.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Love this post and not gonna lie. I just watched your entire wedding video. Adorable. That's all I can say. You two are just presh.

  2. I love that these were sentimental and hilarious. My favorite was that you wanted your brother in your room but rolled him away when he cried...oh the look on your parents face must have been priceless!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!! I dont think we have room in our freezer to save the top of our wedding we decided every year on our anniversary we will order a small cake from our cake bakery! (Although freezer burned cake sounds amazing! hah)

  4. Happy anniversary friend!! Hope you guys have the best weekend!! Can't wait to see what your paper gifts are!

  5. Your wedding video was precious! Happy Anniversary!!

  6. Soooo sweet!!! And yay for 1st wedding anniversary this weekend!! We did the paper themed gifts as well. Aaron got a sketchbook, I got a planner that says, "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" (he knows me so well), and then we both picked out a puzzle together to complete, date, and then frame :) And the heat...whew!! And we have no humidity! Get the pups a kiddie pool and just borrow it like we do Bella's..ha!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! Time does fly! It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my first. Enjoy it! =)

  8. Congrats on your anniversary!! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate!