WIWW: Come back tomorrow! I'm on a surgery break!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I had mouth surgery (gum grafts, boo!) Monday and these last couple days have been a blur. I'm all groggy and, as you can imagine, not in the mind-set to sit here and write a well though out post. Who knows what would come out of this foggy mind of mine!

My days are consistent with a baby: eat, sleep, have Chris help me eat, repeat. Luckily I can still do the bathroom thing on my own :)

COME BACK TOMORROW for The Lovely Lookbook link up with Caitlin and I where we will be featuring boots and booties! 

So save those outfit posts for tomorrow and I'll see ya then!

Christmas Recap & Other Things

Monday, December 29, 2014

This year was our first year to host Christmas. We told our families that if they wanted to see us, they had to come to us. The holidays always seem more stressful than relaxing and we wanted to put an end to that. And, just like the loving parents we have, they all said, "Sure! We will ALL come to you!"

Alrighty then. Let the prep-work for hosting nine people at our house begin.

Without boring you to death with details, everything ended up perfect. Perfect. I had bought the perfect amount of groceries, made the perfect amount of breakfast casseroles, delegated the perfect things to other people to be in charge of, the sleeping arrangements we perfect. It was almost like a dream how great last week was.

My family came in from the Austin area and Chris's family came and spent the night, even though they only live about an hour away. It was just the way we wanted it. My 89 year old granddad got to come up and it was so fun starting this new tradition!
Yesterday was the first day we had an empty house in 10 days. You could call us empty nesters now, ha!

Today I have a minor surgery to repair my gums. Wednesday is NYE and we are going to some friend's house, Thurs is a packed day with it being NY's day (yikes! where has time gone!) and Friday I start wedding prep for one of my best friend's weddings on Saturday!

2015 is going to start out busy, busy, busy and I can only imagine that is how the year is going to be. Blessed and busy!!

Happy Monday!

A Holiday Break!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I'm taking a break from WIWW today to spend time with loved ones! We've got a full house and are playing host this year, and I'm so thankful for that.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve and a very merry Christmas!

WIWW will be back next Wednesday the 31st!

DIY Christmas Card Display

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


In our old house I had a system for hanging Christmas cards. Since this is our first year in our new house, I had to find a new spot to display all of the season's happiness.

There is a small blank wall in between the kitchen and the living room that I thought would be perfect. I had some glitter light-bulbs strung on gold string hanging around and I simply strung the glittery lights across the wall and secured it with sticky-tack.  

I love the simplicity of this display. Chris walked in and saw the display and exclaimed, "Cauuuuuttteee!" I guess that means it is a hit!

You can see our Christmas Card here!

Our Christmas Card

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dog blooper for the win.

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Our Christmas card is from Tiny Prints!

Four Eyes

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I got glasses in fourth grade, and they were fake. I think I told people they were real which sounds just like something a fourth graders do. I wanted glasses and braces soooo bad (didn't we all?! no?), so my aunt got me fake glasses and I would make fake retainers out of paper clips. Fast forward to fifth grade when the ole eye balls crapped out and the snaggle tooth look was becoming more of an eyesore than not.

I remember playing softball in glasses and it was so difficult. When we had to play in the rain I would have to wipe them constantly. My frames were always crooked because I was as tom-boy as they come. Those were the awkward years, I tell ya.

Fast forward to now and I rock the glasses six out of seven days a week. Glasses have become more of an accessory, and I'm totally fine with that.

That's where Firmoo comes in. Firmoo is an online optical store where you can virtually try on the glasses before you buy them. Genius! They sell prescription and non prescription glasses and sunglasses. This is my second pair from Firmoo and I am beyond pleased with the quality of the frames and lenses.

And should I mention the price? The last time I paid for glasses at the eye doctor I paid over $300...and that was with insurance. Firmoo's frames and lenses are so affordable without having to have insurance.

Need new glasses to start out the new year?? Check out Firmoo and virtually try on some glasses!

**Thanks for Firmoo for my great glasses. Although Firmoo provided me with these awesome specs, all opinions are my own!

WIWW: Rainy Days + Link Up

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

shoes // pants // scarf // hat option here, here // purse // top
As a blogger with no professional photography experience, and no professional photographer at my beck and call, you hand your camera over to your significant other and hope for the best. And then the best happens and you can't believe that your rough and tough husband just took such great photos.

Don't even mind me, just look at this back drop. Chris kept moving from where I placed him and I was thinking, "I''ll just let him go with it and delete them later." One for Chris, zero for Sarah. I deleted all the pictures that were taken when I placed him.

It was raining all day Sunday (the day these pictures were took) and we decided to head to our favorite little restaurant on the square. Since my weekdays are usually when I look like a hot mess, I have to take advantage of every chance I get when I actually put on something other than my elementary school's t-shirt, and jeans. 

It was raining, but we decided to stop at this park near our house anyways. I'd say the rain provided for some pretty darn good photos! Props to that hubby of mine! 

I guess I should say something out my outfit: this is my winter go-to look, right there ladies, and the few possible gentlemen reading. The scarf of the year, my favorite striped shirt, and some dark green jeans for the win. 

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My Men

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Growing up I always knew whoever I married would have to have the approval of my brother. I compared everyone to him. My brother opens doors for all girls, so should my man. My brother is the most respectful guy on the planet, my man should be too. My brother would never hurt me, neither should my man. My brother would protect me no matter what, so should my man.

When Chris and my brother first met, I knew my brother would have some opinions. If Sam didn't like him, he was out. Although my parent's opinions mattered, Sam's mattered the most

Obviously Sam gave the thumbs up in favor of Chris and to see these two together, now, explains how perfect Chris fits in our family. To say I am thankful to have these men in my life is an understatement. Chris calls Sam 'brother' and if I say 'my brother,' Chris corrects me. Chris got a brother out of this marriage deal, and so did Sam. It was a win all around.

I took these pictures of them to get my camera set up for Sam to take our Christmas card pictures. All of the poses were unprompted (and this isn't even all of them!) and they will probably kill me for posting these, but I warned them that all pictures were fair game! This shows off their personalities to a T. Both of them are as silly as can be and do everything in their power to make me laugh. I wonder where they get it from...

A Taco and Christmas Lights Tour

Monday, December 15, 2014

This weekend we celebrated one of my best friend's at her bachelorette party. We went on a tacos and margarita tour/chocolate and Christmas lights tour of Dallas. Best bacelorette party idea ever!

We loaded up the shuttle bus around 5:00pm Friday and made our way to our first stop, Desperados, for their famous deep fried taco. Y'all...if you're ever in Dallas, you need to go there! It was the best taco I have ever had. Everything about it was perfect! We drank their famous margaritas, ate their delicious chips and salsa, and laughed until our stomach's hurt.

On to our next stop in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas. It was time for some chocolate at Kate Weiser. These chocolates looked too good to eat!

The Kate Weiser herself came out to greet us and let us sample her delicious chocolates. She is the one in the bottom left. I had some sort of banana bonbon and it was amazing! I bought a couple macaroons for myself and the bride since neither of us had ever had one. Verdict: so good! 

After chocolate, we made our way to Velvet Taco. Their margarita was better than their taco, but I still ate it all. I just couldn't stop thinking about the fried taco we had. 

Last up on the tour was the Christmas lights. We went to the Highland Park area of Dallas and were driven by some of the biggest homes in the area. We made one stop at a house that it costs over $25,000 to put up their lights each year! We drove by Jerry Jones' house (the owner of the Cowboys) and past Highland Paark Village. At this point, it was after my normal 8:30pm bedtime and I was getting so sleepy!

We made our way back to my friend's apartment where they dropped us off. It was time for her to open her gifts, but all of us old ladies got too comfy on the couch and just about fell asleep. 

After presents we made the executive decision that it was too early to go to sleep for a bachelorette party, so out on the town we went. We ended up at a bar and since most of us are a) married, b) have kids, c) worked all day, or d) a combination, so we left the majority of the drinking to a few of the girls while the rest of us made sure everyone got home safely. We did manage to get all of our drinks free and I have confirmed that the next time I'm in a bar like that will be for someone else's bachelorette party.

Saturday morning all the girls left and I took the bride to be out to brunch. I just adore her and our time together and can't wait for her big day!!

When I got home Chris had flowers waiting for me. He said, "I have to try and woo you back after drunk guys have been hitting on y'all all night!" I was dying laughing!   

And I should mention the AWESOME bridesmaid's gifts we got. Freaking Nike tennis shoes! The bride and all her bridesmaids played softball (one played soccer) in college, so we all have a love for tennis shoes. She asked us for our favorite tennis shoe colors and mine were the only ones without any bright color on them. What can I say, I like my shoes simple!! Aren't they so cool?! She designed them herself on Nike.com.
Sunday was full day of gift wrapping, laundry, grocery shopping, blog writing, cleaning, and cafe dining. We accomplished and it feels good. My family comes in for Christmas next Sunday, and this is a really busy week, so I am glad to get a lot of house work out of the way!

How was your weekend?!

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WIWW: Grey Loves + Link Up

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Grey is by far my favorite color. Everything goes with grey and when you wear it all the time no one suspects you hate the world, like when you wear black day after day. Totally kidding, I love black too.

That bar necklace isn't grey, but it is grey's best friend, gold. If I didn't already have an initial necklace, this one would be on my list. In fact, I think I'll put it on my list just to be on the safe side. You know, in case I ever lose the one I always wear.

And this is a public service announcement for my family. I want some mocs!! Just like these grey ones! The ones I have got left at Chris's house in college by some random chick that came over to hangout with his roommate and I think it is time I upgrade them to a pair that are actually mine.

And totally random, but I always think wishlist is one word and after some research, I'm not the only one! Grade A teacher right here!

And don't forget these amazing sales still going on!

  • Amazon: Continuing to have Green Monday Sales.
  • Ann Taylor: 50% off full-price sweaters and pants with code JOYFUL50

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  • Kate Spade Saturday: 

  • $25 off $100

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  • LOFT: full-price sweaters and tops 50% off
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  • Neiman Marcus: Up to 50% off regular-price items

  • up to 65% off cashmere.

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    A Random Reflection

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    Lately I've just been tired. School is tiring. Life is tiring. There are so many wonderful events happening this month that I get tired thinking about how I'm never going to catch up on sleep.

    Then I reflect on this year and how wonderful it has been...and I get tired thinking about all the things we've done. Just kidding :)

    I know we all feel worn down and think to ourselves, "When does life slow down?" But, I just don't think that it does! 

    I remember thinking when we first go married, "We are so busy, all the time." People would say that things would slow down and they never have. We went and bought another house, moved, I changed jobs, life happened, and things have never really just slowed down.

    As tired as I am, and how I urn to be able to sleep in past 7:00am on the weekends, I constantly think about how blessed I am. This year Chris and I have gone skiing in New Mexico, celebrated our two year wedding anniversary in San Francisco, went to West Point and NYC, and we still have so much more to go this month. There are countless things in between our bigger trips that I can't even recall, but I know this year could possibly go down as one of the best years of my life.

    I've been so happy in my job. Working in accounting was miserable and I remember wondering if I would be stuck in that industry forever. God had other plans and I am so, so happy where I'm at with my fifth graders.

    I've been so happy with my marriage. Things were not all rainbows and butterflies that first year, but now that we are two and a half years in I feel so happy. Chris makes me so happy. I cold gush about him all day, but he truly is the best guy for me and I know this coming year might be the best one yet. 

    Our families make me so happy. I thought I hit the jackpot with my parents, then I got Chris's parents and I feel so blessed to have four people who love us more than life itself. 

    When I started this post I was going to tell you that I was too tired to write anything, but I guess that changed. Well, the tired part didn't. I try to not complain about being tired and worn down. Working with kids all day is hard, but so rewarding. I never want my tired eyes to get in the way of seeing that they are just babies and need me. 

    We are a mere 22 days from ringing in a New Year and I think it will take me all month just to process the fun this year has been count all my blessings!

    A party, presents, and pictures!

    Monday, December 8, 2014

    This weekend was unexpectedly full. The only thing that was on my agenda was my favorite twin's birthday, and that was it.

    Friday night Chris and I headed to his parent's house. We were going to spend the night there because Chris and his dad were going hunting and had to leave at an ungodly hour. They also live really close to Amber, so it worked out perfectly.

    I went over the Amber's Friday night to help her get things ready for the girl's birthday on Saturday. It was so fun to just chit-chat and decorate, and chit-chat some more.

    Saturday was party day. I went to the party and played photographer and grubbed on delicious pancakes and bacon!

    After the party I headed back to my in-laws where my mother-in-law and I decided to go Christmas shopping, since the boys were away at the deer lease. We knocked out the majority of our lists, which I wasn't expecting!

    The boys finally got back after dark and we all went out to eat. At that point Chris, nor I, felt like making the 40 minute drive back home, so we spent the night again.

    Sunday made for another long, but wonderful day. Chris's parents got a new couch delivered on Saturday. Well, it didn't exactly fit in their media room, so they graciously let us have their brand new leather sectional. Talk about blessed. We seriously have the best parents, on both sides!

    So, we loaded up the couch and headed back to our house. After moving our furniture out of the man cave, we brought the new sectional in. By that time we were pooped and hungry. We treated his parents to lunch and then they headed back home.

    I wrapped presents for the next couple hours, while Chris broke in the new couch :)

    At 4:00pm our friends came over and I took their family pictures. They are expecting a baby girl in February and we are so excited!!

    After dinner with them, I addressed Christmas cards and then finally wound down and headed off to bed!

    It's going to be another full week ahead and I already feel exhausted. Exhausted, but blessed!

    Happy Monday!

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