My Men

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Growing up I always knew whoever I married would have to have the approval of my brother. I compared everyone to him. My brother opens doors for all girls, so should my man. My brother is the most respectful guy on the planet, my man should be too. My brother would never hurt me, neither should my man. My brother would protect me no matter what, so should my man.

When Chris and my brother first met, I knew my brother would have some opinions. If Sam didn't like him, he was out. Although my parent's opinions mattered, Sam's mattered the most

Obviously Sam gave the thumbs up in favor of Chris and to see these two together, now, explains how perfect Chris fits in our family. To say I am thankful to have these men in my life is an understatement. Chris calls Sam 'brother' and if I say 'my brother,' Chris corrects me. Chris got a brother out of this marriage deal, and so did Sam. It was a win all around.

I took these pictures of them to get my camera set up for Sam to take our Christmas card pictures. All of the poses were unprompted (and this isn't even all of them!) and they will probably kill me for posting these, but I warned them that all pictures were fair game! This shows off their personalities to a T. Both of them are as silly as can be and do everything in their power to make me laugh. I wonder where they get it from...


  1. This post is the sweetest! And these pictures are hilarious! It's so nice when family just comes together you know? I'm the same way with Aaron's sister..It's not "his" sister...she's Sis to both of us. :)

  2. haha, that is so great they get along. I'm so happy my brother gets along so well with my husband. I just wish we saw him more often!