5 Ways to Create a Cozy Bedroom

Friday, December 5, 2014

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow    
Transforming the home for the winter goes beyond turning up the thermostat. Design-savvy homeowners are wise to winterize their interiors and create warm retreats to combat chilling exterior temperatures. And what better place to start than the bedroom – an area demanding ultimate coziness?

Incorporate these five ideas for a comforting bedroom this winter.

1. Soft Lighting

Source: Zillow

Lighting is a prime ambiance enhancer. Hang string lights behind sheer curtains for a soft, subtle twinkle. Non-holiday string lights work best in eclectic or modern bedrooms – the asymmetrical appearance fits more non-traditional designs. If the room is traditional, consider a small chandelier for classic Parisian flair. Elevated lighting provides widespread illumination to brighten all sides of the room evenly.

2. Knitted Linens

Chunky fabrics like cable knit are usually reserved for sweaters and scarves. However, blankets featuring braided patterns outfit bedrooms fashionably as well. Incorporate thick fabrics via quilts, cushion covers and throws – but stick with interchangeable accessories for easy seasonal removal. Once winter passes, sweater-like materials might be too overwhelming for the summer.

3. Textured Rugs

Forget slippers – hop out of bed and feel the warmth of a faux fur throw rug. Plush rugs heat up hardwoods and short pile carpets that otherwise feel cold. Sleek furnishings combined with rich, lush throw rugs create a contemporary, warm space. Throw rugs are impermanent, and homeowners in warmer climates like Texas might consider swapping them for more weather-appropriate textiles when warm weather reappears.

4. Throws and Pillows

Accessories add visual interest to bland bedrooms, but also act as convenient tools for keeping warm during the winter months. Incorporate a fuzzy throw at the foot of the bed. The extra blanket appears chic but spreads out to create an extra layer of warmth for chilly December mornings.

5. Molding and Trim

Modify traditional designs to create the same warm feeling as bohemian or eclectic bedrooms. Consider adding molding and trim in the bedroom for a more permanent, cottage-like vibe. Wall embellishments add interest to otherwise bland walls, without framed pictures or tapestries. Opt for classic white bead board instead of eccentric, bright paintings that might detract from the bedroom’s soothing qualities. Pair white molding with robin’s egg blue wall paint and traditional, plush furnishings for a classic, comforting, coastal bedroom.

Alternating bedroom designs throughout the year keeps interiors looking fresh, but creating warm interiors for the winter goes beyond updating interiors to help keep homeowners content and cozy. 

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