Four Eyes

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I got glasses in fourth grade, and they were fake. I think I told people they were real which sounds just like something a fourth graders do. I wanted glasses and braces soooo bad (didn't we all?! no?), so my aunt got me fake glasses and I would make fake retainers out of paper clips. Fast forward to fifth grade when the ole eye balls crapped out and the snaggle tooth look was becoming more of an eyesore than not.

I remember playing softball in glasses and it was so difficult. When we had to play in the rain I would have to wipe them constantly. My frames were always crooked because I was as tom-boy as they come. Those were the awkward years, I tell ya.

Fast forward to now and I rock the glasses six out of seven days a week. Glasses have become more of an accessory, and I'm totally fine with that.

That's where Firmoo comes in. Firmoo is an online optical store where you can virtually try on the glasses before you buy them. Genius! They sell prescription and non prescription glasses and sunglasses. This is my second pair from Firmoo and I am beyond pleased with the quality of the frames and lenses.

And should I mention the price? The last time I paid for glasses at the eye doctor I paid over $300...and that was with insurance. Firmoo's frames and lenses are so affordable without having to have insurance.

Need new glasses to start out the new year?? Check out Firmoo and virtually try on some glasses!

**Thanks for Firmoo for my great glasses. Although Firmoo provided me with these awesome specs, all opinions are my own!


  1. haha, I totally did the paper clip thing for braces! What were we thinking?!

  2. That is so funny you wore fake glasses, I did the complete opposite... I needed glasses and got them in 3rd grade but was embarrassed and refused to wear them for 2 years! These frames look great on you!


  3. those are the cutest!!! I live in glasses because I can't wear contacts!


  4. Those glasses are so cute! I'm due for an eye checkup soon so i'll definitely have to check them out. Paying for new glasses at they eye doctors is always soooo expensive. It's insane.