A party, presents, and pictures!

Monday, December 8, 2014

This weekend was unexpectedly full. The only thing that was on my agenda was my favorite twin's birthday, and that was it.

Friday night Chris and I headed to his parent's house. We were going to spend the night there because Chris and his dad were going hunting and had to leave at an ungodly hour. They also live really close to Amber, so it worked out perfectly.

I went over the Amber's Friday night to help her get things ready for the girl's birthday on Saturday. It was so fun to just chit-chat and decorate, and chit-chat some more.

Saturday was party day. I went to the party and played photographer and grubbed on delicious pancakes and bacon!

After the party I headed back to my in-laws where my mother-in-law and I decided to go Christmas shopping, since the boys were away at the deer lease. We knocked out the majority of our lists, which I wasn't expecting!

The boys finally got back after dark and we all went out to eat. At that point Chris, nor I, felt like making the 40 minute drive back home, so we spent the night again.

Sunday made for another long, but wonderful day. Chris's parents got a new couch delivered on Saturday. Well, it didn't exactly fit in their media room, so they graciously let us have their brand new leather sectional. Talk about blessed. We seriously have the best parents, on both sides!

So, we loaded up the couch and headed back to our house. After moving our furniture out of the man cave, we brought the new sectional in. By that time we were pooped and hungry. We treated his parents to lunch and then they headed back home.

I wrapped presents for the next couple hours, while Chris broke in the new couch :)

At 4:00pm our friends came over and I took their family pictures. They are expecting a baby girl in February and we are so excited!!

After dinner with them, I addressed Christmas cards and then finally wound down and headed off to bed!

It's going to be another full week ahead and I already feel exhausted. Exhausted, but blessed!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh my those pancakes look amazing. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I'm sure it was exhausting too though!


  2. Wow y'all did have a busy wknd! Yaay for getting most of your Christmas list knocked out though!!

  3. those pancakes though! yum!! what a great weekend!

  4. Those pancakes look amazing as do your pictures!

  5. Wait, what?! Those are pancakes? I totally thought that was cake, until I read the other comments. I read about the pancakes but didn't realize...oh never mind, I need more sleep, clearly. haha. Good weekend and score on the new couch!

  6. those. pancakes!!! wow!!!

    and man a free couch?! that is so generous!

  7. I love how all the comments are about the pancakes... 🙊

    Ok so remember how my first words to you in person were, "are you he photographer?" and you insisted n-o....and LOOK at you!!! That picture with the couple in the foreground is amazing!

  8. What an eventful weekend! I need to get started on my Christmas cards.

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)