Christmas Card Outtakes

Sunday, December 7, 2014

You might remember last year's attempt at Christmas card pictures. It was nothing short of a circus! We ended up retaking them with the camera on a tri-pod in the back yard and it was just as much of a circus the second time around, but we just went with it and gave all our friends and family a laugh.

This year started off no different, except I bribed my brother to be our photographer when we were at my parent's house last week. 90% of the pictures are blurry and I have no idea what he was focusing on, but he did manage to catch a couple that will hopefully make this year's card a step up from last year.

Here are some of the outtakes. Chris was just as thrilled about this process as my brother was and the dogs were their normal well behaved, picture-taking selves (cough, cough).

Outfit details, Sarah:
Buffalo Check Top - exact here ($14!)
Grey Jeans - similar here
Sperry Booties (my favorite!!) - similar here and very similar here

Outfit details, Chris:
Flannel Top - here
Jeans - here
Boots - here


  1. You two are so cute!! I can only imagine how difficult it is to get two dogs to pose nicely for a picture... One is hard enough!

  2. Cute family! Dogs are like kids--super hard to photograph. We've included "blooper" photos on our cards in the past, and people always compliment those for showing what real life looks like!

  3. Love it! We have some pretty funny outtakes from ours as well!

  4. You guys are so cute. Love seeing all the family photos this time of year!

  5. LOL! Outtakes are THE best! And you guys look pretty spiffy in your outfits :) I'm hoping that Santa has read my list and checked it twice for the new lens I put at the top of it, so next year we can take our own Christmas card photos too. ;)

  6. lol, how cute!! I went back and caught up with last year's, too funny. These photo's look promising though. The lighting is amazing behind you guys, love it! I like the last two with Wrigley doing a backsided-beyonce shot. lol. I can't wait to see the finished outcome.

  7. haha I love the second to last looks like he is laughing about his butt facing the camera!

  8. I love the outtakes! Candid photos are always the best because you can REALLY see through to someones personality. :) And those dogs are precious!

    If you're interested, I launched a brand new link up today and would love to include this!

  9. Dogs are impossible at taking pictures of! Haha. I'm sure they turned out so great. Y'all are too cute <3

  10. I think these are adorable! Along with the ones from previous years....definitely shows more of your personality. Fun post

  11. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! You two are a beautiful couple! Also - love the new design lady. :) Excited to link up with you again tomorrow!

  12. You guys are the greatest!!! I love you and your sweet little family!!! I better get a card in the mail! :)

  13. The lighting is so pretty! I love the flannel and blue/ goes together so well. Can't wait to see your card :) (and are you kidding? Last year's card is so great!)

    1. Thanks friend! The lighting was perfect. Thank God!

  14. You guys are so fabulous! I love how candid these photos are, Sarah and you and hubby are quite the Lookers!