10 things I wish I was better at...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1. Singing. All I want to do is be able to sing and it is never going to happen. I will always be the girl who thinks she has a great voice only because the radio is turned up so loud she can't even hear her herself singing. Raise your hand if you're with me on that?

2. Sending birthday cards in advance. I am terrible at sending birthday cards to people before their actual birthdays. I am really working to get better at having gifts and cards ready before the person's birthday. Yes, I am the queen of buying the cards under the section titled "late birthday."

3. Writing in consistently good handwriting. For a girl, my handwriting sucks. I don't have cute bubbly letters, or uniform cursive. I have boy handwriting and it is different everyday of the week.

4. Taking the dogs on walks. I get home after chasing around my 20 hormonal fifth graders and I am worn the crap out. I always take the dogs in the front yard and they run around and play (they do not play in the backyard for some reason...) until they are huffin' and puffin', but I wish I had the motivation to be a better pet-walking parent. 

5. Keeping my car clean. I grew up on a dirt road, y'all. As in the first time I had the luxury of paved-road living was went I went to collage. Keeping your car clean was literally impossible when you live in the country. Now that I am a city-slicker (ha!) I am trying to change my dirty car habits. So far I am failing miserably, but there is always room for improvement, or some bribing of the husband.

6. Complimenting people. I see a girl in a cute top, or someone who has gorgeous hair and I always think in my head, "Wow! That top is so cute!" or "Her hair is perfect!" but I never actually tell them. I need to get better at expressing my compliments.

7. Running long distances. I have ran a half-marathon (and I wanted to die), a 15K (again, death was almost a better option), and multiple 10k's and 5k's yet I still hate running long distances. Sprinting has always been my thing. In college I was the second fastest girl on the team, but never came close to first when we had to run over a mile. I would dieeee. I wish I loved running and found it therapeutic like some people. The only think I think about when I run is when the heck am I going to be finished and why I ever started running in the first place!

8. Calling my grandparents on a weekly basis. This needs to change ASAP. I just need to pick up that little handy-dandy iphone and tell Siri to give Granddad a ring. No excuses.

9. Meal planning. Life would be so simple if I could meal plan, but Chris and I are so moody when it comes to food. We have to be "in the mood" for whatever we are having therefore I am left with scrambling when I get home. Let's just say I have Domino's phone number programmed into my phone. The Tuckers are always in the mood for pizza.

10. Taking pictures. I am asking Santa for a new lens for Christmas, so hopefully I can improve next year!

What do you wish you were better at?!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Ha! I've always said if I could have a super power I would choose singing. Forget flying and invisibility! I can't run long distances either, tried for years, never got past three miles. Forget it.

  2. haha I love this list!! Especially the singing,omgsh I feel like if I could just sing I would be such an awesome performer because I love to dance and put on a show etc....just missing the most important thing ha a good voice!! Great getting to know you a little better!!


  3. All of the above! I have horrible handwriting and I feel like if I had better handwriting, my life would be SO much more organized! Great post idea!

  4. OMG, I can relate to almost all of these! My handwriting is big and bubbly, but it honestly changes daily too. Depends if I'm in a hurry/tired/hand hurts from writing 100 thank you cards, etc. Haha.
    YAY for the new lens...which one are you asking for??? I just ordered another lens too, yippe!! :)

  5. Okay, I'm opposite with compliments. I say what I like about someone else as soon as it pops in my head, and that makes things awkward..there's gotta be a balance somewhere haha

  6. Sending birthday gifts/cards are at the top of my list for 2014!! I am seriously terrible at it!! My friends mean so much to me & I want them to know that!! & I'm with you on the hand writing! I have two different styles... sometimes 3! HA! One minute it's nice & pretty & the next it's barely legible!

  7. I am totally with you on the singing thing. I am a HORRIBLE singer, but in the car, I rock out with the music up so loud I can't hear myself :)

  8. I am literally the same way with compliments. I always think it, but never say it! I need to get better at that :)

  9. i've been working on the compliments thing. it really makes some people's days!!!

    and im the worst singer, but i believe i'm SO good so i wish i was better at singing also :)

  10. whooo girl...if you only saw my car at its worst..drives the hubs nuts haha. Takes about 3 weeks for me to wash bird poop off and I am pretty sure when leave from last Fall were still in my car..Aaron just vacuumed it out himself. And when I come out there next year...we will use our fancy lenses togther..and you can teach me all you learn haha ;)

  11. I'm totally with you on these! Especially number 1. Why can't I sing?! I so wish I was good at it!


  12. Dear Chris, GET THIS LADY A NEW LENS. hehe And Why are we twins? I have the same issue with my singing and my handwriting. I also want to be more photogenic. Can Santa please bring that to me!?!

  13. Pretty sure I can relate to 1-10! I've been making a real effort to get out with the dog each day and I feel so good after it. But squeezing in the time isn't always easy!

  14. I have always, always wanted to be an amazing singer. It seriously makes me so sad that I wasn't blessed with that talent...and let me tell you, I was NOT. Grayson loves it when I sing to him, so he gets a private concert every day. I'll be so sad when he gets a little older and realizes how terrible it really is ;) And I wash my car about twice a year...seriously, I'm the worst. But I DO almost always compliment people when I'm thinking it...it always slips out before I have time to think it might make me sound a little creepy!

  15. I am pretty bad at keeping my car clean, although I love the idea of it! And my handwriting looks nice from far away, but up close it's so difficult to read!

  16. #3!!! YES!! Sometimes I look at my handwriting and LOVE it... Then I try to write that way and it looks like a 5 year old's! HA!