10 Months of No Shopping: Update

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ten months down and two to go. Where do I even begin?

I will just start with dishing out my best advice. Stay busy. This challenge has truly been so simple because this year has been pure craziness. I feel like every weekend Chris and I are up to no good (totally kidding) and there has literally been only a handful of times where I had the time to even go to the mall. 

When I was in accounting in the spring I was too busy to go shopping. Then summer happened and I was looking for a teaching job, so we were a one income household. I found my dream teaching job and ever since the first day of school in August I have not slowed down. And, when I do have a chance to kick back and relax, I am usually sleeping or eating ice cream; not shopping. 

My wants have changed throughout the year. In January, I was dying for an Aztec printed sweater. Now, mehhh. If I got one I would be happy, but I am not longer dying to have one. Over the summer I reallyyyy wanted new wedges. Seeing that I only dressed up a couple times this summer, I realized that would have been a complete waste of money. Now going forward, I am hesitant to really, really want anything because I know if I wait it out, I'll probably be over it in about a week.

I have decided that when I do shop, I want to stick to classic and mature pieces. Pieces that I can have for years and not have to give away when I become a mom. Pieces that show off my style. Trendy, yet simple and classic. I want to think twice before buying the "item of the season" because I can count the hundreds of dollars I have spent on items that were sooooo cool....for a hot minute. 

Most importantly I have learned what it is like to be secure with what I have. I have shifted the weight I used to put on materialistic items to a relationship with the people in my life. Instead of meeting up to go shopping, we meet up to have coffee or actually hangout. I don't need new clothes to go to a wedding. I don't need a new dress just for one occasion. I don't need that Aztec sweater just because everyone and their mom has one. I am okay with what I've got.

The thought of going to the mall and searching for clothes doesn't even sound appealing to me. After only stepping foot in a clothing store probably six or seven times this year, I can honestly say that I might have officially broken my shopping habit. Not shopping has allowed me to never get stressed with parking spots at the mall, never get stressed about lines and crowds, and never have to worry about those dreaded sales where you are conned into spending $200 to get $50 off just when you wanted to buy a cardigan. 

So, I would like to tell you what I am just dying to buy on January 1st, but since that list has changed 100 times over the course of the year, I'll just wait it out and see what I find when I make that first trip back to the place that used to suck up all my time and money. This time, though, I am going in with my fists up. 

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Happy Tuesday!



  1. You're such an inspiration! I kind of want to make this my New Years resolution for 2014 :)

    › xo fal • falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

  2. I truly wish I could make this a resolution, but I would probably fail. I rarely buy a lot of clothes, but as a young adult new in the working world, I buy pieces I can buy and wear over and over again in different styles. You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Girlfriend you are doing so awesome!!! Keep it up!!

  4. Im just so inspired by this challenge. Im in week 3 of my own self inflicted "spending freeze" until after christmas..obviously it does not compare to your whole year but I was feeling like I was going a tad overboard with my clothes shopping once I got my post pregnancy body back after giving birth this summer. Thanks for your inspiration. I feel like Ive learned from this experience in just the short 3 weeks.

  5. So so proud of you friend. You have been nothing but an inspiration. January is almost here! Eeeeee!

  6. Oh man... I kinda sorta want to try this for 2014. Or maybe reduce my monthly allowance in half.

  7. I like your thinking, and you are so right. I find myself not really wanting something if I wait a while. My thought is if you don't love it, don't buy it, something I'm trying to instill in my daughter. I do wish I could try this, even for a month.

  8. This is so inspirational! I wish I could go an entire year!!!!!! I can't even make it a month! Seriously, amazing.

  9. Every time I read an update about your no spending I want so badly to join in with you and then I think about everything I would want to stock up on before I started that no spending. I think I can do it! Maybe at least even do a 3 month challenge after Christmas. Surely that would be helpful. hehe

    1. I always think the same thing! Sarah is such an inspiration - I'm thinking about doing this in 2014 but I must stock up on some essentials first!

  10. You have really inspired me! I don't think I could go that long. But you are so right. Lately I have held off on buying things I thought I HAD to have only to discover I didn't wanted that bad down the road. I am slowly learning to just stick to classics and buy good quality items. You go girl!