Meet the puppy we didn't get

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday night we arrived at my parent's house around 8PM. Upon arrival, Chris spotted their industrial sized fan in the garage. Little did I know that sleeping with a GIANT fan was on Chris's bucket list.

You see, Chris and I are true soul mates. Both of us cannot sleep without a portable fan, and a ceiling fan! We knew we were meant to be when we discovered each other's love for being freezing when you sleep and having the constant purr of a fan.

Even though we love our fans when we sleep, I never knew sleeping with an industrial sized fan would be a bucket list item for Chris. Happy husband, happy wife, right? Luckily my parents are the most easy-going people on the planet and allowed us to wheel in this giant thing. 

So Chris, me, and my Mom (my brother and Dad weren't home yet) rolled/carried in this giant fan. After partial removal of the bedroom door, it was in. And then...

He was in heaven....until we realized that the hurricane force wind, and noise, was a bit much. Needless to say the adventure was short lived and we won't ever have to carry a giant fan in a house again. 

Moving on to this little nugget. My brother's girlfriend's dog had puppies and Chris and I are obsessed. Initially we told them we wanted one, but as time went on I realized how neglected this poor little muffin would be. Wrigley and Bailey are in a groove and we don't' have the time right now to house train another dog. Plus, we would have to fix our backyard because our fence doesn't go all the way to the ground and the puppy would be able to easily get out...meaning we would have to watch it even if we let it go outside. 

We would have to crate train it and the thought of that makes me sick. I am all for having animals and crate training dogs...I get it...but I would hate to let Wrigley and Bailey roam free in the back yard all day and have the new puppy cooped up in a tiny crate all day. Not fair. Chris and I are out of the house by 6:15AM and don't get home until 6PM or later, so that poor little guy would be in his crate more than the would be out free. No thanks. 

So after a weekend of cuddling this little guy we gave him back and said a prayer that he goes to a family who will love him as much as we loved him. And if you're wondering, I named him Cooper. 

Saturday we went to Wimberley Market Days in the morning. I found nothing I couldn't live without, but I still love to go! Later that afternoon we celebrated my Dad's upcoming birthday and my brother's past birthday with all the family. We had bacon wrapped fillets, shrimp stuffed twice baked potatoes, green beans, and homemade cookies n' cream ice cream cake. My family knows how to do it right!

Saturday night was spent looking for the buck Chris shot, but didn't kill. We found a blood trail, but no deer. Over an hour of searching 40 acres in the dark and we walked away unsuccessful.

Sunday on our way back to Dallas we stopped in Austin and had lunch with my Granddad. Cheddar's Monster Cookie, anyone?

How was your weekend?!

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  1. That puppy looks so sweet but you did the right thing! Mark and I were just talking last night about how we would LOVE another puppy but it would be irresponsible to get one now. I'm sure that pup will find a great home!

  2. Cheddar's is so tasty! That cookie looks amazing!

  3. I'm sure as hard as it was, yall did the right thing!! We have a 1 1/2 year old lab and she still has to stay in her kennel all day while we are at work. She is the happiest thing when we get home but it is still sad and I feel bad. That cookie looks AMAZING!!!

  4. Sweeeeeet sweet baby....I wouldn't have been able to give it back haha so you guys are much stronger. But I get it. All day for the baby to be cooped up. When Bella was crated, Aaron was able to stop in and then be home by 2, so she wasn't in there that long.

  5. Oh my gosh that little nugget is just the sweetest little thing ever. I know without a doubt that someone will love it. I hope your week is going quickly and you are getting things done this week friend.

  6. Aww what a cute puppy! Congrats! And omg that cookie looks amazing :)

    Thanks for linking up!