A Funny Story

Monday, June 29, 2015

tee (they restocked all sizes! ps: size down) // skirt // sandals // cuff  // jenny bird earrings // watch 
I know, I'm sure the title is what brought you here. I don't blame you. It's not everyday you come across a lucky mole.

Last week I went to lunch with a friend and while I was waiting for her to get there, the waiter brought over some water. Before he said anything he GASPED and said, "That mole! Oh my God, you've got a lucky mole!" I'm sitting here thinking, "Lucky mole? What the heck?!" He was referring to the mole at the bottom of my neck.

I proceed to question him about it and he says that his grandmother used to say that moles in that area will bring you good luck in life.

Now, this man is probably in his 60's, Middle Eastern, and his name is Alibaba, but he says I can call him "Ali."

Alrighty, Ali-boy, let's hear about this luck.

He goes on to tell me that his wife has a lucky mole on her breast/nipple/breast...he literally said those words (my face looked like this)...and that she has been so lucky in her life. Two beautiful kids, a great husband (as he refers to himself) and she has been able to be a homemaker, which was her desire. He says his grandmother was so lucky to have 17 kids; seven girls and ten boys. Yikes, you can imagine the look on my face thinking about having 17 kids.

Ali then says, "And Cindy Crawford, you know? She has that lucky mole on her face and look at all the luck it has brought her." He then noticed the mole on my face that is located close to where Cindy's is (you can't see it in any of these pictures because it is where my laugh lines are) and he, seriously I can't make this up, GASPS again and says, "OH MY GOD! You're going to be so, so lucky! OH MY GOD! Where else do you have lucky moles? Let me see!"

At this point I am milking it and just playing along with Ali's game and tell him that I am just an all around moley person and so I must be the luckiest person alive!

He tells me, "Never, ever erase the moles. You wait and see, you will be very, very lucky."

Well, Mr. Alibaba, in my short life here on earth, I'd say I've already hit the luck jackpot. I've got my health, my husband, and the best darn friends and family a girl could ask for. But I'll take all the luck I can get!

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Happy Monday! And may your moles bring you the best of luck today :)

Happy Camper

Friday, June 26, 2015

tank // shoes // skirt
I'm a happy camper today because it's Friday! The work week is finally over.

Never mind, who are we kidding? I'm off for the next two months. We may need to replace the cushions on one side of the couch because my butt has been holding them down really nicely.

I hope to have a "day in the life of a stay at home wife" post up next week (read last year's post here). I just need to make sure it is a day that I actually do something or else I'm going to get hate mail for being a lazy bum. My Real Housewives of the Suburbs lifestyle is almost going to make all the RHOC jealous. You just wait for it.

But, in all honesty, being off is such a blessing. I've been able to have lunch with friends I don't see often, run errands that have needed to be ran for months, write many to-do lists and proceed to do everything but what is on the list, and regain my sanity.

Happy Friday!

Why blogging scares me.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I've had this conversation with a couple friends lately and I figured I'd just get it out there.

My biggest fear with this blog is coming off as unauthentic. I never want my family or a personal friend to call me and say, "what the heck was that post today?!" I think I'd crawl up in a hole and eat Blue Bell ice cream until I got listeria. 

Now, I don't feel that I have ever really done something or said something that wasn't me, but when I think about expanding my blog the first thing that comes to my mind is, "is that decision a reflection of me?" I get emails frequently with sweet people telling me how they love this space of mine because of how real I keep it and I never want that to change.

It is so easy to compare your blog to the next, your amount of followers to other people's followers, your content to others content. Comparison is to root of all evil and I feel that I am really good at staying true to me.

Hey, I never started this blog to gain followers, make money, get free stuff, or for any reason other than to try and get my mom to stop calling me fourteen times a day asking how married life was. Now, almost three years later, I've met so many friends and developed so many relationships with other bloggers that I can't imagine not ever meeting these people.

With the fashion blogging world, my biggest, and I mean BIGGEST fear is that I never want my audience to feel like I am pushing a product on them. I honestly don't really care if you buy my shirt and I'm not here to convince you to buy it just so I can make a commission off of it.

All my outfits are affordable, casual, and comfortable. If I link something up it is because I truly love that piece. I never ever Photoshop my pictures (I don't even know how and I'm pretty sure my janky old HP computer doesn't know how to either) and that's not to say that one day I might splurge on a Mac and Photoshop, but for now, my editing in Windows, where I alter the color a bit, is fine with me.

Going forward, I am planning on incorporating more outfit posts into my blog, as those posts seem to be fan favorites. With those posts you can expect a story and not just a, "This shirt is like rainbows and sprinkles all mixed together with chocolate and topped with whip cream. Go buy it NOW, HERE!" With that being said, would you mind telling me if you normally shop online, or in the stores? Being a store shopper, I sometimes feel hesitant convincing people to order items online, since I don't shop online.

I am also planning on a good mix of home decor posts thrown in the mix. Then again, don't come here looking for white cabinets with Carrara marble and a sterile hospital palette of white. We live in our house. And by live I mean we have two giant dogs who shed like it's their job, I have a husband who comes home looking like he rolled in mud at work, and then you have me who is the queen of taking my shoes off everywhere, but the closet. We don't have a maid, although I'm looking into it because mopping to me is like washing the car when it's raining. The moment it's clean, it's dirty again.

So, since I have some time on my hands this summer I am planning on making a small shift in my blogs content. Like I said, the stories will be there with every post, but my goal is to get two to three outfit posts up a week, coupled with some DIY and home decor posts.

Once again, thanks for always sticking with me. I have the best readers and truly do wish I could invite you all over for ice cream and a Coke. And probably pizza, because Chris and I have an addiction.

Have Thursday!

WIWW: Intervention + Link Up

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

These (now $15!) shirts, I can't quit them. I have three and I think that might be grounds for an intervention. Everyday I go to my closet and think, "hmmm, which color linen tee will I wear today?" Then I head to the other section of my closet and think, "hmmmm, my white stretchy, so comfy denim shorts, or their gray twin?" Even Chris has noticed my repeated outfits. Normally he doesn't notice how often I wear certain clothes, but he is a huge fan of these almost too short shorts and lets me know it each time I wear them ("babeeeeee, oww owww!" usually followed by me swatting his hand away). Here I am wearing an almost identical outfit because comfy and original is the name of my fashion game.

These sandals are making a comeback. Luckily I've had mine for almost a decade and was on the verge of donating them a couple years ago. I'm glad I held out! I've been wearing them non-stop lately. And, according to this article from People Magazine, I am the owner of the perfect pair of Birks!

My sunnies brake the bank at a whopping $12 and my earrings are $4 knock offs of these. I'm really trying to branch out in the sunglasses department and right now these and these are going to be coming home with me very soon. All of Nordstrom's $12 sunglasses are the bomb. And that way when I sit on them and my butt crushes them like a bomb, I don't feel so sad :)

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DIY || $20 Garage Door Upgrade

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You know those cars with the eyelashes on the headlights? The eyelashes are supposed to add pizzazz to what is usually a normal, run of the mill car. Although I've never been bold enough to deck out my car with falsies, I am willing to deck out the front of my run of the mill house with some new bling.

Okay, it's not exactly bling, because Chris nor I are kin to Jay Z or Bey, so we can't afford an actual blinged out house, but we did splurge on a $20 hardware kit to spruce up the ole plain white rectangle, otherwise known as a garage door. 

Slowly but surely we are turning this little house into a home. I haven't killed all our flowers and our painted front door is still a hit. I really want to rip out all those bushes, but, you know, time is not what we've had a lot of lately. And, although I think I'd be willing to tackle it on my own while Chris is at work, him and his dad are the yard masters, so I will leave it to them! 

Here is a before and after:

Just adding this little touch made a world of difference!

Simply the Best

Monday, June 22, 2015

Before we get stared, can I gush about that boy up there? I mean, come one. That face melts me!

I've said this before, but there really is no time I cherish more than hanging out with Chris. This weekend we didn't do much, but that's what I loved about it. I know we won't forever be kid-less, so we both try to make the most of this time in our life. 

Our simple weekend started out with our favorite food. Friday night we made homemade pizza for the first time. It was delicious, but we should have made two pizzas because we know how to eat in the Tucker house.

Saturday we woke up and had one thing on our to-do list...new mattress. 

Last week we celebrated our third wedding anniversary and decided to buy ourselves a new mattress to commemorate the accomplishment. Actually we got a new mattress because I complain everyday to Chris about my lack of square footage in our bed. And I also complained to him about being spoiled on the cruise by having a king size bed to sleep in for seven nights and I kept telling him it was the best sleep of my life, every night

The longer we are married, the more I don't want to touch a furnace while I sleep. I think Chris's blood boils at night and he insists on sleeping diagonally. Most couples say the girl is the one who takes up all the room, but not us. I have a sliver of the edge of the bed every. single. night. 

Well, ladies and gents, happy wife, happy life! After laying on bed after bed after bed, we pulled the trigger on a king size mattress with that new cooling gel. Gimme all the cooling gel possible! Be ready for a master bedroom makeover!

To celebrate our big purchase, we did what most normal couples do, and went and got pizza! We went back to Blaze and devoured our personal pies. 

The rest of the day was spent getting my nails done, Chris going to the movies to watch that dinosaur movie that's out that I literally care nothing about (Chris refers to it as JP4), lounging around, and having a couple friends spend the night. 

Sunday I got up early to take one of our friends to the airport to catch their flight to London. I tried to fit in his suitcase, but #toomuchpizza. 

The rest of Sunday we tried to decide what DIY projects we wanted to do around the house, but the rain had us being lazy. We finally mustered up enough energy to go to Cheddar's and then went back home and snapped pictures of these precious pups.

Chris may not be a human father, but he is one heck of a puppy dad. He refers to Bailey as "Ms. Thannngggg" and Wrigley as "Boyyyyy" and it makes my momma heart swoon. 

Thanks to Chewy for spoiling my puppies rotten with their toys! They obviously hate them :)

Happy Monday!

You probably don't know...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm never one to shy away from a dancing opportunity. It also take a lot to embarrass me, so I am usually the one dragging people on the dance floor.

I used to hate the idea of having an inside dog. Now I've got two who rule my world. Whoops!

Chris and I are the couple who cracks everyone up. Whether it is dancing, playing jokes, or creating that awkward moment, Chris and I are there to make everyone laugh. 

I've been best friends with my MOH (the one to my left) since third grade. My parents always said that I'd go through life and have friends come and go, but at the end of it all, I'd end up with a handful of truly amazing friends. Once again, the parents were right!

 Helene is awesome for hosting this link up. But you probably did know that :)

WIWW: Cruise Clothes + Link Up

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Part of the fun being on a cruise is getting to dress up each night to go to dinner. I know some people dress up everyday for their jobs, but Chris and I are not those people, so it is nice to get to look presentable for an evening...or seven.

Since I am still trucking away with loads of laundry and trying to catch up on life, I decided I would show y'all some of the outfits we wore while on vacation! 

cover-up is from Marshall's // tank // board shorts

My dress is from West and Lou, Kendi's store!

Chris and his twin in Freeport, Bahamas! We were dying laughing!

linen dress // and here is the same pattern, but with sleeves!

dress is sold out! (it is from old navy for those asking!) // palm option here

my SIL's black and white dress is from LOFT

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